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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 51

Friday 10 January 1620 Arthur

Kariwase called and said Robert had noticed a hidden Security Screening Room by the front door with a probable Two-way Mirror. Cassidy Sherman and Wynette Lee are on the way to open it. I am glad they are honest, and, on our side, they opened the door in Four Minutes and Twenty-One seconds. Kariwase had given me specific orders that I would not let her girls in until I had cleaned up or removed anything questionable. On entering I saw on the Left by the door a quick ready rack with equipment for Sixteen with body armor, wired helmets, Harness with attached ammunition, water, radios, Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles with Grenade Launchers attached, and Two Barrett XM500 Antimaterial rifles.

There was a Sixteen bed sleeping area on the right and a door to a small room with Two-way mirror. There were sensors in the walls that screened all who passed by for weapons and chemical sensors looking at a whole list of items covering drugs and explosives.

This room was clean. I called the Judge to look, along with an ATF Agent to check serial numbers and licenses.

I called the girls to open another door, it was done in less than Three minutes. If the purchaser saw how quickly these girls destroyed what is I am sure a Multi-Million Dollar system, he would shoot the designer for incompetence. Christine Shepard and Jennifer May Silver Fox joined Cassidy and Wynette Lee to help us with another room that needed to be opened.

This room had a huge desk that sat Eight, who could view a wall with Ninety-Six, Thirty-Two- inch monitors in a Six by Sixteen configuration. I could see in every room of the house but the Master apartment. All bathrooms, hallways and every other room in the house or area that is within Three Kilometers of the house. There was a Nine-foot by Twelve-foot wall with a projector, so if something were going on they wanted to see better they could broadcast it larger than life.

Seeing nothing going on, I called the girls in and said I need you to shut down every monitor viewing the bedrooms, bathrooms, locker-rooms, or other space that should be private. After shutting them down make a copy of all the history saved for that space with each space having a different file.

For legal reasons do not look at the content. The courts could force you to testify in court as too what you saw. I cannot emphasize it enough do not look at the content.

All understood and got to work.


As I was setting my approach I heard over the radio, Unidentified aircraft you are entering the restricted air space of the Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field. State your intentions before we shoot you down with our mighty arrows, over.

I could not place the name to the voice, but I knew he was one of us. I replied this is the mighty Wolverine Otter leading in a great band of warriors, request landing, over. Instructed to turn Right to course 90 and we were cleared for runway 90R. As I came out of the low clouds the lights were on. On landing, a ground guide guided us to the terminal and a jetway constructed for small commuter aircraft.

Consuela was my ground guide who brought us in and chocked us down. I heard Robert on the ground radio channel say, fill it, tie it down there for now, we will figure out where to house it this evening.

Time 1702 local.

Yolanda Zulu

Everyone, stay seated, Watch One stand up, you will leave this aircraft and use the head, in Ten minutes formation, our shift starts now and will go to 0000 local as I briefed you six on six off. I saw the door was now open, go. I follow my watch team out the door. There was a large sign point to Male or Female. I used the female rout in six minutes my team was back in formation. A young lady who identified herself as Serai North was handing out backpacks.

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