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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 6


I gave Robert a kiss on the cheek as I let him go to rehearse the opening color ceremony. I was growing to love him more every day and wish he would let me know if he was growing in love with me. Men, a bat or war club was what I needed in this case. I would talk with Mrs. Ruth about Robert and me.

Sandra Lee, April Joy, Aleshia Jasmin, and Elizabeth Anne were talking to Mrs. Ruth about Robert and me. Are all men so dense about love. Can not grandfather see the way Kariwase loves him? He is married to her by tribal law. Why does he not except it as a true marriage? She runs our house as our mother right know. Grandmother has been gone a long time; he needs that love only a wife can give him and she is meant for him.

Mrs. Ruth

Girls, men can be real thick headed about love and there need of a person to share their life with. military leaders have training that shows them how to take care of any problem that arises. Leaders can delegate authority to get tasks done but must retain the responsibility of getting a task done. Learning to share responsibility after doing it for so many years alone is hard to do. Your grandfather has taken on your care and raising not out of duty or requirement by law, but love. His willingness to have you in his house comes from having him grown up during a different time. There are things that society has banned as wrong. A Forty-Five-year-old man having a Sixteen-year-old wife who was his ward was wrong. It implies that the man is morally corrupt and is in the marriage for his own pleasure and not a loving partnership. You do not need to push, suggest, or hint at what you want to happen, just let nature and time take its course. The girls replied yes mam and left to see the area and gather information for their school papers.


After leaving the CSM I wandered about the area. You would think I was running for office the way people came up to me to get a picture with me, shake my hand, tell me of their military service, tell me their troubles and problems. This life of fame was not my style, but I will live with it for now.

We went out to dinner at the Tribal resort and Casino. More pictures, handshakes, service stories, and problems. After the waitress taking our order had people stop her for the Fourth time, the waiter moved us to a private dining room for dinner. The manager said to me, as I paid our bill, to please call ahead when we were coming, and a private dining room would be set up for us.

We ate our meal as a family, with the talk of the young and the discoveries they made that day, The older ones listening and are pleased with the young learning new things about their heritage, but the only thing missing was the closeness of a husband-wife partnership.

Kariwase, at Sixteen, was trying hard and succeeding to be the mother of this family, could she be the soulmate I need? Martha told me to move on with my life, find another soulmate and love her as much as you have loved me before she died. Kariwase was Sixteen, I am Forty-Five.

We as a family went to bed early, for tomorrow was to be a long day. My sleep did not come easy as my mind was thinking on what did the future hold for us as a family and was there a place for Kariwase in my bed?

3 June Kariwase

Up early as always. Saw Robert off to his morning run. Started breakfast as this was an early rising household. Consuela and Mrs. Ruth joined me in fixing breakfast, and we talked. Mrs. Ruth told us about the girls conservation. Consuela said she was still not ready for another husband.

I decided to let it out, Robert was going to be mine! He may not know it now, he may fight it, but he would invite me to be his wife.

So, what can we do to help April Joy said as the girls came into breakfast. Mrs. Ruth, Consuela, and I said at the same time you can do nothing. Mrs. Ruth reminded them of the conversation she had with them yesterday, just let nature take care of this problem. Do not mention this conversation, nor leave hints about this conversation to your grandfather. Clear!

Yes, mother, the girls replied accompanied by a giggle and we all laughed.


The run was a mind clearing run. CSM Nelson and Thirty others joined me in my run. We did Five miles at a Six-minute mile rate. They tried to run this old man into the ground and failed.

After our run CSM Nelson reminded us, that formation was at 0830 for the 0900 ceremony. Be on time and in Service Dress A Uniform with all ribbons and badges.

Returning to our longhouse for my shower I saw Kariwase had laid out my shower needs and my proper uniform and with all my ribbons and badges in their regulation ordered place, My Medel of Honor was set aside for placement after I dressed.

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