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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 80

0230 Friday 20 January Operation Frozen Assets is underway Robert.

The inevitable Commanding General on Deck was sounded by Art, along with my as you were. Coffee and a Bagel sandwich was set in front of me by K and she took the seat next to me with a smile that could power the world, And she was going to power the world.

BGen James

All the Delivery units are staged in their assembly areas and all cargo for delivery has been signed for, received, and secured. A rehearsal of the wind dispersal has been accomplished and it will be quite successful with the Ten to Fifteen MPH wind forecast for today. The placing of the vinal sign covers has also been rehearsed.

All units have drawn ammunition, and it has been issued to each individual service member with instructions on before exiting the perimeter to lock, load, wepon on safe. May return fire only if targeted not area spray.

Task Force Apple is all loaded and will be out the gate at 0600 followed by the other units on schedule.

No information has been released to any local government or law enforcement agency from this command. There is speculation of a Federal Government Operation to illegally take control of the New York State Government as was done in Pennsylvania. All the press is getting is no comment.

POTUS has scheduled a news conference at the White House at 0730 to inform all of the nature of the Military Support of the Federal Reserve. No information will be released about any action at the Stock Markets.

Here is the Go order for Operation Frozen Assets and I would like to suggest an appropriate response. There have been fingers in my cookie jar, quick clean up your crumbs.

MGen Pierce replied send it.

BGen Jameson

Our Two light reaction Forces will follow the last of the Delivery Teams out the perimeter with the same weapons orders. Proceed to their stage positions and wait. We have issued each person Two- Hundred-Fifty Dollars to purchase items at the rest areas if the area is conducive for them to do so.

Our Heavy units will button up after the light units depart. They will not lock and load until ordered to deploy.

BGen Fox

All air Mobile units have been staged with support wepon ammunition loaded. The First Blackhawks will launch at 0600 and at intervals to allow aerial oversight of the units especially the longer distance ones.

The UH1s are crewed and on standby for use of Federal Law Enforcement and Judiciary personnel.

BGen Greeley

My people will continue on the perimeter fence but will be available for any mission that we may be directed to do.

Federal Reserve Chairman Peter Von Gliese

We have prepared for any contingency and not rest on our preparations but act on them. The Half Point cut in the Prime Rate has stirred International markets into the buy direction in American Companies. Now Americans must buy or at least not dump stock in a panic.


At 0900 we will hold a news conference at Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. at our International Headquarters building Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation to announce our long-term goals.

Close for Ninety Days BathCo, Pro Paper, and Security Tissue but pay all employees their Forty- Hour-a-Week wages and benefits during that time. We will at that time review OSHA, EPA, Facility Operations and employees. At the end of the review they will re-open as new companies, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. All collective bargaining agreements will end with the companies. We will not be required to hire any employee we do not wish to have on our payroll. We will follow all State and Federal laws as to employment hiring. We will improve these businesses to compete in the modern marketplace to the benefit of all. We purchased these Companies to succeed and make a profit not rape and pillage them.

We will see how this will hurt or help the area economy.

All our preparations stayed on course.

0600 Friday 20 January

Someone and I had my suspicions of who it was, decided to play Ride of the Valkyries. The Bullion Shipment was on its way followed shortly by the First money delivery. All our Shipments left without a hitch or glitch. All communications were without interruption thanks to the satellite abilities of all our units.

We had no trouble with State or Local Law Enforcement, Local Municipalities even providing convoy protection in their jurisdiction. The Light Security unit reached their assigned areas and the unit commanders conferred with the local authorities as to their back-up support mission to the deployed units but did not say what the mission was.

0730 EDT White House Press Room POTUS

At 0600 this morning Federal Troops assigned to the Cold Weather Engineering Exercise based in Central New York Operation Flash Freeze had at the request from the FDIC thru the Federal Reserve Chairman Peter Von Gliese to transport funds in the FDICs control to refinance the newly Federally Charted Wappinger Nation National Bank and Trust Co.

These funds were provided by Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and involved no Federal, State, or Local Government taxpayer money. All funds currently in Wappinger Nation National Bank and Trust Company are insured by the FDIC and no one will lose money deposited in any of their branches.

Federal Reserve Chairman Peter Von Gliese is in command of the operation with a Federal Law- Enforcement-Officer in charge of each delivery unit. MGen/DR. Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior USA also CEO of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. is the Officer in charge of the military personnel and Deputy Operation Commander for Operation Frozen Assets.

All questions will be answered at 1000 news conference from Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Headquarters Complex Wappinger Nation, New York. Now have a safe and happy MLK Birthday Holiday Weekend.

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