Genins Girls of the Nations - Cover

Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 57

Robert continues

We will provide a free, on facility transit system on Wappinger Nation for all employees, family members, and registered guests.

All our Security Personal will also be Deputized Federal Marshals and have jurisdiction over any and all persons on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

We will require all people on our property to have credentials on them. All children under the age of Eight will have an RD Chip ankle band placed on them. This will allow us to track any child on our property and we will know when the child is removed from our property and by who. Security will check out who escorts or removes a child from our property. A preauthorization must be on file with security for anyone other than a parent or guardian to escort a child of our property. We will allow no child under the age of Eight, to exit our property unaccompanied.

Children Eight-years-old or until they are an adult will wear credentials on a lanyard also with tracking capabilities. We will allow young adults to exit thru the gates with a sibling if a preauthorization is on file. Sponsors must register all Guests with security in person and in advance before Security allows the Guests on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. We will require that sponsors, ensure any guest they register knows and follows all Laws, Rules, and Procedures of Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation to include credentials and RD Chips on all children under Eight-years-old.

All vehicles entering, leaving, or on our property are subject to search; electronic, animal, and or human. Entry into our Facility will acknowledge consent to these searches and any illegal items or activity found Security will turn over to Federal authorities for prosecution.

If people have objection to any of these proposed policies and regulations, please present them with changes at the board meeting this evening. I will require Arthur and Tim to work out the details and present them to the Board for approval implementation of the rules.

Allen, we have outgrown LLC status. How should we amend our incorporation to include the new business status? Recommendations at the board meeting this evening.

Jaa what is our finical standing?


Money coming out the wazoo, the Watervliet Arsenal property Two Hundred Million is in our account, Thanks to Allen and the Judge The Two-Hundred-Forty-Million Dollars from the safe is in our account, the Two-Hundred Million for the Two-Million-Troy-Ounces of Gold will be in our account tomorrow.

The Federal Reserve is holding the foreign currency to ensure people have not used it to manipulate the economy of a foreign government that would be a Federal Currency Violation. If people did not use the currency to manipulate a foreign country The Federal Reserve will return it to us in US Currency, value to be determined.

I have the Five million for ESSAY at the Arsenal and two other sights held in reserve for that purpose. I have One Hundred Million held in reserve to fix, upgrade, or decommission the power projects we inherited from Consumer Electric Corporation. The cost of operating or current facility at its current rate is Five Million a month. I have set aside One Hundred Million to cover contingencies. I project that if we a full operation of our facility we will need Fifteen Million a month to cover the costs, income unknown. We have Two Hundred Ninety Million of cash on hand. We have no debt.

After the ladies finish shopping today I will tell you how far into the red we are. All the ladies gave me a real dirty looks with chuckles from the men.

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