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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 71


Tim, Jaa, Art, Gene, and K my office. Arriving at mine and Ks office I said shut the door to Jaa who was the last one in. Tim, get me Lawrence Vernon. Jaa get me Peter Von Gliese. Art, get me Brigadier General Johnston, then Brigadier General Greeley, then Brigadier General Fox, and finally Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Richman, and tell them I request their presents with XO’s, S-3, S-4, and Senior Enlisted, As Soon As Possible. Gene, get me the vault. K, Judge Olson, and K you keep on thinking.

Lawrence Vernon

Robert, What have you up your sleeve to stop this coming train wreck? He replied my wife actually.


We load Fifty-Two Strikers with Five Million each and deliver the cash to each bank a half an hour before opening on Friday with the vinal sign covers saying The Wappinger Peoples Nation National Bank and Trust Company, I would need to rent the Troops and Vehicles supplementing them with The Multi-Service MP Battalion.

Wolverine Clan Industries will make a going out of business offer on all three-businesses involved and treat them the way we are treating Consumer Electric Corporation, close them down Ninety- days and then re-open them under new management paying all employees for the Ninety-days. Find good people to run them. After things settle, I will try to sell them as I know nothing about those businesses.

President Alfred E Newman

Robert, The FDIC will request the military support. Peter Von Gliese, who is still with you, will be in charge of the operation and will make an official request to Operation Flash Freeze for assistance. I would wish for you to hold unto all three companies for at least a year. I will release the foreign currency, which is still off the books, to you, to cover the companies losses during the year Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. owns them.


Sir, I will not make that commitment right now. I will fight the closest fire first.

President Alfred E Newman

I will accept that. Let me get the Treasury Secretary to get this ball started. Tell your wife this is her Second great catch this week.


Gene, The Vault. Jaa, Duty? Beyonc Light was Jaa’s reply. Beyonc, I need petty cash for pick- up and delivery to Fifty-Two locations in Four bundles each location. The bundles will be wrapped in transparent plastic so all can see the contents. Four Million in Hundreds and One Million in Twenties. Ready for the First transport Friday at 0400 Last at 0600. Get whatever help you need to make it happen.

Beyonc Light

Yes, Sir I will get it right out of the cookie jar for you.


I replied to the staff around me, “I guess” our Vault will forever more be called “The Cookie Jar.” K is Judge Olson ready for me? Judge Olson, I have a great need of your services as soon as practical. Judge Olson replied He, Federal Prosecutor Raintree, and Federal Marshall Byron were on their way.

Jaa is Peter Von Gliese on the phone? Jaa replied yes, a conference call with President Newman and they are waiting for you.

President Newman sorry to keep you waiting.

President Alfred E Newman

Robeert, apology excepted, and Betty Crocker, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and Famous Amos together could not fill your “Cookie Jar.” Peter, I need you to make a formal request in writing for Operation Flash Freeze to assist you in transferring Private Funds to all The Wappinger Peoples Nation National Bank Branches prior to the bank’s opening at 0800 Friday.

Robert, The Secretary of Commerce and Attorney General will knock on the doors of the majority owners of the Three businesses in question. The majority owners will be offered a Federal Felony Conviction on One count of bank fraud with Five years’ probation if they agree to the sale to the FDIC by midnight of their stock at Five cents on the dollar. With the banks shares and the majority owners shares The FDIC will own a controlling interest in each of the companies. The Wappinger Peoples Nation National Bank will pay the FDIC Seven cents on the dollar for the controlling shares.


Wolverine Clan Industries will accept that offer and agree to a minimum Two/Three/Four-year hold on the businesses. Mr. President we will make this work. I am going to have to break a promise to my returning National Guards Troops. I would request the authorization from DOD and JCS to activate my Communication Center to coordinate the Troops in the field and Higher Headquarters.

President Alfred E Newman

The Joint Communication Center will transmit the priority codes to the Operation Flash Freeze Communication Center for distribution to The Wappinger Nation Communication Center.

Art, get me Major Alfred Harvey. Eye, Eye, Sir was his reply.

A knock at the door told me that Brigadier General Johnston, Brigadier General Raymond James Carter 3rd Calvary by his unit patch, Brigadier General Greeley, Brigadier General Fox, and Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Richman and their respective staff were at the door. I signaled for Gene to let them in. I rose to meet them, waving my hand towards chairs I motioned for them to sit. After I introduced myself to BGen James, I said short and sweet.

Friday people under this command will deliver under Presidential orders, between 0720 and 0740, Five Million Dollars each to Fifty-Two separate locations across Up-State New York. Failure of even One shipment to arrive on time could cause a domino financial disastrous run on the local banks that could spread to the financial markets. Brigadier General Johnston Overwatch Command, Brigadier General James Ground Commander the majority of the people will be his Troops, then Brigadier General Fox Wappinger Nation Wolverine Field Base Command. BGen Greeley continuing the work on our perimeter We will all be working for Peter Von Gliese of the FDIC

President Newman has tasked us with the delivery task. The farthest drive is One-Hundred road miles. About Ninety minutes in a Stryker LAV III. This will be a Joint Service Mission. Each convoy will be a Stryker platoon with the Stryker Platoon Commander in overall command. There will be Five MPs with each Platoon. The junior four MPs will carry the cash bundles weighing about Fifty-Five pounds each, the Senior MP will sign for the cash as primary along with the Stryker Platoon Commander as secondary.

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