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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 81

Federal Reserve Chairman Peter Von Gliese

On Monday the FDIC closed down Indian Head Financial Corporation due to Financial improprieties. On Tuesday the FDIC approached Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. to see if they would be interested in purchasing The assets of Indian Head Financial Corporation Two regional banks, Adirondack Gateway National Bank and Battle Field Monument National Bank and reopening them as different banks. Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. agreed to the acquisition with the FDIC covering Three- Quarters of the losses at a cost to the FDIC of One Hundred Seventy Million Dollars. They would reopen all branches By today in time for the Three-day weekend. The new banks are known as The Wappinger Peoples Nation National Bank and Trust Company. The deal was finished last night at 1159 after a full audit with Roger San Dee installed as the President. In a separate deal Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. also purchased Thursday the insurance and investment portfolio of Indian Head Financial Corporation and will guarantee all the investment accounts of those not involved with any financial improprieties of the Bank, Insurance, Investment, or Property portfolios.

It was realized that not all the branch banks would have the cash assets on hand to meet all the requirements for the days business. Dr. Kariwase Pierce, MGen DR. Robert wife, asked if the FDIC could use the Military Units currently on this base and allow them for security reasons to make all the cash deliveries.

After consulting with POTUS, Federal Legislators, Federal Judicial Officials, and Federal Reserve Officials it was decided that the FDIC, to maintain the stability of the banking system, to request the military assistance under non-military command. Units involved with Operation Flash Freeze deliver the necessary Financial Assets to the locations needed. The Operation Frozen Assets was a success with most units having already returned or are returning at this time to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. We expect the last units to return no later than 1300 this afternoon.


First Question Berry Clark Channel 4 News and how is my replacement doing?

Berry Clark

Management must have replaced you, everything is running really smooth, and I do not hear that yell. Can you tell us the amount of money that you transferred to each branch or what was the total amount of money moved and where did the money come from?


Friendship from the past will not get you Three Questions but DR. Robert Pierce.


I will give you three answers: One the specific amount each branch got, and the total we have transported will not be released until all excess cash above normal operating parameters is returned to our storage vault on this property.

The money came from assets of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. The Federal Government has awarded contracts for us to finish, improve, or dismantle electrical generating projects of the former Consumer Electric Corporation and to build and operate Three ESSAY Hydrogen Plasma Systems for Energy Production. Our Board Members have all invested capital or sweat equity into our company to help it flourish and to complete these Federal Government contracts.

Jennifer Rice ANN

Was the Gold Delivery to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York yours also and the amount.


By law, the Federal Reserve for Security Reasons is not authorized to acknowledge the quantity of Bullion each depositor has at our facilities nor what their plans are for the deposit.


We will not disclose our Bullion Assets other than we own a dozen currently producing mines in the United States and Canada that refine in-excess of Twenty-Thousand Ounces a month.

Lee May Financial News

Are you involved in the Current Stock Market buying spree that is centered on the Financial, Energy, and Mining sectors?


I am Dr. Jaa Zhan Director of Accounting and yes, we are currently buying Stock Shares to round out our portfolio in Financial, Energy, and the Mineral recovery Sector to allow us to be in a better position to act on a changing marketplace.

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