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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 53

Saturday 11 January 0700 Kariwase

At 0700 a coordinated attack was lunched by Five bodies hitting the bed at once. With its enormous size the bed prevented actual impact but then Five epicenters of bouncing caused every vertical object to become horizontal in a debris pile in the middle of its Hundred square feet.

It was our morning wake up call. Our door locks were voice controlled and Robert called lock all doors, he called out now I have you, welcome to my web the spider says to the flies. He got up and grabbed the blanket and used it as a net to gather children. The Third and April Joy tried to get behind me to hide. Got Two I called as I grabbed them. Robert came to the bed with the three. We all hugged.

On discovering the voice activated locks I had told the children, family, and staff to check for the red light to see if it was on, if it was, it was our personal time.

Unless it was an emergency, come back later. Mrs. Ruth entered and gathered the brood and shooed them to their rooms to wash and dress for breakfast. Robert asked her to see if she could find a less energetic alarm clock. To which she replied I thought you were increasing it in intensity, and with a laugh, turned and left.

Raleigh knocked and asked, Sir which uniform shell I have Danvers layout for you to wear.

Before he could answer, I spoke up MGen Pierce will wear his Service A Uniform, but I will affix the MOH. After his staff meeting, he will change to the BDU with body armor and pistol, I looked at Robert and he replied, She who is the Command authority has spoken. Adding anytime I wear Service A Uniform; Mrs. Pierce always considers it her duty to affix the MOH.

Raleigh replied incredibly good, Sir, and left.

I gave Robert a kiss and said body armor, until we could figure out who our enemies were. The Mother of Six Nations said I would have years of many moons with you, and I plan to do all I can to make it happen.

I entered my dressing room, and my bath was prepared, and Douglass asked what I would be wearing today. I replied, “The blue skirt, top, white socks, and walking shoes.” I only wore hose with formal dress. I added I will be taking the children shopping this afternoon and will require you to accompany me. Verry good Mam, was her reply.

Just as I finished, Robert knocked, he replied, I may not be the smartest around, but mama taught me to always knock before entering a ladies private space, with a smile. Following him was Danvers who had the MOH box in his hand. Robert asked if he could watch you affix it in case, Robert ever required him to do it.

That is an excellent idea and I showed him the positioning so that it was all the way up but not choking and how to get it to stay in place. Thank-You Mam, he replied as I finished adjusting Roberts Collar. Robert adds we will add the Service Blouse after breakfast, Verry good, Sir, as he left the room with the blouse still on the hangar. That was all Douglass I said, and she left the room.

Robert said alone at last and too dressed up to play. I replied today will be as bad as yesterday. I need to go by the house to get more clothes. Take everyone shopping to purchase real formal clothes as we will need them with you as Nation Chief and Lord of the Manor. We even need to give this over side castle a name and not anything with Wolverine, but something relaxing

“The Longhouse” will do.

We need to strengthen the girls security. I will not let this, or anything stop the girls education or attending RPI. Can you get Commissions for the Six older girls, Janice as a Captain the others 1st Lieutenants. It may irritate them, but Colonel Fox could get them Commissions in the Marines faster than you in the Army. You have said in the past rapid special promotions earn only enemies and no cooperation. You could have them assigned to your staff and they report to your Ade de Camp Colonel Silver Fox. You set their duties and uniforms. Mostly civilian but military if needed, an attack on active- duty military and Twelve-year-old girls would really be bad both for publicity and the military response.

We kissed, “Then a long kiss.” I checked him for lipstick, and we went to breakfast with a skip in my heart that we would win no matter who the enemy was.

Keeping with the tradition of an English Country house, breakfast was a buffet served using Silver on China with Christal in the Breakfast Room. Opposed to the Dining Room only sat Forty. I saw all the Clan was present even Isabella who was in accompany of a Nanny.

A footmen kept breakfast plentiful, hot, and cleaned the tables with Raleigh watching all.

Colonels Wolf and Fox greeted Robert. He got a plate of food and cup of coffee, sat down with them, then started to read the stack of reports they brought for him.

Girls, I spoke up, all twelve of you. This afternoon after lunch we will make a trip home, then go shopping, before returning here. This will be home. You will gather just what you need and put it outside your rooms. The house staff will deliver it here today. Movers will pack the house this week as it is now part of the Arsenal. We will have a secure office/work/study place at ESSAY with all necessary facilities.

All of you will acquire One Formal Gown, Four Formal Dresses, Eight Dresses/Skirts and Tops, matching Shoes. Clothes for classes unless requiring a work uniform will be Dresses or Skirts and Tops.

On campus, A backpack is acceptable but Social or other events purse or pocketbook. Jeans or shorts with tops for play but clean and neat. You will always look like ladies in what you wear.

Like it or not we have been placed into position of leadership and of responsibility for the lives of many others. You nor anyone of this Clan will act out as a spoiled rich privileged kid, it will be delt with severely. You do though have a position that will require you to be leaders and watch out for others. I mean that to all Twelve not just the Six who are blood family. We are all of the Wolverine Clan, Sub Clan of the Little Bear Clan, of the Mohawk Nation, of the Six Nations, of The People Nations. We will act accordingly.

This morning at 0900 there is a Staff Meeting of the units assigned to Operation Flash Freeze.

Looking at the older girls, I said you and the young ones will attend so you will know what is going on.

Our plan is to have you older ones Commissions, Janice as a Captain and you other Five as 1st Lieutenants. Headquarters will assign you to the staff of MGen Pierce report to his Ade de Camp Colonel Silver Fox. Robert and I will set your duties and uniforms.

Mostly civilian but military if needed, an attack on active-duty military and Twelve-year-old girls would really be bad both for publicity and the military response. We will protect our girls ever any way we can. We will not let this, or anything, stop our girls education or attending RPI. We will work out the exact procedures for them to attend classes after the Operation Flash Freeze Staff Conference.

1030 Clan meeting to discuss todays trip with security and the procedures for RPI classes and ESSAY work. This evening we will have a mandatory Wolverine Clan LLC board meeting at 2130. Dinner will be at 2000 and remember we dress for dinner unless we are in uniform and then it is the prescribed Uniform of the Day.

Older Girls your uniform for the Operation Flash Freeze staff meeting will be BDU with your proper Insignia and your side arms. If questioned tell them to call Colonels Wolf or Fox and give them their numbers.


After reading the reports between food and coffee. Gray these numbers seam high, Colonel Wolf respond they did to me too, I had Tim check them, the deployment response and departure time for all units has exceeded projected times by minus Forty to Ninety-Five minutes, Aircraft on sight turnaround without enemy interference is Twenty to Thirty minutes faster.

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