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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 52

Friday 10 January 1655 Robert

We arrived at the terminal just as Tim touched down. I had my BDUs on with body armor and service wepon, Gene was still my shadow. Hernandez Martinez, who was taking charge of the ground operations, handed me a radio and said you are on the ground channel.

Where do you want the Blue Bird? Pull it in and keep it right there for now, we will decide where to put it this evening after we get more ground and service people.

I saw Consuela as ground guide who after Tim refueled the Bus and tied it down took her place.

Major Wynonna Cook was driving the fuel truck. Hernandez had his pubs clerk and Two Techs on CFR duty. The other Two doing tiedown and actual fueling.

Consuela who was now manning our information area inside. Allen and Cindy were helping Mrs. Ruth make coffee, Hot Tea, and Hot Chocolate, laying out bottles of water and soft drinks. We called this morning and spoke with our area manager of subway and spread an order for Three Thousand Six-inch premium box lunches over Fifteen stores and he lent us Three people to help distribute them.

1708 received a call that Colonel Grey Wolf was looking for me. I headed for my office, the First-Class Lounge. I met Colonel Gray Wolf and Major Scholtz at the door. I said I know Marines do not salute indoors so I will not try to change you. Come into my office.

As they entered, I introduced Gene Zimmerman as my shadow. Then invited them to sit. I asked what you can tell me.

Colonel Gray Wolf

The President has issued an order to the CMC to deploy both 1st Mar Div and 2nd Mar Div Rapid Deployment Forces to defend the nation of Blue from an attack from the nation of Red to see if we could deploy enough Marines and other military units to block an attack on a northern NATO nation. It is a test of logistics in issuing wintry weather gear and to units who do not normally have it. It is called Operation Flash Freeze.

They will operate with the Third Calvary Stryker BCT. The aggressors will be the 3rd Squadron 71st Calvary from Fort Drum New York who will do a road march from the North and West of Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. Also every Stateside Engineer unit in the United State Military will send at least one company to train how to build fortifications in a wintry weather environment. Both NADUCT and HESCO MIL are interested in their use in a wintry weather environment.

There was mention of a building to house all those arriving Marines and Soldiers I asked. Yes, MGen Pierce replied yes, the International Center for innovation and Education of the Defunct Consumer Electric Corporation. I will get someone to show you the way after we get these First few aircraft landed and there people free up my people.

Until then with YOYO in charge I would just get in the way and screw up the mission if I try to run ATC, so I will make myself available to you for other parts of this exercise. Her marvelous abilities will make me shine and cross the barrier to a star. I will recommend her for a Legion of Merit, the Three other SNCO Navy Commendations, and the rest Letters of achievement that the Commander of Operation Flash Freeze will bump up to a Navy, Army, Joint Service Commendation Medal. Major Scholtz a Legion of Merit to assists in his promotion. I believe in passing down recognition for a job well done. Not one of these people, when pulled for this job tried to get out of it, Sgt Peterson who was to start leave today, is here. I brought only the best with me.

One last thing “He who Stands Alone for Nations” you have not asked about my Peoples Nation. He replied he knew when I had finished the Whiteman’s work, I would tell him. I replied both me and my wife are Passamaquoddy Nation me northern Maine, her central Maine.

We heard on his radio flight of Two C-17 on final. He handed me his radio and said I will get another, and we headed for the apron. I knew that Lt Col Jimmy “Wild Man” Ajax was the advance man for MAG formed to run The Air-Field part of this operation. We walked outside to meet him.

He was the first off, the aircraft and came straight to us. He saluted and MGen Pierce returned it.

I said Jimmy let me introduce you to the Task Force Commander Major General Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior. One of the good one even if a little overconfident of his abilities.

Wild Man

I shook his hand and said Sir, People call me “Wild Man” for pulling real crazy stunts to accomplish my mission, but twice facing an armed mob with a Coup Stick, beyond my scale of operating. You Sir are a True Master. I find myself having the joy of serving under such a warrior of renown. I am Half Cheyenne and half Lakota. An Indian agent named my Grandfather Ajax, and it has been our family name ever sense.


Flattery will only get you harder missions to accomplish. We have Box Lunches and Hot Wets inside. I am glad to see your people have proper Cold Weather Gear, Gray Wolf had a man in jeans and a hoody. Get your people food and replace my amateurs managing cargo and aircraft.

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