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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 70

2000 Monday 16 January Robert

As I headed to our home theater, I saw Raleigh had set up a buffet of sandwiches, pastries, and beverages for us to snack on. I could really get used to this lifestyle, thou my pants could not. The Second Butler Haden was in charge of the Two Footmen that were replenishing and clearing dirty dishes. Haden, I called, Yes, Sir, was his reply. I continued when we start our meeting clean the area, we will not be needing additional food after we start, Verry Good, Sir, was his reply. I called out it is 2020, finish eating, use the facilities and get your seats. The food will be removed after we start our meeting so do not plan on eating afterwards. Let’s move.

I Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior CEO and Chairman of the Board of Wolverine Clan Industries Incorporated Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation do call this Special Board Meeting to order.

Let the record show that all Board Members are present or their designated a Proxy to vote their shares for this meeting. Mrs. Ruth, will you please lead off with your presentation of the Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Education System.

After Mrs. Ruth, Kariwase, Lesia Richter, Christine Shepard, Jaa Zhan, Danial Larson, Ryan North, Matthew Jenkins, Betty Jenkins, Martha Moose-Throe, Perrysville Throe, and Sampson Frank.

Then I followed with Byron Nelson, Yolanda Zulu, Dennis Simmons, Baker Wilton, Arthur William Smith, Jeffers Lee Carter, Dr. William Smith. and Doral Elwood Hayes closing out the presentations.

I stood and said I make a motion that we except all these recommendations as the system that Wolverine Clan Industries Incorporated Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation will use in our dealings with and services we provide to our employees and their families.

Kariwase seconded, discussion, Allen.


I recommend in the place a person says that they are the authority that we use their title so as not to create confusion in the future when people have left us.


I amended my motion, Kariwase amended her second. No further discussion all in favor say Yea, apposed lack same Nay. Motion is carried.

It was 2200. Mrs. Ruth rose and said those of you who have signed up for a watch with the children do not be late. Kariwase said to me we have Six, Five-year-olds from 0000-0600 and smiled.


I had volunteered Robert and Me for the 0000-0600 shift with Six, Five-year-olds. They slept until around 0500 when we got them up for the potty. We slept in comfortable rockers with a child or Two at times. All had new PJs that we had provided. All laid back down and went back to sleep. At 0545 Janice and Elizabeth Anne, relieved us, they would only have a Two-hour shift as the parents were to claim the children at 0800 but the girls had to bathe and dress them, also in new clothes and ensuring any sleeping aid, character, or animal was with each child.

Consuela and I were going to try again to get our Beechcraft King Air 350ER-Twin from Albany to our field. This time there were no gathered families to deal with and we were back by 0900 and turned the aircraft over to Wilber Rotuman. It and Five more we were purchasing were going to be our twin- engine trainers at Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Pilot Training Academy now all we would need is the simulator and I could really play.

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