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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 63

President Alfred E Newman

Dr. Pierce, can you lend me your girls to walk around inside the belt way to see if they can find for the Federal Government enormous amounts of lost wealth on government property? Now if you had a free hand, what would you do with these assets you have discovered and how would you gradually introduce the money into the system?


Wolverine Clan Industries Inc’s CFO Dr. Jinn Zhan who has a PhD in Accounting from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He has thought about how to put this cash into circulation without specific questions asked by people outside the government who follow money.

Indian Head Financial Corporation own Two regional banks, an insurance firm, and investment company North of our area. They are Adirondack Gateway National Bank and Battlefield Monument National Bank. A total of Fifty branches. Assets Two-Hundred-Fifty Million. Shares trading at the Twenty-Five to Thirty Dollar range. Forty percent institutional Sixty percent investor owned. Next weekend is Martin Luther King Jr Three-day weekend. After the markets close on Friday, we will offer all owners of stock double the closing stock price until 0600 Monday morning. Jinn believes we can buy ownership of the company then we take it private. We will make a show bringing substantial amounts of cash to each branch before the branches open Tuesday. We will offer each loan holder a one percent cut in there rate and offer depositors rates One percent below prime. You will have regulators review our assets and approve our actions. We will go on a nationwide expansion. Everywhere we have a project, new or old, we will open a branch of our bank. We will self-finance all our projects thru these branches.

We will dispense our cash thru these branches. Thru the investment company we will sell precious metals at a Two points below other brokers quote prices. To do this we will transfer to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York our bullion bars spread over a Two-to-Five-year period at a transfer rate the Government sets. The Federal Government will sell us investment bullion coin Blanks for Five points above the value of our bullion bars. The Government makes money, We put cash and bullion into the system. Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. makes money.

We will have people not in the Government trying to figure out what we are doing but as a private self-financed, wholly owned subsidiary of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. it will be verry hard to find out or prove what we are doing.

The girls going over records we found shows that we totally own Six producing gold mines averaging Seven Thousand ounces a month, through other mineral mining we acquire on average Six thousand ounces of silver and One thousand ounces of Platinum each month.

Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. would like a Federal authorization to produce non-monetary marked bullion investment coins. Wampum-Gold, Dentalium-Silver, and Saxidomus-Platinum using the blanks we have on hand, and we will produce more as we need them. We will submit random samples to The Federal Reserve for them to verify our products content and purity, allowing them to keep the samples as half of the payment. We will allow The Federal Reserve to station there monitors at all our production facilities.

We will allow The Federal Government to assign Agents and Judicial personnel to our current property to monitor all our actions. They can ensure that we follow any agreement we make to include State and Federal laws and financial regulations to include The Federal Reserve or any other Federal entity. We will allow a quarterly or yearly audit of our financial dealings.

We will pay federal taxes on all our business dealings. But until we have an agreement on the extent of our land holdings no State taxes. Nor will we recognize any State control over our current holdings. Nor will we follow any State laws on The Wappinger Nation until State and local Governments completely settle all our land and sovereignty claims.

President Alfred E Newman

My Secretary of Interior has resigned. The new SOI and BIA Secretaries have both recognized The Wappinger Nation land claims and you Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior as Principle Chief.

I could sell all this agreement to our current congress a little easier if you returned back to Federal Government the foreign assets you deposited in Fort Knox.


We will as a good faith promise surrender without payment Twenty-Six Million in T-Bills to the U S Treasury to retire. The Foreign Currencies we will put forth a claim for half of it as a finder’s fee.

A second matter the girls discovered was that a Chinese Solar and Wind Turbine Company pays Consumer Electric Corporation One point Two Billion a year in cash not to sell their products to Europe, Africa, Asia, or to Pacific Nations. We have a year’s payment due for delivery Friday at Port Newark- Elizabeth Marine Terminal Port of New York and New Jersey. We will put no claim on the money as long as you do not prosecute us for bribery and corruption. Your stopping it will let all Foreign National Governments and companies know that we run a clean business and will sell our products and do business anywhere in the world we choose. We will give your arriving Feds the information on this and Eleven other similar arrangements we have found.

President Alfred E Newman

The Federal Reserve open market Committee is meeting Wednesday. On Thursday the Fed Board of Governors will travel to New York to review the bullion holdings of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. I will talk to them about Friday and request they travel to the Wappinger Nation to assist you with your acquisition. We have known that for the last Ten years a group has been withdrawing U S Dollars out of the system but could not find out who, now we know. There are still about Fifty Billion Dollars missing from the system. If you find it just contact my Chief of Staff.

Home-Land Security has decided to open a Multi-Agency Training Center based at Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. This Center will cause a constant movement of Federal Agents arriving and departing from the Center. They will use existing files at your facility to Train Agents how to follow a paper trail of evidence to justify a warrant request, then indictments.

The Army will form a Reserve Military unit at Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. The unit specializing in Two fields of endeavor: One-the maintenance of long-term storage equipment, wepon systems, and supplies. Two-the operation and maintenance of a secure Military/Federal Government, satellite-based, communication system. I am sure that enough employees of Wolverine Field Wappinger Nation will join the reserves to fully staff the reserve unit. The Army will send a trained Commanding Officer, Command Staff, and Fully Trained Maintenance Staff that can train the rest of the unit.

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