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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 76

0930 EDT Thursday 19 January Robert

Art called General Officer on deck, and I replied as you were. As we entered the conference room all started to rise, “keep your seats,” I called out. Brigadier Generals Johnston, James, Greeley, and Fox each had staff with them and had already made the adjustments to Operation Frozen Assets order of battle and had them projected on the screen.

Peter was going over what Washington had decided and Opry Indera, Dolmen Crouse, Joline Baker, Judge Quentin Olson, Federal Marshall Byron, and Federal Prosecutor Edmond Raintree had agreed was legal and with our Operation Frozen Assets parameters.

LtCol Frank

Task Force Apple will have Twelve M1097A1 vehicles two-man crew and eight passengers, Four Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) with remote wepon system, Two GMV Command Vehicles, Four M1070 with M1000 semi-trailers with crews, Two MCRTF with operators and Four of our Security SUVs. All were serviced, fueled, and operational ready but we have stretched our maintenance people to the limit, and I will not authorize the removal of any more war stock storage vehicles. We do need to decide on what we will do with the equipment we have activated.


At 1100 VMM-261 would lift off for West Point where they would pick up a Company of Firsties (Seniors) with weapons, wintry weather gear, and advisors. They would provide the manpower for the Bullion transfer. They have the necessary qualified HUMVEE drivers.

Four Members of the Federal Reserve and Twelve Federal Agents from various agencies will accompany the delivery team to its location and provide coordination with Local and State Law Enforcement.


BGen James, are you satisfied that we are able to conduct this additional mission safely and securely with the assets that are being provided?

BGen James

I would like more time to integrate them into our command, but We all know “Wish in One Hand and Shit in the other.” I will send my Operations Officer LtCol Dwele Kim as OIC as he knows the scope and parameters of Operation Frozen Assets. He also understands the need of Command Change if things go South. The New York City shipment will be on the road 0500, as our first unit out. I will not authorize pictures of this load for troop enjoyment. It will travel uncovered and will include the Gold and Platinum, but no Silver as the Federal Reserve Board has requested.


Paul, are you satisfied that we are able to conduct this additional mission safely and securely with the assets that are being provided?


Yes, I will be remaining here, but all the rest of the Federal Reserve Staff will accompany the shipment. I will need the ability to do a video conference later in the morning to review how the operation is progressing and what, if any, changes we need to make.

I have contacted friends and have borrowed, at a One Percent Commission rate, Ten more floor brokers for you. Six on The New York Stock Exchange and Four the Nasdaq Stock Market. All will follow your purchase orders and you will have direct contact with them the entire trading session. I would like to set up a Command Center in one of the spaces on this level to coordinate both markets an ensure our traders have a complete picture of the trading.

I will need about Two dozen people and a dozen secured phones. Also a person who can make decisions on trades we wish to make, as it is your money I am using, and you could lose it all if we fail.


You will set up in here and I will give you our girls as Twelve of the people you need to staff your operations center. You may use any person on my property not involved with a current mission or project.

I will authorize a One percent bonus on all the profits each person makes during the trading day, but the object today is a stable market, not make a profit. Also a One percent bonus on all trades, and additional half percent on all trades that move the market in the direction we wish it to go.

Jinn will be my agent. I do not care about losses, just keep the market stable. I would like to buy Twenty more regional banks the size of Adirondack and Battlefield across the country in areas we have looked at for future expansion of our ESSAY power plants and into areas under contract serviced power generating facilities we have with the Federal Government.

Paul, you and Jinn would be responsible for keeping our stock purchases legal and fully transparent to regulators. You will make both courtesy and required notices to those companies we buy major or controlling interest in.

If possible, I wish to meet all the traders at 1400 this afternoon and introduce them to the controllers they will be attached to.


I understand and I will ensure we follow the spirit of the law not just the letter of it. I will also ensure all people understand that today a stable market is the goal not profit.

1000 EDT Kariwase

Just after 1000 my phone rang, it was George Paris what can I do for you today” Mr. Paris? Well I have a call from an old AG Pilot who has seen our looking for pilots message, John Davis Sr. His two youngest sons and Two foster sons were medical discharged from the Military on Wednesday with a Three- day notice and would like to start Graduate School. Will you talk to him on the Wolverine Field line 1? He is offering us Four Commercial Multi Engine pilots, one Jet rated and CFI. I should have known it would lead to trouble. No good deed goes unpunished.

Sure, George, Dr, Kariwase Pierce here who am I speaking with? The man answered John Davis Sr owner of Northern Alabama Air Agriculture.

He replied, “You said” Dr Kariwase Pierce he asked. Yes, on the faculty of Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute how can I help you?

John Davis Sr

My youngest boys Jackson, Jefferson, foster boys Martinez, and Alexander have just been medically discharged from the Military, Yesterday. with a Three-day notice. They were awarded a Fifty precent disability and would like to start Graduate School. I know everything at RPI has closed but they do not want to sit around waiting for the next semester.

They have BS Degrees and want to go to get Masters. They have completed their BS work well recovering from combat injuries and have now passed their Class I Flight Physicals.

Jefferson will work towards an MS in Supply Chain Management and MS in Information Systems Management. He was an assistant warehouse chief with MALS 14 Dragons in the Marines.

Jackson will work towards an MS in Materials Engineering and MS in Aerospace Engineering He was A Drone Pilot (RQ-7Bv2 Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System Operator) with MUV-2 Night Owls.

Martinez was a Navy Corpse Man. His BS is in Environmental Health Engineering. Want to earn an MS and to make sure he has no holes in his BS as the Navy presented it to him in a rush.

Alexander was an A-10 Wart Hog GAU-8 Avenger 30-mm seven-barrel Gatling-type cannon maintenance armor, his BS is in Robotic Engineering and will work towards his MS. He has picked up a multi engine jet rating and CFI.

All wounded in combat, and each awarded a Service Cross for valor in combat. Well, recovering from their wounds they earned their BSs thru military credits, extension Universities and online courses.

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