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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 54


I saw Gene enter and get a plate, I asked are you still on duty.

He replied no Sir, Five minutes after you locked your door I was in bed, I go back on duty at 0800. The way you are going over reports, this is a secure room, he asked. Art and all our girls all said yes!


The President has assigned you Secret Service protection . I am on loan to the Secret Service and head of your detachment. We have me and Four Agents. TSA is under the guidance of reviewing the facilities for our future training center adding Four agents. The Secret Service has decided this is a unique training opportunity and is adding Eight Agents new to protection duty and Two Senior Agents as trainer’s. Everyone arrived at 0500. I talked with Colonel fox and assigned them to the MP compound. At 0800 we will all meet and work out our SOP.


We are going to throw a wrench into your planning. This afternoon Kariwase will take all the girls to our house, now part of and inside the Armory fence, to pick up clothes. Then go clothes shopping for the family. They will take both large Rolls, All the young girl and shadows in one. I hope by the time they go shopping the six older ones will have Commissions.

As each holds Fourteen in the back there will be room for two Agents if female, the one in front can be male. I have promoted Two of my Footmen to Chauffeurs. They have ridden with the Chauffeur, and he is sure of their abilities; they both have successfully discovered dirt-track racing. In the future they will go to a formal school in England at the Rolls Royce Motor Works.

The second Rolls will have Arthur in the back with Kariwase, Mrs.

Ruth, Consuela, The Third, JR, Isabella, a Nanny, and Miss Douglass. We have in our motor pool it seems Ten security equipped SUVs, you may have any or all for your use.

Monday the girls start RPI we will not let events stop them from attending. Each as an armed shadow with them at all times and they and taking the same classes as the girl. Arthur is my head of security for this facility, he and the girls will attend your meeting.

I will not be leaving our property in the near future, unless ordered to by a superior. You will present a plan to RPI this afternoon prior to 1500 about the girls security. I will assign The Rolls they will use today as their primary road transport.

We will try to arrange trips in the future in a timelier manner.

We need to get a POD (Plains of the Day) for our operations: Operation Flash Freeze, Tim, get with Fox and get me an HHC you as my Adjunct is you only duty until further notice. Gray BGen Jedediah Johnston is the Asst CO Operation Flash Freeze, his MCE is my HHC. We will attach the Marine Units to the HHC. I will see him after the 0900 meeting. Request a meeting with the CMC after the staff meeting.

Colonel Fox I am going to ask for your Brevet Commission to BGen to run the total air operation, you take care of your POD. I would like the Marines to attach a Medical Unit to you to run the Hospital and the Urgent Care Medical Facilities and keep it under you Command. Col Fox replied the 2nd Medical Battalion and 2nd Dental Battalion have received deployment orders ETA Thirty Hours. I will pull the Medical personal from the deployed units on the ground to staff the Urgent Care Medical Facility until their arrival.

The BGen of the HHC 20th Brigade will have command of HESCO MIL Barrier construction, Perimeter Security Operations, direct command of all Army Troops, and all Engineering units belonging to the other services assigned to Operation Flash Freeze for Artic assembly of HESCO MIL Barrier training.

BGen Malcolm James “ Not So” Rich is the Commanding Officer of the 621 CRW (621st Contingency Response Wing) and will own all military aircraft arriving or departing MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

After her talk with the girls Kariwase joined me for breakfast, Kariwase you will get with Dr.

Naomie Tallman and all non-military operations of Wolverine Industries LLC here and run them out of our Headquarters. She will need to put out a POD before 0700 each day.

We will turn the Terminal over to The Marines.

Mrs. Ruth, could you join us please? As she arrived us gentleman stood, she smiled and said I hope to raise all the children of the Clan as well as your parents raised you and we all sat. Mrs. Ruth, I will need a Plan of the Day (POD) for the house and family from you by 0700 each morning. I am sure Mr. Smyth already has one. Tim needs to see it to ensure I attended important family or house events; Family still comes first. I was not surprised when she handed Tim a formal calligrapher schedule with the trip on it and lunch and dinner times and menus. She did add a request that exact numbers for meals to her no less than One hour before meals rough numbers Three hours before meals. I thanked her and as she started to get up, she said stay seated gentleman and we arose anyway. Her reply was I wish to raise our Wolverine Clan children with the same upbringing you all show you have learned.

I said in review 0800 I will meet with Gene and his security people no more than fifteen minutes for me. 0840 met CMC at his arrival, I see from the reports that The U S Army called Lieutenant General Michael James Schepen to DC this morning, but his wife is still here, Kariwase check on her please and take her with you shopping. Kariwase replied that is why she stayed. 0900 Operation Flash Freeze at the theater today tomorrow, Command Building. Thirty minutes only. 1000 meet all General grade officers or Colonels serving in General grade billets. Tim, you are the doorkeeper. Just fifteen minutes to get to know each other in this room. 1030 Clan meeting this room to discuss RPI security, Kariwase see if Dr Chase and his security people can attend. 1300 Lunch. 1430 family goes shopping.

1500 I will meet with the Mohawk Nation People; Tim, ensure you invite Nelson for lunch. 1600 I will meet with Wynonna, Nelson, George Paris, Martinez, Rotuman, Naomie, Lesia, Jaa Zhan, and Allen if possible. 1700 nap and clean up for dinner 2000 dinner We will invite any Full Colonel or General grade officer to the table for lunch or dinner meals plus Two, Breakfast by invitation or residing in the house. 2230 Wolverine Industries LLC meeting. Bed by 2330. Revelry 0630.

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