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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 49

Friday 10 January1650 Robert continues,

As they left, my phone rang, it was Tim, he was one hour out having an aircraft loaded with an ATC crew and he was leading by Thirty Minutes Two C-17s full of Marine MPs and Expeditionary Airfield Marines. So I had better get my butt down to the runway to welcome our guests. Tim added after I talked to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, I believe that he will fly in tomorrow to see what kind of jobs his people are doing for us and there accommodations.

1510 Friday 10 January Timothy

As Agent Lawrence Clark, Agent Brent Townsend, Allen Lighting, and I approached Quantico airfield I heard on the radio this is Quantico Control, unknown aircraft, you are entering restricted air space, change course, live fire is authorized against you, again change course or suffer the consequences, over.

I gave my aircraft designation and added we are Four Secret Services People On Board (POB) Caring classified information bound for POTUS, over. Hold aircraft, over. The voice on the radio spoke again Senior Agent on Board and Point of Origin? Over. Secret Service Senior Agent Lawrence Clark and Wappinger Nation Wolverine Field, over. Hold Aircraft, over. Clear to land, I would advise you to meet a security detail at the Tower, over.

We landed and followed the follow me vehicle to an area near the tower. As advised by the Tower, armed Marines met us at the place the ground guide directed me to park. As my props stopped turning and I started to go down the shutdown list I heard Agent Clark talk to a person he knew. He came to the Flight deck and asked if I was ready to go. No I replied, I have to supervise the refueling, shut down, and tie down. It is my plane, my job. I told him I gave the key to Allen, now you get moving, and they ran to a spinning helicopter and were off.

I heard hello on the aircraft, yes, I replied, permission to come abord, I replied your field come on. I almost choked as I saw a Four-Star Marine General and a Colonel Ade come to the flightdeck of my aircraft.

I said General Carrington I presume. He replied to me Colonel Timothy Silver Fox in return.

Yes, Sir, I replied. He said I know you will not tell me what those gentlemen were carrying so will not ask. I will ask the condition of Wappinger Nation Wolverine Field as in One hour Two C-17s are landing here to pick up my MP and Security Marines and take them off to a mission I am not really sure, what the mission is, or how long they will be deployed.

Sir, let me get out, arrange for jet fuel and tie down my aircraft, and if you can find us a secure place, I will call my boss and see what I can tell you. General Carrington replied we have people to do that. I replied General my airplane and I will have to fly it home this afternoon I do the work or watch the work as others do it. My airplane, My job.

General Carrington replied that is the correct SOP way of doing things are you sure you’re not a Marine? I replied with the two traditional replies; can’t Sir, my parents were married before they conceived me, and I hate the taste of crayons. And he laughed, General Pierce knows how to get competent staff. He turned to his Ade and said get this bird fueled, use the CMC account and get help to put it to bed. In Ten minutes We had the work done. To my surprise the ground crew fueled it and moved it to a hangar, so I did not have to tie the aircraft down. I would just have to remove the before flight check tags.

General Carrington said when you are ready to go this will get you out earlier and allows me to get you to a place you can call your Boss earlier.

I tried to call Robert but could not get thru. I called Art and he was next to the Judge, talking with the Judge about the same concerns the CMC was having. The Judge authorized me if in a secure area to tell the CMC what I knew and to include the warehouse location.

The CMC took me to the Marine Corp One Ready Room and a secure room off its side. The Ade waited outside to guard the door even though an armed Marine was in front of it. I started with the big item the opened safe there were shelves of currency and a card listing the amount Two-Hundred- Forty-Million Dollars, Two-Hundred-Million-Euros, One-Million-Four- Hundred-Thousand-Pounds, Five-Million-Yuan, Eight-Million-Yen and other national currencies and on the bottom shelves were Five thousand Bullion bars of Four-Hundred-Troy-Ounces each, (Two- Million-Troy-Ounces of Gold).

All of the safe contents my boss, Four Feds, and One a Federal Judge wants to send to Fort Knox where fewer people will ask questions than at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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