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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 7

As I dismissed the formation, Kariwase came and jumped into my arms and gave me a big I love you kiss, and I gave it back. I then asked her if she hurried, she could get Judge Moses Fair Wind to perform the Longhouse Wedding Ceremony for us this afternoon to celebrate our union as husband and wife.

Yes, she yelled as she ran to get the Judge. After he heard her request Judge Moses Fair Wind came to me and asked just the one? Just the one I replied.

Tribal Chief Ira Smith

Yes, Judge Fair Wind and I can perform the ceremony at 7:00 PM after we throw out the tourists at 6:00PM to give time for preparations that we had to make. The ceremony is sacred, and all people performing the rituals have to perform them with great care. The three major components are the Ceremony itself, the Feast, and the Dance.

My wife handed me a copy of the Longhouse Ceremony this morning to give to you after this morning’s parade, it was a forgone conclusion in all the ladies minds that you would ask Kariwase to marry you today.

My wife will perform the duties as Kariwase mother, your Mrs. Ruth will stand in as your mother.

I hope you have money handy. Vendors that are currently set up on sight will provide everything you need to acquire for the Mohawk Nations leaders to properly perform this sacred ceremony.

Now let’s go over what you need and what you need to provide to Kariwase.


The girls were happy for the both of us and people kept asking me what took me so long to marry the girl that obviously completed me. Hardheaded I answered.

When I went to the Casino Hotel to see if we could get a room tonight. I found out that the Tribal Council had already reserved the Bridal Suite for us and would be ready for me and my new bride this evening after the ceremonies conclusion and the Nation had already paid for the room for Three nights. I replied “We will stay tonight” but tomorrow I must return to my Longhouse and family.

I told Kariwase, Mrs. Ruth and the rest of our Longhouse that Kariwase and I would spend tonight at the hotel. Tomorrow we would move back to the longhouse and only cuddle for the last Two days of the gathering. On returning home Kariwase and I would take The Toy and disappear for Two-or- Three-months leaving Mrs. Ruth and Timothy Silver Fox in charge of the house. No, just kidding, Two weeks is what we will take.

Mrs. Ruth

Me acting as the mother to Robert, I thought about my son John, a US Navy Corpsman. John was killed in combat well tending to a wounded Marines in his unit.

When I was a big girl of Six, my grandfather Morris, my dad’s father, told me I was the great- granddaughter of a Mohawk Chief. My grandmother, who died a year after my father’s birth, who’s Mohawk name was Ruth Joyful Morning Elder, the daughter of a Mohawk Chief John Strong Voice Elder.

My grandfathers story was, well working at his first job after receiving his Engineering Degree was to build a bridge across the Hudson River north of Albany, New York. He was the Junior Assistant Engineer on the job sight.

On his second night on the job he stopped to eat at an area restaurant. A group of the Mohawk Iron Workers were trying to order dinner, but the owner refused to take their request.

In walked the County Sheriff and Two deputies. The Sheriff talked with the restaurant owner as the deputies kept the Mohawk Iron Workers from leaving. The Sheriff spoke to the Mohawk Iron Workers were you not told that the County did not allow Indians in the county without a peace bond. Pay now or leave the County, now I will have to arrest all of you.

Grandfather said he stood and spoke to the Sheriff; Sheriff I am the project Engineer for your new County Bridge. I want to know the spelling of your name and that of your deputies so tomorrow when I tell my boss that we will have to shut the project down as you have ordered all of our Mohawk Iron Workers out of the County and he and I can then go to the County Board of Commissioners to tell them you cancelled the Bridge Project.

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