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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 66

1030 Monday 16 January Robert

Tim handed me a message that a C-37A-G-Five of the 89th Airlift Wing’s 99th Airlift Squadron, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, was requesting landing clearance, undeclared passengers, where did I want them?

I replied direct them to medium hangar #1 before unloading I will be there presently. I kissed K and said our banker was here and I am going to meet them. I need you here to help Mrs. Ruth. I will be taking Tim, Art, Jaa, and Juan.

We entered “My Car” that had parked in the aircraft baggage reception area and proceeded to our medium aircraft servicing hangar #1. As we drove in the door closed. Elton got out but waited for my Secret Service Agent’s ok before opening my door.

Peter Von Gliese

I came down the ramp and introduced myself, I am Chairman of the Federal Reserve Peter Von Gliese and with me are the Vice Chairman Opry Indera and the President of the New York Bank Dolmen Crouse and President of the Richmond Banks Joline Baker. Peter said we were to land at NY City, but all those airports are closed due to the threat of a Northeastern forecast to hit the coast. You, I see, are prepared for it. We will travel to NYC tomorrow by road or air depending on the weather. I would request lodgings for the night for us and the crew of auditors traveling with us.

We are going to do a spot audit of Indian Head Financial Corporation a regional bank corporation North of this area. If our informant is right, we then take control of it and must sell it off. The President and his Chief of Staff both had smirks when he said if I were satisfied with your financial stability I could except an offer from you for the banks. I do not know why you all have the same look as they did.


Sir if you and the other Three will follow me and the rest of your staff follow us in the provided vehicles, I will enlighten you to our assets. At the House when we started going down the elevator none complained about our security measures, as they had to change, because they have similar ones. Jaa had Dearne Trek close the vault until all the Feds arrived. I could have beamed him for the open sesame he called out, most people laughed but as they saw the contents the laughter stopped immediately. You would think that people who see it regularly would not be shocked at the sight before them.

I started, Twenty pallets Good Delivery Bars, Twenty-Four Tons of Gold. Forty-Four Tons of Silver. Eleven Tons of Platinum. Billet bins containing investment grade One Troy Ounce gold disks, Half Troy Ounce, Quarter Troy ounce, and One Tenth Troy Ounce in tubes of Twenty-Five each.

Investment grade Silver, One Troy Ounce. Investment grade Platinum, One Troy Ounce. Also in tubes of Twenty-Five each. We have not had the time to verify the quantity in each bin yet.

Ten pallets of Hundred-Dollar bills marked One-Hundred Seventy-Five Million Dollars each.

One-Billion-Seven-Hundred-Fifty-Million Dollars. Forty pallets Twenty-Dollar bills marked Seventeen- Million-Five-Hundred Thousand Dollars another One-Billion-Seven-Hundred-Fifty Million Dollars

Peter Von Gliese

I do believe you have the assets to acquire the banks if we do need to dispose of them. What is your plan for the Bullion? President mentioned that under an approved treaty you are a Nation. Now I know why the comment. That fact allows you to have a Vault in the Federal Bank at New York that you can move the Bullion to for distribution thru our system.


I wish to move Forty Thousand ounces of Gold, One-Hundred Thousand ounces of Silver, and Ten Thousand ounces of Platinum every Seven to Fourteen days to the Bank of New York until all the bar Bullion is in your hands.

We have the equipment and plan to mint investment grade nonmonetary Bullion products under the supervision of the United States Treasury. Disbursement thru the investment Division of The Wappinger Peoples Nation based Wolverine Clan Industries Inc.

The cash we plan to disperse through the privately wholly owned regional bank corporation renamed The Wappinger Peoples Nation National Bank. We plan to be a major supplier of loans for aircraft purchasers for major airlines. We will self-finance the energy projects we have been assigned to do. We will self-finance any ESSAY energy projects we decided to build. Every area we have a project we will open a branch of our bank to make the finances for our traveling issue accounts to our workers easier as all will do all payments direct deposit and will pay our bills from these local banks. We will maintain twice the required capital on hand at each branch and our system overall.

Peter Von Gliese

Are you the source of the large quantity of foreign currency The Fed has been asked to slowly dispose of by buying back our foreign debt? Robert answered, no comment, which was an admission of yes, but I will not talk about it.

I take it you request our services to process particular items for shipment and arrange a schedule for the shipments. Upon arrival at the Bank of New York what will happen to the assets? Will you allow The Fed to station a team at this facility? Who will be the President of the renamed The Wappinger Peoples Nation National Bank? Will you support emergency access to cash in a banking emergency or national financial crises?


Jaa are you my bank President, I asked him. No he replied, he then asked Peter Von Gliese is Roger San Dee under investigation? Peter answered, no, he is our source. Jaa replied to me he will make a great President for The Wappinger Peoples Nation National Bank. Then continued asking Peter Von Gliese can you please hand him a note to call me when you close the bank. Peter replied he could do that for him.

I continued the Bullion will be used to slowly buy back U S Government debt in the name of The Wappinger Peoples Nation for their future financial security. We will be honored to host a Fed team at our facility to verify the quantity and quality of each shipment before it leaves our property. We will provide housing and all necessary support for them and any family they bring with them. You will arrange the shipments on your schedule, but the Bullion becomes your responsibility the moment it leaves our property, and you are responsible for the security during shipment. We will make all our reserve funds in your possession available to the U S Government for a bank emergency at Bank rate plus Twenty-Five Points Compounded Daily, but not to prevent Congress from playing games with the National Debt.

Peter Von Gliese

I will inform the President of your conditions and recommend we except them with the Fed being the signatory on the agreement. I will set a date for the first shipment before the 25 January if that is acceptable. Robert replied said it was. You will have the agreement for review in Forty-Eight hours. We will except the security procedures in place and abide by them.

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