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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 62


It is such a beautiful day, Clear skies, 25 F is the projected high, Snow not expected until Friday.

Went to church with my family. The Chaplin Patrick Falcon was from Saratoga Springs, New York. His parents had come down to hear him preach and see him. His father Brian Falcon was a retired U S Navy Commander who was a MS Civil Engineer with a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and a RPI Graduate.

Mother, Marigold had a Doctorate in early cognitive development in infants. All Three joined us for lunch. The girls hijacked Brian to compare the operation of ESSAY to a Nuclear system. Mrs. Ruth, Marigold. Leaving Patrick with Robert and me. By the time Lunch was over, Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Energy Division had a Director, Wappinger Nation Childcare had a Director, and the Wolverine Clan had our First Chaplin, well actually on the 1st of July when his service time was up. Patrick’s Wife had died due to Gross Medical Malpractice during childbirth and his Mother and Father were raising their Five Children: Tressa Eight, Lona Six, Twins Natasha and Natalie Four and Patrick JR Fourteen Months, until he got out of the service. We would move them into a Board Members Home that we had yet to assigned by Wednesday. Robert bought their house for appraised value plus Twenty-Five percent. The house is The Marshall House where Baroness Frederika Charlotte Louise von Massow Riedesel Zu Eisenbach the wife of Freiherr Friedrich Adolf Riedesel Freiherr Zu Eisenbach. The General in command of the German troops at the American Revolutionary War Battle of Saratoga. She and her daughters took shelter during the battle and described her and her children’s ordeal during the battle in her “Letters and Journals Relating to the War of the American Revolution, and the Capture of the German Troops at Saratoga.” The Wolverine Clan would donate the building to the National Park Service with a Two Million Dollar endowment to protect and preserve it.

The girls, having finished grilling Brian, came and asked if they could explore more of the house based on the security recording of workspaces they had found. Robert called the shadows and said keep your eyes open for trouble and problems. There may be more hidden areas and we do not know what they could contain. Janice replied, eye-eye Sir. And joined the group as it left in a run.


I changed into USMC Utilities for the welcoming of the last of our units, elements of the 2nd Medical Logistics Regiment. Kariwase and I met The CMC on the ramp as the C-17 landed. Captain Martha Moose USNMC, her MCPO and her Sgt Maj exited the plane and saluted the CMC. I then welcomed into our terminal and current headquarters of the deployed Marine Units.

The Chiefs and SNCOs guided Her command off the aircraft and loaded them into our buses and their equipment into our trucks. The buses transported them to the hospital, and they would take over from the overstretched ad hock staff formed from medical personnel that had deployed with individual units.

I invited her, the unit XO, the MCPO, and Sgt Maj into the Eight Passenger “Car” I was using today and after Elton closed the door, I let her know that I was aware of her desires. I said I am looking for a Director of Medical Services to operate A Two-Hundred-Ninety-Six bed hospital with a Twelve bed ICU/CCU, Twelve bed NICU/PICU, Thirty-Six bed ER, Eight ORs, Four birthing rooms, Twelve-unit isolation Class Q negative pressure rooms with airlock foyer rooms and Two Urgent Care/Family Practice Clinics all under the Wappinger Nation. All was fully funded through Wolverine Clan Industries Incorporated and controlled by you for the health of us all.

I offered her a free hand in filling all staff positions.

Martha Moose MD

My MCPO Perrysville Throe has a MS and is working on a PhD in Medical Administration.

SgtMaj. Dennis Simmons is a poor CFR that we got him mixed up in the mess at 2nd Medical Battalion, Can you find him a job? Both will leave the service on January 31st. Both testified at the Court Marshals and are marked men.

Robert replied, Dennis if the Captain releases you, I will get you to The Mayor of Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation, a former CSM Canadian Army (Ret.) Nelson. He needs an EMS Director, want the job?

He replied to me “By Your Leave Captain,” I replied, go. Robert called his man Nelson on the Phone and said if you get to the EMS headquarters in the next Ten minutes, I will give you an EMS director, if you are late, I will give him to Arthur. He was there when we dropped Dennis off in Six.

After dropping off Dennis, I said to Robert, Perry and I are getting married the day after his retirement. Is this a problem? No, he replied, there is no separation of ranks here, you both work for the Wappinger Nation Medical Center, you will have Equal Ranks you do not report to each other but to me.

No problem.

I continued; I have Two secretly married couples on my staff. Dr. Kelly Dixson, Trauma Surgeon, and her Husband SCHM Chris Wilson, Laboratory Technician. Social Worker Lieutenant Sheila Carri and her husband Malcom Weeks, a contract Pharmacists, who left service Three month ago as a HM1. One of the kingdom builders threatened to prosecute her for fraternization as he was still an enlisted reservist.


Do not report to each other, no HR conflicts. I have an opening for a Director of Social Services for The Wappinger Nation. Is she capable of doing the Job? Also give me a count of the Medical people you have brought with you that are staying with us.

Dr Moose-Throe

She has an MS in Social Services and is a commissioned former CHM. Three Surgeons, an OBGYN, a Pediatrician, Two GPs (Commanders Bn Surgeons), One Charge Nurse, Three Surgical Nurses, Three GP Nurses, and Eleven HMs all specialists. I can run your Two Urgent Cares starting Wednesday 0800. The Medical Center will continue to operate at limited services for Twenty to Thirty days Emergencies only. Full Surgical Services Six weeks. I will replace people from leaving units first then fill all the holes. My budget?


I replied Five Million to start the Medical Center, to include bonuses. Yearly Budget. One Million a month. The Wappinger People Nation is self-insured. You and our HR will work out the staff details.

I called Naomie, Lesia, and Jaa on a conference call and said I have just made a major dent into our staffing needs. I am bringing Dr Moose-Throe to see you about the Medical Center. Art has an EMS Director. Have a nice Sunday. All our Administrative people were working this weekend to try to catch up on all our reportable paperwork. I just dumped more on the pile. We dropped them off at our command building.

Tim reminded me it was time for Arthurs promotion ceremony. We were holding it on the Concourse due to the weather. We arrived with Ten minutes to spare. The Sgt Maj MC called attention on deck. I saw the MP company was out in force as the participating troops. Arthur asked Mrs. Ruth and Kariwase to pin on his chevrons. The CMC kept it short and sweet. Sargent Major Arthur William Smith USMCR I assign you the post of Command Sargent Major of Operation Flash Freeze and responsible to the Commanding Officer for issues affecting all enlisted personnel of the command regardless of Service.

As we were finishing my phone rang, I knew I had turned it off, I needed to get to the bottom of it turning itself on. It was Janice. Excitedly Sir: You and all the Board of Directors need to come to the House basement right Now! We have no one injured but we have an issue that we need to address immediately! If the CMC is still on the ground, it would be a good idea to have him join you!

I turned to Art and said please get me the CMC, This was not the Janice I knew, we needed to get to our house. The CMC returned with a puzzled look of what now. Sir Captain Lincolnshire has called, and the girls have a discovery in the basement of our home she reports you need to see. After I see the issue, I will convene The Board of Directors of Wolverine Clan Industries. Whatever it is it must be verry important to rattle her. Will you accompany Kariwase and me too the house and view what has shaken the rock of decorum that is Janice Lincolnshire? He replied if I do not go, I will regret not going the rest of my life.

We got into “The Car” and Tim said to Elton Fast. Gene called on his radio emergency. We made the trip in Ten minutes. Wynette Silver Fox was waiting for us at the opened door. We hurried to the elevator. Wynette punched a code in the keypad and said into it, Forth basement Wolverine Actual. The door closed and we started down. We stopped and all, but Wynette got off the elevator. We were facing a concrete wall. She is typing a code on the elevator pad again and before she finished entering the code she said remember when in the movie The Monument’s Men, the moment they turned on the lights to reveal the German Gold Reserve and hit enter, The wall moved and the rest of my smiling laughing girls filmed our reaction.

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