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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 74

18 January 2200 Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation The Long House Theater

Sargent Major Arthur William Smith USMCR CSM Operation Flash Freeze

Commanding General on deck, Atten-Hut.

Major General Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior

Take your seats as I walked on stage with K and Mrs. Ruth. We greeted BGen Johnston, Carter, Greeley, and Fox.

Before we begin the Operation Frozen Assets brief, I wish to address this issue. Captain Isaac Hamilton Bravo Company 1st Battalion 2nd Marines has volunteered to be the Officer In Charge, Chief Judge, and write the rules for an Artic Warrior Contest. Participation will be open to all units assigned to Operation Flash Freeze Company size or larger. The Canadian Rangers will be the field Judges. The initial Company contest is on 1 February, Battalion contest 2 February, and the finals 3-4 February. Ox- Roast/Whole Hog Roast cookout along with the award ceremony on 5 February. The Final would have an Engineer unit, a unit from the Reserves, a Marine Unit, a unit from the Active Army, A Unit from the USAF if they wish to participate, and an Independent/Separate Company Unit. The final day of the competition will be done on an artic assault course designed by the Canadian Rangers and built by our Engineers, with them being the first to assault the course. I encouraged all small command units to join with other small command units to form a team. All team members must have spent Ten days under this command and in our operation area or on a mission from this command.

Now Operation Frozen Assets, BGen Carter.

BGen Carter

The 1st Provisional Joint Service Division will form Five Squadrons of Calvary. Each Squadron will have Three Operation Troops and an HHC Troop. Each Operation Troop will have Three Operation Platoons and an HHC Platoon. Each Operational Platoon will have Two Squads of Four ICV Each. We will operate on the Squad Level with a Lieutenant and E-6 in each Squad. That is Eight ICVs per Platoon, Two Delivery Units. Each Troop has Twenty-Four ICVs, Eight Delivery Units and a HHC of One CCV, One SCV, One ECV, and one Medical and also a Reserve Delivery Unit. Each Squadron will have Twenty-Four Delivery Units, Three Reserve Delivery Units, Three Local Command Units, and an area Command Unit of Two CCV, Two SCV, Two ECV, and Two FSV.

This will require Four-Hundred-Twenty ICVs. The 3rd Calvary has One Hundred-Eighty. Wolverine Field has One-Hundred-Eighty. USAASC (U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center) is delivering Eighty operational ICVs to us with an ETA of the first C-17 caring Four at 0600 and final delivery by 1400 tomorrow this will give us Four-Hundred-Forty ICVs. We are training Three-Hundred- Twenty Marines as drivers and a-drivers.

1st Squadron, Task Force Grape, Lt Col Wilkins, the Twenty-Four Banks South and West. 2nd Squadron, Task Force Orange, Lt Col Gaskins, the Twenty-Four Banks South and East. 3rd Squadron, Task Force Lemon, Lt Col Dulles, the Twenty-Four Banks North and West. 4th Squadron, Task Force Banana, Lt Col Taring, the Twenty-Four Banks North and East. 5th Squadron, Colonel Bowens, Lima Troop, Task Force Blackberry, Major Alkene, the Main Branch Wiggs Falls, Four Deliveries at 0730, 0800, 0830, and 0900 with Four Deliveries in reserve. 5th Squadron, Mike Troop, Task Force Peach, 1st Platoon, Major Trigg, South Wiggs Falls Three Deliveries 0730, 800, and 0830, 5th Squadron, Mike Troop, Task Force Strawberry, 2nd Platoon, Captain Reece, Fort Erick Three Deliveries 0730, 800, and 0830, Two Deliveries in Reserve and monitor Henry Falls. 5th Squadron, November Troop, 1st Platoon, Task Force Elderberry, Captain Leeds, Wiggs Falls North Three Deliveries 0730, 800, and 0830. 5th Squadron, November Troop, Task Force Cranberry, 2nd Platoon, Captain Morse, Broad Street Three Deliveries 0730, 800, and 0830, Two Deliveries in Reserve and monitor Queens Town.

Each Delivery Team will be led by a Lieutenant or Captain with an E-6 or E-7 as Assistant leader except 5th Squadron that will have Senior Officers as that is where we expect the most potential problems. A team will consist of Three troop ICVs with a Sargent, Two Corporals, and Six troopers, The delivery will have A Federal Law Enforcement Officer who will be the overall delivery sight commander, An E-5 or E-6 MP and Four MPs E-4 and below, Two Troopers, and Medic. A team will have Thirty-Eight People and Five Million, Five Thousand Dollars in cash.

On arriving at the target bank at the target time the Four vehicles will park with their back against the front doors. The OIC will throw out the Two-Thousand-Five Hundred Dollars and be sure it is dispersed in a direction away from the bank, practice with fake currency will be done prior to leaving. Eight Troopers will form a corridor for the money delivery. The Federal Agent will knock on the bank door and show his badge. He will then hold the door open. The Sargent will lead the money carriers into the bank. After they all have entered the bank, the Federal Agent will secure the door. The OIC will stay outside the bank instructing all who want money to orderly line up to enter the bank when it opens. Informing all that only when a teller has an opening in front of them will he allow a person to enter. The MPs and Federal Agent will remain inside as additional security only allow people to enter the front door and leave thru a side door if available, if not the front door. If there is no crowd, the Unit can step down but remain at the Bank until a recall order from our command or the Bank closes for business for the day. Teller machines will be filled by the bank employees if they have time, it is feasible, and safe to do so. The Unit will provide security for this operation. One of the Vehicles will carry an extension ladder and will cover the currant bank sign with the vinal sign of Wappinger Nation Peoples National Bank and Trust Company FDIC insured. Lunch will be acquired from a local Restaurant by the Unit Commander or the Unit SNCO paying cash from the Second packs of loose cash, tipping well or buying food for others. Unit Commanders will rotate people as necessary to prevent wintry weather injuries. The Unit Delivery Teams presentation is complete.

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