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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 50

1648 Friday 10 January Timothy

Quantico tower de Havilland Canada DHC-6-400 Twin Otter requesting taxiing and take off Over, They returned de Havilland Canada DHC-6-400 Twin Otter, You are cleared for Taxi and immediate take off all other traffic is on hold. Contact DC regional after clearing the boundary. Good Luck and God Speed

I called DC regional, de Havilland Canada DHC-6-400 Twin Otter requesting level 20, over. De Havilland Canada DHC-6-400 Twin Otter cleared for flight level 20 thru Central New York Regional.

All traffic clear of your flight path and level, over.

I turned to Allen and said call the house and get Kariwase. See if she can get a body into the control tower and ATC area to get good video on the equipment there.

One of the girls that understands electronics that could warm up the equipment would be helpful. We are One hour out with an ATC Crew.

I will call Robert.

1650 Kariwase

As Mrs. Ruth, Robert, and I just sat, relaxing, after Mr. Smyth and company left, mine and then Roberts phoned started to ring.

I looked and said Allen, Robert said Tim. I answered yes Allen.


Tim is calling Robert. We have just cleared Quantico. We have an ATC crew on board. Could you get one of the girls to go to the ATC area and do a live feed for the ATC Commanding Officer Colonel Gray Wolf, to see what equipment they will be using. Also if the girls, by using the manuals can run start-up procedures and start turning things on. Turning on the Landing Light System will be a plus.

They just pulled these people from offices, on and off going watches, and one I was here just to see my buddy. If you were ATC, The Colonel put you on our Otter. Three are in civilian clothes, none of them dressed for the weather, we are bringing them too. We need to clothe them with uniforms and civilian clothes made for our current weather.


I will send the Girls right away. Do you want to talk to Robert?

Allen replied no Tim is covering things with him we need. I need sizes and we will get them winter clothes and uniforms. See you soon.

Mrs. Ruth, do you have contact information for either Hernandez Martinez or Wilber Rotuman?

She replied, “Yes dear,” I am the Clan Mother, I have contacts for all the children that come to my house. I thought she truly is our mother and deserves the title Dowager. I need to contact them. She replied I will give you Wilber’s number as I heard him talk of radar.

She sent me his number and I called, he answered.

Wilber Rotuman

I was taking a chair power nap when my phone rang, it was Roberts Wife. I answered as trained You have reached Wilber Rotuman this an unsecured line how may I help you.


Wilber, I just received a call that our Otter was inbound with an ETA Forty-Five minutes. It has an ATC crew to man our tower and ATC system. They are Thirty minutes ahead of Two C-17 with other aircraft following closely behind.

The ATC people have asked for good video of the system so they can see what they will have to work with. Also do you know how to warm up the system. Allen has asked us please could we turn the runway lights on.


My Aviation Avionics Maintenance Technicians are ATC, as am I, We will get the system Operational and the lights on. Can you send the news team to me and Allen’s number?


I did and though this time last year I was facing a forced marriage, today thru my loving husband, I ask, nicely, people do.

Mrs. Ruth handed me the phone number of the producer. When I called, they were filming background for later use and when I asked them for their help the producer was happy to. I let them know that Mr. Rotuman would set the parameters for them to follow. They went straight to the tower.

I had Ryan North number and when I called Serai answered with, you are going to ruin our afternoon of planned debauchery, aren’t you? I replied to her, “you are on the clock, work now, we will pay you to do the debauchery later.

I gave her Allen’s list of sizes and said no budget just get these people ready for our winter they arrive in Thirty minutes.


The news crew arrived at the door just as I did. I said what you are going to film for me Homeland Security has classified, after I send it you must destroy any copies. In exchange I will allow you to film from the towers outside platform the arrival of aircraft and troops as they arrive and be the only News Crew on the runway ramp. They agreed.

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