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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 73


I want to commend you girls for using your position of leadership to view the people we invite into our family. I also wish to commend you on bringing your concerns to Mrs. Ruth. Now we must leave it in Mrs. Ruth’s hands to take care of. I know you have the maturity not to discuss your concerns about them to others unless Mrs. Ruth asks you to. Mommy K and I our so proud of you for the way you managed it. I will talk to Mr. Wilber and Mommy K, and I will sign the paperwork for you Four to fly. That brough us a group hug that even the 3rd joined in.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 1830, Time for me and K to dress for dinner and meetings as Her and Mrs. Ruth would join the Staff Operation meetings of Flash Freeze and Frozen Assets. I gave each girl a hug and shook the 3rds hand as they left.

I put on a complete change of clothes but chose BDUs as my uniform. K chose a dark blouse and skirt and remembering Mrs. Ruth’s instructions to the girls chose a handbag with a shoulder strap. We walked to my office. Tim, Art, and Mrs. Ruth where waiting for us outside the door. We all entered and sat down.

Tim was the last to enter and he closed and locked the door.

I motioned him to a chair as I asked Mrs. Ruth what the status of our close Clan is, family at large and overall guest.

Mrs. Ruth

I am pleased that you took personal time for your family this afternoon and incredibly pleased Tim and Consuela followed your example. All the little ones are healthy and happy. Those caring children Consuela Four months, Betty Jenkins Six months, Serai North Six months, Kariwase Pierce Four weeks, and now Cindy Lighting has joined the group. I expect this group to grow significantly in the next month or so from our new family members.

Of our new family members I am keeping a watch on Five families that are experiencing marital stress that was prevalent before the deployment. Our Chaplin Patrick Falcon who has been attached to HHC Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation until the end of his Military Service Obligation and Arthur have spoken with those involved and they know we are keeping an eye on them, so I do not expect any problems to get serious before we have to intervene.

I am keeping close eye on Eight of our new children as they have shown a tendency to be disruptive or cause problems. They have formed a loose association that I will break up by scheduling and other assignments. Young people get in less trouble when separated out from those who would encourage or dare to break the rules.

I have all my Education people prepared to present Wolverine Education Academy, Wappinger Nation to our new Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. employees tomorrow and new Wolverine Field Wappinger Nation residents. I suggest, due to the numbers, we move it to the Basketball Coliseum Complex at the University as it will seat Seven Thousand-Five Hundred people. Thank-You.


Make the venue change happen, inform Nelson, the FED, and Judge that there people need to be present also. Ensure we contact all current employees to inform them of the policies and procedures.


There have been Three minor, meaning no physical contact involved, interservice incidents, none officially reported. All happened before your Order on Interservice Conduct was issued. The E-4, 5 and 6’s has impressed the seriousness of violating your Order on Interservice Conduct on their junior people and insuring that orders issued by any senior are to be obeyed by a junior person. If a junior person has a reason not to obey an issued order it had better stand up to military charges of disobeying a lawful order issued by a General Officer. All enlisted ranks of all our military units understand and will act accordingly.

Last item with George and Wynonna allowing all pilots who show up with a logbook and donate to Toys for Tots get stick time in One of our heritage aircraft. It has been directed to me to request that if an Enlisted Service Member can produce a current active Pilots License with the proper endorsements, will they be offered the opportunity to fly our Heritage Aircraft?

I replied who’s idea was this racket, I should have known, I just got a smile from Kariwase when I looked at her. She replied Yolanda, Hernandez, Wilber, Wynonna, Lynda, Consuela, and our older girls, decided if they were going to build hours this was a clever way to do it and earn money for charity and our legendary aircraft were seeing the sky.

I asked. Are these flights interfering with operations? He replied No, but the vultures row is full of waiting pilots hanging out to get the stick time. Arriving flight crews have been over staffed, and pilots are being left on the ground for their aircraft to recover them on a later flight. We have had an excessive launch and recovery of Stearman Model 75s, C-47s, and O-58B/L-3Bs. It seems that pilots who show up with a logbook and donate One Hundred dollars to Toys for Tots can get an hour of stick time in One these aircraft. Two-hundred-Fifty dollars gets you all Three. Five Hundred gets you Command time to include launch and recovery.

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