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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 61


We of the Clan went to the Longhouse Theater as it would hold us all comfortably. Michele was not here with us but Mary was and could vote their shares.

I stood up with a microphone as we would audio and video our Board Meetings. I call this Board Meeting of Wolverine Clan Industries LLC to order. All Board Members are present or have a Proxy Voter present.

You all have a list of the agenda items in front of you.

Item One: Dissolve Wolverine Clan Industries LLC and reincorporate as Wolverine Clan Incorporated with shares converting 1 for 1, retaining all rules and procedures of Wolverine Clan Industries LLC as rules and procedures for Wolverine Clan Incorporated. Second Allen. Discussion.

None. All in favor Yea, Opposed Nay, The Board carries the motion on the floor unanimously.

And that is the way it went with all my Motions: Pay Scale, Benefit Packages, Credential Regulations for Under-Eight-year-old-Minors, Minors-Eight-years-old and older, Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Employees, Tenant Organization and Visitors, Vehicle Searches, Childcare Regulations, School Policies and Organization, and our Organization Chart.

Now I would like to expand our Share Holders: 1.25% with a cash value One-Million Two-Hundred-Fifty Thousand Dollars going to each couple/family: George Paris and his daughter Lynda, CSM Byron Red Sky Nelson and his wife Victoria, Wynonna Far See Cook, Joseph John Boy Flaherty and Wife Tato, Doral Elwood Hayes and wife Lois, Wilber Rotuman, Hernandez Martinez, Sampson Frank, Frost Jeter, and Yolanda Zulu

Second, Tim. Discussion. None. All in favor Yea, Opposed Nay. The Board carries the motion unanimously.

Any other business? Arthur.


The former chairman of Consumer Electric Corporation provided the means and allowed his security people to make these recordings of private spaces. The recordings were all done prior to our taking control of the system. I have, with the girl’s assistance, disconnected the ability to record in private spaces. I have installed the protocol we used for bedrooms in our previous home. As we get the people, I will have the hardware removed.

In talks with Allen and the Judge before he left, I would recommend in a motion to the Board that we hand an electronic copy to each of the employees currently employed by us and purge the information from our system. Except for Mr. Smyth, Raleigh, Mrs. Killington-Gram, Danvers, Elton, and Douglass, with whom you, Robert or K should deal with. Others, at the suggestion of Judge Quentin Olson, who before he left asked a retired Federal Judge to help us in this matter. Judge Antonio Gerado agreed to do it. Judge Gerado, Mrs. Ruth, Cindy, Allen, and I will deal One on One with each person explaining what the information is and how the security people illegally obtained it. We will assure them that the activities have stopped, and we will, as soon as we get the trained people, remove all the recording hardware.

Under oath of a deposition, they will swear that this recordings will not show an attack on another person, an attempt to bribe, coerce, or suggest a person to commit a crime. We will hand them the media stick with their recordings on them. if another person reports them and that person’s video shows that it did happen. The Federal Court will prosecute them for the original crime and lying under oath in a Federal deposition.

One of our team will review a person’s recordings not in our employment at this time. If the tape shows evidence of a crime against another person, the whole team will review it to decide the course of action. This will insulate us as the current owners of liability from the violation of privacy. We find the subjects of the recordings and give them to the individuals and permanently purge the information from the system.

We retain and turnover to the FBI for investigation all information on a person if a crime against another person was committed or a crime of an elected official using their office for personal gain.


I will Second the motion, all in favor of following these actions say Yea. Opposed. Ney. Motion approved unanimously.

Any other new business? None. I make a motion to close this Board Meeting of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Second Mrs. Ruth. All in favor Yea, Opposed Nay. The Board meeting of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. is closed with no objections.

Arthur, I am going to ruin your day. I need a Sargent Major for my command, I Thank-You for volunteering. Tim, get with BGen Fox and make it happen. Ask if I can get the CMC to do this promotion and appointment before he leaves in the morning. If it happens, arrange the promotion parade inside the Terminal building.

Mrs. Ruth, I wish to Thank-You for organizing our Childrens Education and formulating the Rules, Regulations, and Policies under which it will operate. I will ask you to give up all jobs but the tape review, Dowager, and The Clan Mother, as it is a full-time job to keep track of our Family and Clan. I Thank-You for so efficiently filling the leadership roles in our Childrens Education System.

Mrs. Ruth

I will give up all other jobs but the tape review, Dowager, and The Clan Mother. With the Clan Mother being my full-time job. I wish though to be the Chairwoman of our Board of Education. All Children’s education from Birth to College enrollment. This is within my job as The Clan Mother to see all our children are properly educated.


Looking around I asked anyone for comments or objections. None. Mrs. Ruth you are Chairwoman of the Wappinger Nation Board of Education and control all children’s education from Birth to College enrollment. There is a facility built in the mid-level managers subdivision that looks like it will do for a start. You have a Ten Million Dollar Budget to hire all the staff you need but limit the hires from current area schools to no more than Two educators from any One school please.

Nelson, you need to get with your Chief of Police Arthur William Smith and Deputy Chief of Police Doral Elwood Hayes and hire the people and buy the equipment needed, as in less than a month it will be just us. And the rules apply to you limiting hires from current forces also no more than Two from any one Department. You must also hire an Emergency Services Director and help them hire Fire, EMS, and with the help of your yet to be hired Utility Services Manager, Utilities People, no rush, less than a month. If they are reservists not on extended active duty, you may recruit up to Eight Security and Four Medical Personnel from units assigned here to staff Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Emergency Services.

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