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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 60


I was the Mistress of the house so the last of the passengers to enter “My Car.” I followed Mrs.

Ruth our Dowager. Art as security, the last to enter, with him sitting up front. “My Car” had Douglass my ladies Maid, Consuela’s Ladies Maid, Isabella and her Nanny, JR and his friend, Third and his friend, not Nannies, Mary, Consuela, Mrs. Ruth, and Me. The girls entered “Their Car” as my little girls First and our older ones after them with the Two Secret Service Agents last. Always with the Chauffeur closing the door behind the last One.

We exited our gate with the Duty Sentry saluting the car as we went by. The Police blocked all traffic outside our gate, this allowed us to drive without stopping. We picked up half a dozen motorcycle officers who blocked all intersection traffic for the Chauffeur to just keep driving. As we entered each City, we saw City Police at each intersection. As we came to the gate of the Armory the Police dropped off. “The Car” was again saluted and not stopped. We pulled up to the house and as security Art exited first and checked the area. When he was satisfied the area was secured, he then allowed me to exit “The Car”. Colonel Baker and his wife Bonny met us. We entered the house, and each girl went to their space to get what they wanted for the next Three days. Bonny asked me if we were interested in selling any furniture. I replied we are leaving all the furniture save Two pieces of furniture that were heirlooms of Roberts First wife. A Side table and Hope Chest. We had enough furniture to furnish a hotel, she was welcome to it all. We would even leave the dishes and curtains and all linen. She could dispose of them as she wished. Our staff here would pack our clothes and movers would pick them up on Monday. After that everything was hers or the Armies as she chose. She thanked me with a kiss and said goodbye, neighbor. I invited The Colonel and Her to Sunday afternoon lunch that we held at 1200 as the majority of the staff would get off at 1400 until 0500 Monday morning as a traditional half day. Sunday dinner was a cold self-service meal from the refrigerator.

In Thirty minutes we were back out the gate and our trip to downtown Albany’s better boutique stores. City Police again holding all traffic for us. There was a small alley the police missed, and exiting truck came near to colliding with us but with our chauffeur quick maneuvering, it just missed us. The Police were sure to block the rest as we were all learning.

As security dictated, we did not prearrange a store visit, just pulled up in front, blocked the street, and entered the store. We visited all top tier Bridal/Formal Wear stores. At first a couple of the boutiques were not happy we were not here for a Bridal Gown but when we started trying the high-end gowns they started to smile. Consuela’s and my Ladies’ Maids were both fitted for a Formal Gown as we informed them, we would require them to accompany us to events and they would look out of place without a Gown. After Two hours we stopped to a little deli and had a sandwich and rest. We finished and Art let Security know we were on are way out. Each time we entered or left a store the older girls formed a barrier outside my little girls to cover them, but after they were sure the store inside was safe, Art and the Secret Service Agents, and Local Police guarder the entry ways they functioned as another girl with daddies no limit credit card, it was fun to watch all the girls as they looked at outfits and accessories and paying no attention to the price.

We placed all our haul in our van brought for that purpose. We spent less than I thought we would spend; we received a discount for immediate payment. Two stores approached us with released of the Spring item they would come to us, and we could custom order without having to make the trip to town. Mrs. Ruth agreed that would be best. We headed home. Art said he and the Secret Service would review the first Secret Service Training run and improve the process, which is why they train.

We unloaded at the house, Raleigh had all the Ladies Maids and hall boys move the stack of items to the correct room.

Robert came down the stairs in mock rage, asking was I in a race with the National Debt and winning. I gave him a kiss and asked what his plans until dinner were.

He replied he had given everyone work to do; he was taking a nap.

I replied We.

1900 Tim knocked on our door we had a little over an hour nap and cuddle. Robert yelled enter, Tim said Sir, so it was a military issue. BGen Greeley requests Fifteen minutes before dinner.


Tim, inform all General Officers we will have a Fifteen-minute meeting in my study at 1930, one Ade only. Tim turned and left the room. I hit the intercom for Danvers, he answered, Yes, Sir, Shower, BDUs for uniform. Right away, Sir. I gave Kariwase a kiss and went to my dressing room where Danvers had laid out things for my shower and uniform. Finished dressing and going out the door and into my study at 1925 with just enough time to sit down.

Tim knocked and on entering said the General Officers have all assembled as you requested. I replied show them in. I arose and shook each hand, I had decided that due to the mixed nature of my staff, saluting inside was not to be part of our protocol. BGen Greeley brought a Colonel with a map and easel. He set it up for all to see.

BGen Greeley

This is Colonel Tyrone Yeadon my Executive Officer, and he was going over the route for the barrier and discovered a troubling situation. As you see on the map, MGen Pearce said hold one and after he keyed in on his desk, he projected a 3D map from it. He replied it was here when I came but I do like it. Continue on. Sir, you see from the relief that you have a large hill with an elevation of Three Hundred Twenty-Five Meters overlooking your Air Station at a distance of Twenty-Five Hundred Meters. This could pose problems for you. If we extend the barrier East on each leg Five Thousand Meters, it will encompass the hill inside your barrier. It will double the size of your land inside the barrier but give a significant terrain advantage. Looking at your documents with Colonel Fox and your legal counsel Allen Lighting, there is no disputed land in this zone, you have a deed to it all. I know of your agreement with the President but suggest you for security purposes, you extend the barrier to include this hill inside of your fence line.

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