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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 79

People it is 1530 I have research to do before the 1800 job interview this evening. I will hold the video conference and interview in the Theater with dress being a-Uniforms or Work Social. We are a professional company and will present ourselves as such.

At 1600 Arthur dressed as a Sgt Maj in the Marine Corps handed me Four folders, there service record books. I did know how he got them and would not ask, but glad to have them. All was as their 214s had said, no criminal records, blank military charge page, all had multiple letters of commendation, Top of the chart conduct and proficiency marks, all had recommendations of an Officer Candidate Program.

Why did my girls have to get interested in these Four, They would make excellent husbands and father of children born to blessed ladies, but not to my babies they were too young. Maby it was the fad of someone new and war heroes at that.

AT 1750 Kariwase came and told me we were in the theater as all the people who wanted to see them would not fit in my office.

Danial Larson who had resigned from Channel 4s GM to become our Press Spokesman and our pet camera man now our Deputy Director of Public Relations Electronic Media Albert Wheelwright had set up a large screen for viewing and a camera that Albert would operate to record the event. All us on the stage conducting the interview had our own mikes and a monitor that allowed us to see the people talking to us without looking over our shoulders.

At the count of 3, 2, 1 we were live, and we had a Two-way broadcast between their home in Alabama and us in in our compound in New York, and they were live. Danial stood at a podium and introduced himself.

Danial Larson

I am Danial Larson Director of Public Relations Press Spokesman for Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field, Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and the director of this video conference. I will introduce are people Here:

Principle Chief/CEO-Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior MGen USA

Deputy CEO-Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce

Clan Mother Wappinger Nation Mrs. Ruth Ann Harper Jackson

Chancellor OF RPI Dr Martin Albert Chase

Director Security-Chief of Police Wolverine Field-Arthur William Smith Sgt Maj USMCR


I will start the interview We are not a military organization, but our Wolverine Field Wappinger Nation is currently and for the next Fourteen to Twenty-Eight days the sight of a snap readiness exercise Operation Flash Freeze a combined Service Operation with Active, Reserve, National Guard, and Canadian Units Participating. The operation is a test of Engineering Operations in Artic Conditions.

We are also involved with a currently classified operation that should close out tomorrow before 2400. We will not go into this but say if the Gentleman arrives tomorrow, it will be into an active Military operation and no communication will be allowed off base until late in the afternoon. They will not be able to call and talk to you.

I am a fully tenured professor at RPI in the School of Engineering. My wife is a fully tenured professor at RPI in the School of Engineering and the Creator of the ESSAY-The Hydrogen Plasma Creation and Control for Production of Electrical Power System.

Mrs. Ruth is our Clan and Nation Mother. My family are from the People Nations, what people commonly referred to as American Indians, The position of Clan or Nation mother is to insure that we of The People Nations properly teach our culture by elders to our young and all other non-Nation people. She is the One that must approve of anyone before they join our Family, Clan, or Nation. She is our anchor to our past and the compass to our future.

Chancellor of RPI Dr Martin Albert Chase the Chancellor of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Rensselaer New York and will have the final say on if RPI accepts you young men as students this year our any year into their Graduate School.

Arthur William Smith Sgt Maj USMCR is our company Director Security and Chief of Police of Wolverine Field. He has already done a full background check on you to include acquiring your service records as part of a security clearance.

Others present are my Grand Daughters who me and my wife are raising due to the death of their parents. Their security Shadows and Protectors. Other Clan members and Senior members of our company Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. We are a diverse Energy, Transportation, Manufacturing, Nations Resort Company.

Will you introduce yourselves and those who you have present?

John Davis Sr.

As father of this family and owner of our family business Eastern Alabama Air Agriculture. I am John Robert Davis Senior. My Wife Kareen Fuller Davis My boys for interview:

Jefferson Alexander Davis

Jackson Andrew Davis

Martinez Sanchez Davis

Alexander Boone Davis

The rest of the family John Robert Davis Jr his wife Victoria Hood Davis their son John Robert Davis III, daughter June Carter, Michael Luke Davis is wife Karren Lee Davis their daughters Molly Dee and Mary Day.

We have raised Mart since age Seven, Alex Age Six. We tried to get the courts to force the parents to allow us to adopt but were unsuccessful. One of the proudest days of my live was when they at the age of Eighteen added Davis as their last name.

I am proud of all Six of my boys. And I do not appreciate the not subtle hand of authority that you showed in opening this meeting.

Mrs. Ruth

Mr. Davis, Your boys were not the principle target of this demonstration of authority. We hoped that they would understand that we have young ones here that have not matured emotionally to manage all aspects of adult life though they have matured intellectually.

I as Clan Mother will ensure that all of them would be welcomed to our Clan and company if it is just too finishing their education or becoming long-term employees. We need to get back to the reason for this meeting.

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