Genins Girls of the Nations - Cover

Genins Girls of the Nations

Copyright© 2023 by Broken Gunny

Chapter 67

Just when I am sure I have all the fires under control Tim hands me a message, Justice Department aircraft de Havilland Canada DHC-6-400 Otter requesting clearance. I replied treat them like we did the FED Bankers, Tim, Art, and Allen, let’s go. We arrived at the hangar as the aircraft door opened. Two friends stepped down, Federal Appeals Court Judge Quentin Olson and Federal Marshall Byron with a Third man I did not know.

Judge Olson

Robert, I have heard that you have put a Five-minute dent in the Federal deficit, with a smile. I would like to introduce Federal Prosecutor Edmond Dewitt Raintree, Paiute Nation he is the Assistant Federal Prosecutor for Northern New York and assigned to oversee People Nations affairs in this district, including the Wappinger Nation. Review personal document files left on this property by Consumer Electric Corporation and return them to the persons that they reference. I am assigned as the Special Federal District Judge to assist him and his staff. Will you support us with workspace, housing, and Family support?


What is the number of Staff and Families are we talking about? What kind of Court Facilities will you need. Will you need detention facilities? Will this Federal Court be doing all prosecution on The Wappinger Nation to include misdemeanors?

Judge Olson

We will have Five Prosecutors: Two to oversee with Judge Antonio Gerado, who will be called back to the bench, the review of video, audio, and print material that the defunct Consumer Electric Corporation has left on this property. One will prosecute any cases referred to us or cases we decide to prosecute from the People Nations. Two will oversee cases coming from the Wappinger Nation One misdemeanors, One felony. This is general and I and Edmond Raintree may move cases around as needed. The Five public defenders assigned to us will assist the Albany Office if we do not need them to manage cases on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

We will receive a Third Federal Judge and Three Social Workers to take care of Family Court Matters next week. We will have Thirty-Two Federal Marshals to as our court security, prisoner transport, and detention personnel. On occasions we may have Justice Department Aircraft and flight crews on site.

I hope to deputize Twenty-Four of your people to fill those various slots. There will be Sixteen administration positions. There will be Six investigators. Five support personnel at this time. If we hold a major trial based on information we find here, it will increase.

We will have a total of Seventy-Two positions, Forty-Eight if we do not count yours. I would plan on all having families averaging Three each, so Seventy-Two spouses and One Hundred-Forty-Four dependents. Two-Hundred-Eighty-Eight total people.

I have seen the facilities at the Security Compound, and they have all the facilities we would need. With your staff help filling all the necessary positions to make a smooth-running court district operation. This property will be recognized as a Federal District with no State nor Local Court or Law- Enforcement-Official having jurisdiction inside the perimeter fence.


We of The Wappinger Nation will except Federal Jurisdiction of all property inside our perimeter fence to cover all Crimes and Federal Statutes and all persons entering these premises will by entering acknowledge they will fall under that Federal Jurisdiction. I will provide Legal Consul for my people unless it involves crimes against Wolverine Clan Industries Inc., Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation or an assault on a child or spouse.

When will you set up?

Judge Olson

The moment I stepped on this property and presented my credentials the District was activated.

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