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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 65

Mrs. Ruth

John Boy did prove how good he was. At 0930 when the people arrived, we had food. He got hamburgers and hotdogs prepared for lunch run thru conveyer broilers. Fixings and cheese from snack bars preparation and even pizzas brought here and set up before Kariwase arrived with the people. CSM Nelson used baggage claim tickets for a valet parking. Raleigh had the Footmen serving food and the Nannies with Marigold and Arthur setting up a secure Childcare using the ankle RFD tags. We had created them from a stock form that was found and would print them on a standard printer, and we did this for each child under Eight. Wrist bands for those older. The children were told that leaving the building would set of an alarm, several Boys evaluated it. I said the second time it happens the perpetrator will receive a child’s ankle bracelet, the testing stopped.

Our Medical center director sent a Physician, Two Nurses, and Six Corpsman though Two were woman to set up a health screen clinic. Baby formula and starter food were also provided from found stock by the Medical staff along with needed diapers and baby toys.

Our people started to understand that we will take care of your families, as our own, because they are our own.

Dr. Lesia had her people present a list of jobs we had to fill and the pay scale and benefits package. Many of the wife’s said this is what my husband does but that is not what he gets paid. HR people replied all pay and benefits will be retroactive to 1 Jan this year based on the employee reviews.

When it was seen by the wives that free Childcare was offered to employees, they looked for jobs they could do. We found Six of the needed BS Accountants, One CPA, Eleven BS Teachers One MS Teacher, Fourteen CDL bus drivers, Nine AS licensed Childcare workers, Two BS Early Child educators, and Twenty-Two Trained Administrative Assistances, Four with BAs. It was a verry productive job fair. I said to those who were not qualified, we will train you and even send you to a University to earn a degree or advance your degree, apply for a job, and the vast majority of family members did apply, and we found jobs for all of them that met their abilities.

We saw that there were children who had coats that did not fit well. Arthur made phone calls and found out that Consumer Electric Corporation had made the deal for this project in less than open channels, the State Department recognized it existence and mission, but DOD did not have it carried as an official operation. It was an off the books operation as a State Department project to bring reliable low- cost power to third world populations. I also found out that the day the people deployed Consumer Electric Corporation stop paying them as they were now activated reserves receiving pay from the United States Army. No benefits, simply basic pay. When we gave this to Robert, the fecal material hit the rotating part of an air-cooling device.


These military members and their families were being treated as cattle not servicemen of the United States Military. He called The President’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon and when the receptionist hesitated, he said get me him right now or in Five minutes I will be on national TV with my call. Without pleasantries he unloaded what we found out. When Robert finished, we all could tell from Roberts change of demeanor that Mr. Vernon was, we could tell not verry happy.

President’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon

Robert as of this minute that unit is assigned to Operation Flash Freeze. I will personally see heads on a pike for this gross misuse of military people and their families. Have the dispersing people with your headquarters audit each pay record and pay back pay allowances in cash with interest, Hazardous Duty Pay, Over Seas Pay, Isolated Unit Pay and any other Specialty Pay on the books your people can think of.

This unit will not be turned back over to the Governor of New York until he explains how this deal was made. You will use this unit to staff your communication system. I will add you to the talk to them, now list, so there will be no delay in the future. I will see the President now about this. Take care of these people and try to explain to them that this was not a White House/DOD approved mission. Thank- You.

1000 Monday 13 January Robert

People I have just spoken to President Alfred E Newman Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon. As 0000 last night all the deployed members of the 42ID HQ & Support Co HHB and 42ID Signal Co, Detach A, NY National Guard are attached to Operation Flash Freeze. I am the Commanding General of that operation, and your loved ones belong to me.

On landing at 1440 all personnel will clear customs, we have customs people here and it will take no more than thirty minutes. We will be serving a steak dinner here at 1600 for everyone. Between the clearing of customs and dinner all pay records will be audited, any unpaid Base Pay, Special Pay, and Benefits will be paid in cash or direct deposited into any account they desire.

Then all personnel will have their Consumer Electric Corporation pay records audited from the day of employment to 31 December and all missing pay and promised bonuses will be paid. From 1 January until 14 February all personnel will be paid an advance based on the higher pay scale of Consumer Electric Corporation or Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. A Two-Thousand-Five Hundred Dollar bonus from Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. for a job well done will also be paid. An additional bonus of One Thousand dollars per a family member will be paid to allow the family to take a well-earned vacation.

I am requesting that due to the situation with local governments in their operating area and a large part of the population, the area of their operation be declared a hazards location and hazard duty pay be allocated.

Mrs. Ruth Ann Harper Jackson is the Clan Mother of The Wolverine Subclan, of the Little Bear Clan, Nation of the Mohawk, Of the Six Nations and of the Wappinger Nation. She reports directly to me, and I reply Yes, Mam. She is responsible for all our family’s needs and our employees are family. It is the Policy in writing that we of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. hire the whole family and not just an employee. I have noticed that people are wearing coats and other clothes that are not sufficient for the current weather. My wife Kariwase, who you have met, will set up a table right in front of me and you will all see her and give her the sizes of your whole family and before you leave this evening everyone will have new outer clothing for the weather outside. Anyone needing special clothing or footwear please inform her at that time. Any person with special medical needs please reports those needs to the medical staff and we will accommodate those needs.

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