Genins Girls of the Nations - Cover

Genins Girls of the Nations

Copyright© 2023 by Broken Gunny

Chapter 78


A Clan matter has come up that I must deal with at 1800 EDT this evening. We will hold a video interview with Four Just Medically Discharged Service members who were discharged with a Three-Day Notice. On paper they are a great fit for our company. We shall see.

There was some commotion as our latest guests arrived. Art took control of our situation with General Officer on Deck and that brough the room to silence. Tim introduced me to MGen Ellington Falkner and Falkner introduced me to his staff. Before anyone could ask questions, I motioned everyone to follow me as we headed for the elevator, and all followed my example to empty my pockets and slip on a flight suit. All signed in as instructed.

The look on people’s faces never gets old when they see the gold stacked on the floor in front of them. I then started MGen Ellington Falkner your “Firsties” will be responsible for delivering this cargo outside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for deposit no later than 0900 Friday Morning.

MGen Ellington Falkner

I take it that failure is not an option. We will succeed in all or fail in all. Welcome to operation Frozen Assets Federal Reserve Chairman Peter Von Gliese has requested assistance from the United States Military in moving Cash and Bullion to be deposited a specific locations, Specific Quantities, and in a Specific time frame.

I will leave Federal Reserve Chairman Peter Von Gliese to explain the specifics of this operation to you and your people in our conference room starting in Fifteen Minutes. So let’s get started.

Peter Von Gliese

It is simple, all BGen Pricilla Shermain has to do is deliver Twenty-Four Tons of Gold and Eleven Tons of Platinum to The New York Branch of the Federal Reserve by 0900 Friday 20 January and return back to our command with the receipt.

MGen Ellington Falkner said you people do not understand the concept of direct deposit, do you. and it got a laugh from around the table. Then the honest discussion started, and the plan called for the military people to maintain the perimeter and the FED’s to move all assets inside to the vaults soon as possible.

When the last pallet is moved to the vault everyone will pack up all the equipment leaving nothing behind that came with us. A double line Police corridor will be conducted in the area outside the Militaries position. The delivery units will return to Wolverines Field, Wappinger Nation for debrief and task reassignments if needed. If not needed lunch at the Education Recreation Center. Pizza, Salad and Bread Sticks. All token games and other forms of skill entertainment requiring funds will remain free and open for all to play and relax. We will serve non-alcohol beverages until we are sure we can release people from duty.

1400 19 January Command Center Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Commander Center for Operation Frozen Assets CSM Arthur William Smith

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