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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 55


We pulled up to the theater just as I saw the girls and Major Richman enter. I turned to Tim and said Make sure the girls remove their collar insignia, and hand them these as I pulled out one set of Captains bars, Five sets 1st Lieutenant bars, and find Major Richman and hand her these a set of silver Oak leaves.

Elton stopped the Rolls and waited until my shadow told him it was safe, he got out, opened the door and stood back even in the light blowing snow, not shutting the door till all had exited. I turned and said you will leave it here until I have finished and keep the engine running to keep it warm. The reply was Very Good, Sir.

General Officers on Deck was called, as we entered the theater all the military members in building stood. General Carrington looked at me and said my show. As we climbed on stage I saw an old face in the crowd, wearing BGen stars my first Company Commander Ellington Jeffers Greeley.

BGen Greely will you join us on stage please. He saluted, we shook hands, then hugged. I turned to General Carrington and said, “my first company commander,” after the Point. Now time for work.

I am MGen Robert Hayowentha Pierce Sr, the Commanding General of Operation Flash Freeze A logistical and Engineering Cold Weather Exercise to see if Rapid Deployment of light to medium armed Units, and Engineering Units could hold an area in a wintry weather environment and build a containment barrier to block assault lanes and build a defense in depth to deter aggression from a heavier but smaller armored force.

This was an unplanned mission of thrown to gather mixed units to form a cohesive command. I am a Retired Engineer and a PhD now teaching at RPI. I have access to this piece of ground and people well above me decided with my permission to conduct this drill. We have Two weeks to Form Twenty- Four Miles of HESCO MIL Barrier with Four Major Gates Twelve Minor Gates, and a secure crossing of a permanent stream twice. BGen Greeley 20th Brigade is the Command Responsible for the HESCO MIL Barrier and perimeter security. BGen Fox is the Command Responsible for Air and Logistics Support. BGen Jedediah Johnston is the Asst CG Operation Flash Freeze Command Responsible for The Marine rapid Reaction Force to support the perimeter security forces. The USAF 621 CRW (621st Contingency Response Wing) will own all military aircraft arriving, departing, or on the ground of MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

The Canadian Government have attached the Canadian Rangers as instructors/aggressors to the 3/71st Cavalry They are experts in artic warfare, Use them for training.

The procedures for actual combat operations we will prefect here.

What will and will not work for barrier construction in an artic environment. Ensure the people understand the weather is just as dangerous as any human trying to kill you. Let’s make this work and excel at it and record what we did so others can learn from our experiences.

I will at times invite Officers and Senior Enlisted to the House for lunch or dinner. Dress unless specified is BDUs/Utilities.

General Carrington

May I have a moment, will the following, Colonel Gray Fox, Major Richman, Janice Lincolnshire, Johanna Warren, Eloise Quayman, Roseland Forest, Christine Shepard, and Cassidy Sherman report on stage. After they formed up on stage in rank order I started attention to orders Having special faith and confidence in the abilities of Colonel Gray Fox I do award him a Brevet Commission as a BGen in the USMC, Major Jennifer Richman I do award her a Brevet Commission as a Lieutenant Colonel in the USMC, Janice Lincolnshire I do commission a Captain in the USMCR, I do Commission Johanna Warren, Eloise Quayman, Roseland Forest, Christine Shepard, Cassidy Sherman as 1st Lieutenants USMCR to hold from this day Saturday 11 January. The young girls came on stage to pin the ranks on their shadows. The USMC Sgt Maj and I did BGen Fox, Col Tim and MGen Pierce did Lt Col Richman all had smiling faces. The Wolverine Clan LLC official photographer took pictures of all the promotions so that all had a personal record of their promotion to show others. I will sign the pictures before I leave tomorrow as I am sure Robert will have them ready for me. I said dismissed.


Gentleman there is a flag gathering at my home I wish you to accompany me to my house and we can welcome BGen Gray in traditional fashion this evening. General Carrington will you be staying this evening, or must you get back to the DC? I have accommodation. He replied he will stay the night.

Could I provide lass status transportation to observe the operation and arrival of aircraft. BGen Gray said, Sir, unlike our host I have provided proper transportation more suited to a Marine Officer a HUMVEE with a working heater and driver.

We will be serving lunch at 1300, I reminded them, and all General Grade Officers have an open seat for them and Two others at all meals.

Before returning to “The Car” I handed each of the girls an American Silver Eagle, Six different Service Members even a Coast Guards Man gave the girls their first salute, all who given the salute were give a coin and a card ordering them to report for dinner this evening.

Tim made a comment that he was glad the young ones showed up with

“The Other Car” as all the girls were bubbling over with energy, and it would be tough to harness. I replied keep that attitude and I would assign him to “The Other Car” for the shopping trip that caused Gene to laugh out loud and all us men joined in. Kariwase and Consuela tried to choke down a laugh but failed, only Mrs. Ruth maintained her poise of mock disgust and said those young ladies are the future of this Peoples Nation and the Principle Chief had better channel that energy in the right direction or be run over by it.

We arrived at the house and on entering Raleigh said Sir, your guests Mr. and Mrs. Drs Chase and his security people have arrived, and I placed them into the Breakfast Room and have served coffee and pastries. Thank-You Raleigh, as the still over bubbly girls came in thru the doorway and into the foyer.

Kariwase, Consuela, and Mrs. Ruth all said girls at the same time and all, but Mrs. Ruth continued we have the RPI people here and you must function as the young ladies you are. Now let’s all enter and greet our guests who have come so that you can achieve the education you deserve but with poise and with the manner which the position you are now in requires.


After Mrs. Ruth finished addressing all the girls, we entered the Breakfast Room. Us ladies hugged the men shook hands. I introduced our people to the RPI as I had met Secret Service Agents Margery Saltzman and Vera Anne Lee the Two free shadows the girls had acquired. Martin introduced his people, and we settled in for our discussion. RPI would as much as feasibly arrange that all the girls are on Campus at the same time. RPI would except the presents of the older girls with concealed weapons but request they use a panic button to Campus Security before breaking an arm if possible. To which Jennifer May smiled and Christine blushed a little and it brought a smile on Margery and Vera knowing the girls shadows would act if needed but only with the force needed to deescalate the situation.

They would all arrive at the same time on campus in “The Other Car” and stay until all had finished. RPI would build a Three-room suite from a lecture space in the Chancellors building with Our money and Sixty Million additional for RPIs undesignated use. This would be a refuge if needed. “The Other Car” and any accompanying vehicles would park in the reserved area behind the Chancellors building under an awning we paid for. The girls would make all research trips to ESSAY in a SUV if it was not all the girls. I let Robert know I was satisfied with the arrangements as he let me know he was also. RPI and the Secret Service were also satisfied.

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