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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 77

MGen Ellington Falkner

Robert, What are you doing to my Firsties, what is this mission, and why is it being run by the Department of the Treasury?

MGen Pierce

To start with First, I am MGen Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, and you are MGen Ellington Falkner until we extend manners. Second, Are we speaking on a secure line? Third I am doing nothing with your Firsties, The POTUS as ordered you to provide people for a mission under the control of FED Chairman Peter Von Gliese. Forth produce the assigned people and we will discuss it.

MGen Ellington Falkner

Sorry MGen Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior I was coming off a little strong. I will bring amends when I show, You and Your people prefer, Canadian Mist I understand.

MGen Pierce

Canadian Mist will do. With a 1130 departure time I doubt your Ladies and Gentlemen would have time for lunch and probably “Duck for Breakfast, Duck into the Dining Hall and Duck right out”. We will feed them lunch and provide housing.

Will you be the Unit OIC?

MGen Ellington Falkner

No, my orders made it quite clear to me. If asked I can remain and advise but this is a Federal Reserve/FDIC operation with FED Chairman Peter Von Gliese, the OIC and MGen Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior as his Military Advisor and Commanding Officer of all Assigned Military personnel. Will you allow me to accompany my personnel and remain as an advisor?

The Detachment OIC will be BGen Pricilla Shermain. Her current billet is OIC Academics United States Military Academy West Point, New York. She will have a command staff of Six to include a CSM Elmer Pickens. Will her staff have a seat at the Operation table?


MGen Ellington Falkner, can I call you Ellington and you call me Robert? Yes, Ellington replied, Upon yours and BGen Shermain arrival there will be a planning and operation collaborating meeting with all units assigned to. Operation Frozen Assets at the staff table. I give all Flag Officers Three seats at my dinner table for their use and you, and BGen Shermain will each have Three and a seat at the planning and operation meetings.

I have just received the message that your transportation is in rout, and you had better have your little boys and girls standing ready as BGen James, the ground troop commander, is not happy with the fact that this mission keeps ballooning up on him, neither am I. See you on your arrival.

On arrival your people will be fed in the hangar where they will have the mission briefed to them, shown their vehicles, and meet the rest of their team.

The Chairwoman of the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve, Opry Indera will be the Operation Commander of Task Force Apple. Tactical Commander will be LtCol Dwele Kim Operations Officer of the 3rd Calvary.

I will have transportation waiting for you on the tarmac. Everyone around the table looked at me after I told Tim to Send My Rolls. I replied it already has the right flag on it, and that brough laughter from around the table.

We will have a working lunch; I want Task Force Apple operation order to be complete when the people arrive here this afternoon, they can load the Bullion for transportation this afternoon. The shipment will be placed under the guard of the Task Force Apple Personnel until it rolls outside our gate then it becomes the property and problem for The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, per our previous agreement.

Peter Von Gliese

Yes, when the Task Force Apple shipment rolls outside of Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation gate then it becomes the property and problem for The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. We have well developed procedures for moving shipments in and out of the building vaults, this is my first personal delivery to the building. The Military personnel will form an outer perimeter and FED people an inner one. The forklifts will move the pallets inside our facility where FED personnel will transfer the Bullion onto Bullion carts for transfer to the vault.

We will make a priority of moving the Bullion off the street and into our facility.

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