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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 64

Kariwase 0500 Monday 13 January

Roberts and my personal time last night and this morning was wonderful. Up before the alarm, we even got to shower together this morning. Stepped out of Roberts dressing room and into mine. As soon as I paged Douglass, she knocked on the door to enter. I said work clothes today as I planned to fly today. I will build flying hours after business and breakfast. I will get my PPL(A) on the 1st of March but the hours I fly now still count for later certification. Our Beechcraft King Air 350ER-Twin was still at Albany International Airport. Consuela and I would bring it home today. My Chauffeur is called Lewis.

He and a Secret Service Agent would drive us in one of the SUV to the airport and the Agent would fly back with Consuela and I to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. Consuela had her PPL(A) so she would be Pilot on record so the agent could travel with us but, I would do the flying as I need the practice to qualify for my PPL (A) on the First of March.

0815, On arrival at the airport I saw a group of families with signs and banners welcoming home their loved ones. I saw a woman who was acting as if in charge of the group working on organizing them.

I got out and asked what was going on. She replied that they are welcoming home there returning military loved ones who had been deployed to Morocco for Nine months evaluating a new power system that was built for the Army by Consumer Electric Corporation. With the company dissolved the test had been cut short by Three months. All the people worked for Consumer Electric Corporation but were deployed as N Y National Guard Members.

With everyone being fired by the company that was picking the meat of the bones of Consumer Electric Corporation carcass we would celebrate today and face the future tomorrow.

I turned to her and said can you turn control of your group over to another person for Ten minutes, as we need to talk right now. She looked at me and called Christine, I need you to take charge for Ten minutes please. I led us to our SUV. Lewis opened the door for us she looked at me strangely but got in our vehicle. I introduced myself.

I am Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce, a major shareholder of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc.

We are the owners of the Consumer Electric Corporation carcass. The U S Government did the firing when they took control of the company. We agreed with the move so we could screen the employees to remove hacks that served themselves or others, not our company. We are going to pay all employees there weekly pay until the 1st of April. Unless we find the employees committed criminal actions for or with the knowledge of Consumer Electric Corporation or committed a crime against Consumer Electric Corporation. We expect after reviews we will hire more than Ninety percent of the former employees.

Was this volunteering for the reserves and deployment required to remain employed or truly voluntary? She thought of it for a minute and said volunteer or be fired.

Ok here is what is going to happen. First what time are your loved ones due in? She replied today before 4PM. I turned to Consuela, but she was already on her phone. I continued, what is your name and what is your loved ones name and rank? She replied I am Willow Harvey; my husband is Major Alfred Harvey the Unit Commander. What is the command called and the number people assigned to it I asked?


42ID HQ & Support Co HHB and 42ID Signal Co, Detach A, NY National Guard with Two- Hundred-Ninety-Six people deployed. After Five minutes Consuela said they will not get here until 1440 local today. They will be diverted to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation and looking at me asking when will we move this group their? Now, I replied.

I faced Willow, we will gather all your people and they will follow me to our home where we will prepare to welcome home deployed units as they should be welcomed.

0840, I called Robert. Dear, that less than honorable former chairman of Consumer Electric Corporation had Two-Hundred-Ninety-Six people volunteer to join the NYNG or be fired. The people join the NYNG 42ID HQ & Support Co HHB and 42ID Signal Co, Detach A, NY National Guard and deploy to Morocco for Nine months to test one of his pet projects for the military. Due to the dissolving of the company they are to return today, but no information was given to the families from the military, only phone calls when the people boarded their plane. No official Welcome. No support for the families waiting to receive their loved ones.

Consuela said there arrival has been changed to our field. I am leading the families to our field leaving here in Fifteen minutes be there in Forty-Five minutes. We will see how good John Boy is, we have Five hundred guests coming. In thirty minutes, I wand a Family/Childrens friendly buffet laid out in the Airport Concourse. In Forty-Five minutes I want bouncy houses, games, and entertainment arranged.

You need to hold the girls going to RPI we will need them. In One hour I want security and childcare arranged. Robert replied Eye, Eye, Sir/Mam Three Bags Full. Then he added verry good catch Kariwase, we take care of our people. Thou we did not know of them or their mission they are our people.


You are definitely not Consumer Electric Corporation. I am sorry the way I acted to you. Now let me go gather my lambs and get them moving.


No, you will introduce me to my lambs, and I will get them moving. Turning to Lewis and my Shadow, I said a change in plans. Lewis opens the door, my shadow, Consuela, and I got out of the car with Willow and faced the people that had gathered to see what Willow was arranging for them as they waited for their family members.

Willow introduced me as Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce a major shareholder of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc., the current owners of the Consumer Electric Corporation carcass.

I started, Until Fifteen minutes ago I, nor any other owner or senior staff member of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. were aware of the plight of your loved ones our yourselves. ETA for your loved ones is 1440 at Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

On landing each person will receive a Two-Thousand-Five Hundred Dollar bonus, in cash from Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. for a job well done. And Thirty days leave with pay. An additional bonus of One Thousand dollars per a family member will be paid to allow the whole family to take a vacation and enjoy each other’s company.

All former Consumer Electric Corporation employees we are going to pay their weekly pay until the 1st of April unless we find the employees committed criminal actions for or with the knowledge of Consumer Electric Corporation or committed a crime against Consumer Electric Corporation. We expect after reviews we will hire more than Ninety percent of the former Consumer Electric Corporation employees.

You will now all follow me to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation, about Thirty Minutes away.

Does anyone lack transportation, have questionable transportation, or need fuel? See Willow please. I handed Willow my corporate card and said keep receipts please. If you need to call taxis do so.

You will be the last to leave, leave no one behind. She repeated definitely not Consumer Electric Corporation.

We drove to the airport entrance and waited for people to line up behind us. We were a convoy and before we had gone Two miles a Police Officer escort had formed and held all traffic and lights on the city roads and highway and all the way to our gate. Our MP led us right to the airport where valet parking had been arranged. John Boy was good.

As people entered the terminal children under Eight-years-old were affixed an ankle RFD band any one Eight-years-old and above an arm RFD band, all names and parental information was recorded, and all children told the band would sound an alarm if they left the building. A couple of boys had to try it and Mrs. Ruth told them the second time they would get a little kids ankle band. That stopped the challenges.

Food of hot dogs hamburgers and fixings with salads, drinks, and cookies appeared. I saw bouncy houses, carnival games, and cotton candy/popcorn/nachos being put out. John Boy was verry good at hospitality. Nelson was directing his people to where they were needed. Our household staff was helping also. I saw Robert and reminded him of the bonuses, and he said Jinn was getting the money ready.

Robert 0600 Monday 13 January

Kariwase and I showered together and the separated to our own dressing rooms to dress for the day. I will wear my Army Green Uniform today that has ribbon but no medals. We met in our setting room headed to the elevator to go down to the first floor. Arthur, Jinn, and his Assistant Dearne Trek met us on the ground floor and joined us in the elevator. Lt Col Richman her MGy Sgt Pickens, a Sargent and Corporal also joined us. Richman said the Sargent of the Guard and your elevator operator. Arthur dressed in USMC Service A uniform gave the Cpl the needed codes and said each operator will have different codes, remember yours. The Cpl got that, screw it up and you will pay, look form all those in his chain of command above him. He handed the Sargent of the Guard the sealed envelopes for the reliefs and one for him to override if needed, but you will leave it sealed until needed! He handed one to the MP MGy Sgt and the Lt Col with the same advice he gave as an order to the others.

Jinn opened the safe and our first-time viewers were in aw, even if they had been forewarned of the contents.

I said standing orders everyone leaving the elevator on this floor will show Id and be on the authorization list. All not on the list will have to go to the Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Senior Administrator Dr. Naomie Tallman with a written request from their supervisor on sight or the Senior Agent from their Agency. The request from their Agency must explain why they needed access. Only Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. would issue authorization and we can refuse anyone for any reason.

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