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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 56

Robert Continues

After the expedition left, Nelson and I retired to my now available study. I handed him a reserved Twenty-Year-old bottle of his favorite libation as a gift. He replied I will not give you my first born for this but the other Three yes. And we had a small One from the stock in my office and drank it slowly as we talked business.

We went over the work I needed the people he brought with him to do. He informed me that Six other Nations Casinos were sending an additional One hundred each with supervisors at the same rate.

The Nations were also sending Three or Four each of their First Responders and Utility Service people for us to hire permanently if we wished. All the responding Nations said they will not send their top Ten percent but from the next Ten percent. The Nations Principle Chiefs have all said of those they send us none will embarrass their Nation in front you, Currahee Nations. After our aircraft dropped off the work crews, the aircraft left to pick up the others. The housing and other facilities were better than expected.

He had spoken with the Sargent Major of the MP and the security on his peoples area was sufficient. He asked me to delay my meeting till tomorrow when all his people would be available, 1100 tomorrow at the Wolverine Field theater. He did have one suggestion there were Twenty, Forty passenger busses, Forty, Twenty passenger busses and Ten special needs busses in a facility near the Air Terminal he would get licensed drivers to start a shuttle service to move people around the facility. I agreed and said we will talk more after dinner about how you and Victoria would fit permanently into our operations here.

Tim reminded me of my 1600 meeting Wynonna, Nelson, George Paris, Martinez, Rotuman, Naomie, Lesia, Jaa Zhan, and Allen.

Nelson left as Naomie, Lesia, Jaa Zhan, Allen, Art, and Tim entered. After they all were seated, I started with I want to talk about Wolverine Clan LLC basics. First what we pay the people we hire and the benefits packages we will offer each of them by position. I would like to establish a pay scale framework with pay and job levels equal through our company and the benefits package we will offer.

All Level III Positions and above are salaried and Level IV and below are based on a Forty-hour work week and include Two weeks’ vacation time a year. Level IIIV Step III will be reserved for part-time, students, and seasonal employment and will not include vacation or permanent housing but will include health care and if available and needed a dorm room. Wolverine Clan Industries LLC Pay Levels: I-$156,000 Annually Board/Shareholder, Division CEO/CFO Twelve Bedroom Ten Bath Home, One-acre, enclosed heated pool.

II .5-$150,000, II-$144,000 Annually Chief, Director

Eight Bedroom Ten Bath Home, Three Quarter acre, pool.

III .5-$138,000, III-$132,000 Annually Deputy Chief, Deputy Director

Six Bedroom Eight Bath Home, Half acre, pool.

IV .5-$126,000, IV-$120,000 Annually Senior, Commander, Inspector, Assistant Deputy Director

Six Bedroom Eight Bath House, Half acre V .5-$114,000, V-$108,000 Annually Pilots, Instructors, Lead Technicians

Single, no dependents Three Bedroom Apartment

Married Four Bedroom home.

VI .5-$102,000, VI-$96,000 Annually Step I Staff

Single, no dependents Two Bedroom Apartment,

Married Three Bedroom home.

VII-$92,000, VII .5-$90,000 Annually Step II Staff Single, no dependents Two Bedroom Apartment, Married Three Bedroom home.

VIII .5-$78,000, VIII-$72,000 Annually Step III Staff

Dorm room if available

All employees will receive health care that we pay Seventy-Five percent of the premium. It will cover Children and grandchildren residing in the home regardless of age. With a Family catastrophic cap of Five Thousand dollars per family per year. Naomie and Lesia will present the detailed plan to the Board for approval implementation of the benefit.

We will cover the full cost of One university course, with labs if required, for each employee every semester on there off time with the only requirement being a 2.5 Grade or better. If they achieve less, they must pay for the course and receive a 2.5 Grade on that same course at their own expense before applying for another company paid course.

Our education benefit will cover all dependents residing in the house or if at a University or Training School and we recognize them as a dependent. It will allow for a Wolverine Clan Industries paid full-time, full-ride Academic Scholarship for Spouses and Children as long as the students maintain a 2.5 GPA. A higher GPA can earn a weekly stipends for the student.

Naomie and Lesia will present the detailed Our to the Board for approval before implementation of the benefits.

We will offer housing if available to all employees based on needs both theirs and ours. At a level according to those needs. If an employe is an active reservist called to Federal or State Service, dependents may remain in the dwelling until the employee returns to our employment, or Thirty days after the Federal or State Service release the person from duty.

If an employee is severely injured or dies well on duty working for us, we will allow the dependents to remain in there housing for one year. If the spouse is employed by us and the family occupies a housing unit at a grade level above their rated housing the family will be allowed to keep their current housing unit.

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