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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 58


Here is our future business plan framework for Wolverine Clan Industries:

Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation

Wolverine Field

Wappinger Nation Center for Innovation

Wappinger People Nations Polytechnical Institute with RPI

Wappinger Nation Homeland-Housing, Education, Medical Care, Social Services

Wappinger Nation Security Services

Wappinger Nation Hospitality Services

Energy Division

ESSAY-Design, Construction, Training, and Operations

Solar-Design, Manufacturing, Construction, Renovation, Repair, and


Wind-Design, Manufacturing, Construction, Renovation, Repair, and


Flying Services

Wappinger Nation Flying Servicers- Charter, Cargo, Agriculture

Flying Services Education-Air Crew Training

Flying Serves Maintenance Crew Training

Aircraft Services-Inspections, Repair, Renovations, Restorations, Assembling

Financing-Arrange and Manage the Financing of Aircraft Purchases

Electronic Information Services

Design, Upgrade, Integration, Training, and Operations

System Forensics


Develop, Design, and Manufacturing of Electronic Components

This is just a framework of what we are doing now or can do. With our situation and the knowledge we hold we can be a force of good. Though not all of us are of People Nations, we will welcome all to our fold if they can except our requirements of behavior and social obligation.

We will manage our Family’s home, The Longhouse, from a personal Clan Account not the Wappinger Nation, but we may present a request for funding specific events the we host on behalf of the Wappinger Nation or any of its associated parts. We request that all social events for the Wappinger Nation hosted at the Longhouse by members of my family have the cost covered Fifty Percent by Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and Fifty Percent by the House accounts.

This is an outline I wish you who are in the trenches, to make specific recommendations at the Wolverine Clan LLC Board Meeting this evening.

We have had people in the Wolverine Clan LLC to hired people or promise employment to different people in the last Two days. I wish to make these into actual offers within our purpose pay structure.

I will offer these motions at the Wolverine Clan LLC Board meeting this evening:

One-We reincorporate as Wolverine Clan Industries Incorporated.

Two-All shares or options of Wolverine Clan LLC We will exchange One for One of Wolverine

Clan Incorporated Stock Shares.

Three- We will appoint all Current Wolverine Clan LLC Leadership Board Members to be to the same Positions on the Wolverine Clan Incorporated Board unless they wish to step down.

Four- All Stockholders or holders of options will be Board Members and paid at Level I.

Five- All current rules for issuing future Wolverine Clan Incorporated Stock Shares be issued.

under the Wolverine Clan LLC rules.

Six review all Rules, Regulations, and Policies for approval.

Allen legal opinion?


I will have the papers drawn up and upon both Boards approval file them first thing Monday morning. I would recommend we file with the Bureau of Indian Affairs as the Wappinger Nation as well as the Wolverine Clan Incorporated, Wappinger Nation in the State of New York, also Vermont and Massachusetts to include all our lands the Federal Government have awarded us to show we will not give up our claims verry easily.

New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts may want to deny our Incorporation but will have to acknowledge us as a true entity in why they denied us our incorporation to which we respond with the signed State Laws that recognized the land claims when under Consumer Electric Corporation control and by Federal Recognition has now passed to us.

This if will put them between a rock and hard place. Recognize our land clams as the Wappinger Nation under BIA authority or recognize Wolverine Clan Industries Incorporated for tax purposes under the States and Federal jurisdictions. But they cannot ignore us.

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