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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 69


Byron What is the status of MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation?


We are moving forward, I have people who I brought with me who want to stay, I told them I would keep One Third of them, no supervisors. I talked with the resort manager, and she replied the resort could except the loss of up to a half if I returned the supervisors. I will select the ones I will train as supervisors from the people we have on the ground now and give the list to HR.

Using integrated staff for services has worked well. No one is complaining about the food, the provided maid service, or the available recreation. Every day we receive employment applications from all over the country from People Nations. We have had to limit the number of open door to walk ins Fifty a day as that is the number we can process. Those we reject, we provide the funds for them to return to their Nation. We will have every Level V, VI, VII, and VIII position filled by Day after Tomorrow in Food Services, Transportation, and Support Services. As we finish the Casino Resort, we will fill those positions from inhouse first and hire outside from the Nations if possible.

Yolanda Zulu what is the status of the airfield?

Yolanda Zulu

The FAA has certified us for all flight conditions and operations. The Albany Regional System is having problems with equipment malfunctions and partial loss of services and not enough money available to replace it. On seeing our regional system setup the Regional Supervisor asked what it would cost the FAA to move their regional operations to our center. I replied our Tower manned by a full crew Twenty-Four/Seven. He is to get back to me tomorrow with an official proposal. If our legal team accepts, we will activate the Regional Center here Thursday. I will send the Quantico crew home Saturday and West Coast crew home Sunday.

We are currently running a Five watch rotation Four hours on Eight off: work One day, train One day, work One day, and Two days off.

Our snow removal and deicing procedures are all being done by Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation fulltime staff members. All aircraft refueling is being done by the Military, but I plan to have the trained personnel to take over that task by Thursday. I have made a deal with every major airport within Three Hundred miles to take no more than Twenty-Five percent of their people who apply for a job with us. I did not say that we would take only the Top Twenty-Five percent of their workforce. I am done.


Dennis or Baker EMS staffing and response?

Dennis Simmons

The Military is in charge of the airfield CFR operation and will continue until the Military Operation ends. Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation people are fully staffing the Three facilities we have: the Residential Housing area, the University, and Corporate Center. Station #1 the Corporate Center has an Engine, a Heavy Rescue, a 105 Foot Arial Ladder, and a Mobil Command Center. Station #2 University has an Engine, a Heavy Rescue, a HazMat Response, and an Arial Platform. Station #3 Residential Housing has an Engine, a Heavy Rescue, an Engine with a telescopic water cannon, a Four- by-Four Brush truck and a Tanker Truck. Station #4 the Airfield has an Engine, a Heavy Rescue, Airport fire truck fast intervention with telescopic water cannon, and an off-road Airport fire truck.

Our medical Center has Six first responder Ambulances and Two Advanced Life Support Ambulances. I with Dr. Martha have decide to base them at the medical center but will review the basing in Six months. That is all for now.


Arthur, what is the status of our Police Department other than non-existent.


We have the Wappinger Nation Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Police Department’s TO&E (Table of Organization & Equipment) and commitment for every person from Sargent of the Watch and up. The Watch Officers and Watch Sergeants will interview applicants this week and send their recommendations to Tim by Friday for review. James Shelton, Doral Hayes, Tim, and I will do second interviews Wednesday and Thursday. We will send out letters of acceptance on Friday with report in no more than Three Weeks. We would like earlier reporting, but we are requiring them to give their current employer a Two-Week notice. We will not burn our bridges behind us, but we will not turn anyone away from an interview.

Full Staff One Month. Full operations Six weeks. Full efficient operations Twelve weeks. Here is the list of current Staff and pay grades.

Police Chief-Colonel; Level I Arthur William Smith

Deputy Police Chief Operations- Lieutenant Colonel; Level II .5 Timothey Silver Fox

Deputy Police Chief Weapons and Tactics- Lieutenant Colonel; Level II .5 Doral Elwood Hayes

Senior Sargent; Level II .5 James Shelton

Assistance Deputy Chief, Detective, Captain Level II-Margery Silvia Green

Two Detectives Sergeants; Level III .5 Benoni Temple and Thomas Augus McDonald

Assistance Deputy Chief, Training-Captain; Level II Randal Teller Boerum

Deputy Armor/Weapons Training Officer-Sargent Level III .5 Cameron Jerome Track

Physical Training Officer-Sargent; Level III Isiah Jackob Israel

Assistance Deputy Chief Dispatcher/911 Supervisor Level III .5 Carol Lisa Dale

Assistance Deputy Chief Administration-Captain; Level III .5 Even Timothy Bear

Equipment/ Supply-Sargent; Level III Stephon Atticus Parks

Vehicle/Motor Pool-Sargent Level III Rosco Clemens Duke

Five Shifts with Forty-Two people each shift:

One Lieutenant; Level III .5-Sarah Darth Moor, Catlin Jane Terrell, Buddy Lawrence Deer,

Richard Caral Morgan, and Younes Nighthawk Nickerson.

One Desk Sargent; Level III-Patton Two Elk Smith, Michael Patterson Custis, Denton

Carver Bruce, Ellon Honeybee, and Evening Flower Smith.

One Detention Sargent Level III

Three Patrol Sergeants; Level III Corporate/University Gate, Main Terminal Airfield Gate, and

Housing Front Gate

One Detention Corporal Level IV .5

Two Drone Operators Corporals; Level IV .5

Six Patrol Corporals; Level IV .5 Airfield Truck inspection Gate, Civil Aviation Gate, Factory

Front Gate, Factory Truck/Train inspection Gate

Five Detention Officers Level V Twenty-Four Patrol Officers; Level V:

Two Airfield Gate

Three Airfield Gate Airfield Truck inspection Gate

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