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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 48

We arrived at the open hangar door after Martinez, Rotuman and their crew had switched the blown hangar door motors for good ones from a different hangar. Art had on hand our Three dog teams stationed behind a yellow line that had signs on stanchions do not enter the dogs will attack. The stanchions had yellow police barrier tape connecting them.

The Judge started I am Federal Appellate Court Judge Quentin Olson currently on loan to a Federal Special Taskforce investigating Money laundering, Automatic weapons sales, Large quantity Drug smuggling, and Human trafficking that were operating from this airfield. This morning Four Secret Service Agent by Presidential appointment landed at this airport at 0630. At 0635 they parked there aircraft at the side of this hangar. At 0637 Secret Service Agent Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior knocked at the side of the building and identified himself as the new owner of the property and wished to talk to the person in charge about the new lease.

The people inside fired upon him first with a single round, them an automatic wepon open fired. An armed FBI HRT team rushed the half- opened hangar door well returning weapons fire. The occupants in the hangar were firing AK-47 assault rifles at the agents.

In less than Two minutes it was over. No federal Agents were hit in the exchange of weapons fire. The HRT team fatality wounded Two people, seriously wounded One person with life threating wounds, captured Four with non-life threating wounds, and Three unwounded surrendered to the agents.

After a search of the facility and aircrafts the task force recovered Two Tons of pure cocaine, Twelve stolen M-2 Fifty Caliber heavy machine guns, Seventy-Two Stolen M-240 7.62 medium machine guns, One-Hundred-Forty-Four M249 5.56 Light machine guns, One-Thousand-Two hundred M4 5.56 assault rifles, over One-Million Assorted rounds for the weapons, Four Million in cash, and freed Sixty-Two women and children held as hostages and Twenty-Six young girls held for sale.

Do you see the stack of evidence here, are there any questions?


What of the report that you fired first and there was no knock.

Judge Olson

When you watch the four screens you will see the body cams on the first four Secret Service Agents? Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior screen one, Secret Service and Pilot Timothy Silver Fox screen Two, Secret Service Agent Arthur William Smith screen Three, and Secret Service Agent and Attorney Allen Pierre Lighting Screen Four The start time is by all-time stamps is 0628 today Friday Ten January.

We played the videos.

We ran the videos until time stamp 0645 there were no inconsistencies with our body cams. The Judge looked right at the reporter who asked the question and said dose that answer your question. He did not answer but looked down. The Judge asked if anyone else had a question. No one did. The Judge said Thank-You and we left thru the back door.

As we got to our SUV and sat down my phone rang, it showed the Presidents Chief of Staff, he said nice news conference Robert if you say nothing you cannot get in trouble for what you say.

Lawrence Vernon

Now I know your Babies pictures are real but isn’t that showing too much. The Secret Service is going to ask the Marine MP company arriving to guard the evidence and arrange transportation to the secured warehouse you suggested. It will be preloaded on trucks and transported in them to assist in the unloading and storage. We will verify quantities by experts at the warehouse. He added “can you stay out of trouble for the rest of the day. I replied No, there are too many hours left for that and hung up.

Friday 10 January 1600 Hours Kariwase

The house was running on a Twenty-Four-hour clock, so at 1600 Mrs.

Ruth, Robert, and I met with Mr. Smyth, Raleigh, and Mrs. Killington- Gram. Mr. Smyth said to refer to her as Gram.

We met in the billiard room as the office was off limits until the safe was empty.


I will start this session with being a Member of the Little Bear Clan of the Mohawk Nation thru the marriage to my first wife Martha Bird Song Pierce. The Mohawks use a matriarchal line for family groups. I am a Recognized War Chief of the Kwahadi Comanche Nation. I am a career U S Army officer but do not need or want the house run as a military unit. I have just returned to active duty as a Major General. I have Two assignments they are within flying distance of the house, and I will spend every night at home. Mrs. Ruth is the dowager; she is the Clan Mother of the Wolverine Clan and will see to the running of the house and make most if not all the decisions.

I joined the Army as a cadet at West Point Military Academy, I was an Engineer Major and graduated First in my class with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. The day after I graduated, I married my First wife Martha Bird Song Pierce. In almost Ten years of marriage we had Three sons: Robert Junior, Daniel Mark, and Samuel James. A drug out armed thief running from the police killed her after he shot and killed a police officer. His parents of wealth paid me Five-Million Dollars not to pursue legal action as he was on their company time and in a company car at the time, he ran her down.

With the help of a housekeeper I raised my boys. when the army deployed me, she took care of them when I could not take them with me.

The Army awarded me for a combat action, The Congressional Medal of Honor for action above and beyond the call of duty. It cost the lives of Nine of my men and wounding of Six more so severely that they retired from duty.

My Three sons all attended Service Academies due to my MOH. The year after the last boy left my home our housekeeper of Fifteen years died of cancer. She was family, and I paid for all of her medical care and funeral.

I consider all people who work for me family, but I will not forgive, and file charges on those who steal from me. If an employee is having financial problems not due to their own misuse of money or paying for drugs or alcohol and not bills, we will help all we can. For others help to clean up their lives.

Wolverine Clan Industries LLC will pay all employees an above average salary because we hire from the top Ten percent of those who apply for the job. If you hire a person for a job and can justify the salary you wish to pay them, we will hire them. I will expect them to work at the level we hired them for.

I require a review of all current salaries and would recommend up to a Fifteen percent raise which you three will receive. For I can see you take pride in your position and require those under you to live up to your standards.

Two delivery company drivers killed my Three son and their wives well drunk and were racing to show who could deliver packages the fastest. Each of my Five grandchildren received a Twenty-Five Million Dollar Trust Fund that they will receive on their Twenty-First Birthday. I received Twenty-Five Million for my loss and Forty Million to raise my grandchildren.

I hired a housekeeper Consuela Leandra Tall Elk, a service widow of the Mohawk Nation but of the Great Bear Clan. Her husband’s sister Kariwase (Mohawk-”a new way of doing things”) Twin Lakes Tall Elk had fought off Two attacks and attempts of forced marriages so her

“husbands” father, a Clan Chief, could get control of her Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars Trust Fund. I offered her the protection of my lodge as a daughter. Over the course of time we both realized we should be husband and wife. We were married by the Principle Chief of the Mohawk Nation Ira Smith and Tribal Judge Native American Judge Fair Wind in front of the gathered Mohawk Nation at the Spring Gathering.

In a fight with the former owner of this property Consumer Electric Corporation and there lap dog Senator Jackson which I won. To keep me from suing Federal, State, and local governments for multiple crimes the Bureau of Indian Affairs recognized me as the Chief The Wappinger Nation, and I was a given. title to its recognized lands for The Wappinger Nation.

Mrs. Ruth

I was married to Dennis Allen Jackson for Thirty-Seven years. A year before the school system, required us to retire, he died of a major stroke. We both worked for the Albany County School System. He was the Principle of a Junior High School, and I taught advanced STEM English at the Regency Academy for STEM Advancement.

We had One son who a sniper killed in a Viet-Cong ambush as he was tending to a wounded Marine. The USMC awarded him a posthumous Silver Star.

Six month before The State would force me to retire, I heard of a Retired Colonel U S Army and Professor of Engineering at RPI was looking for a tutor for Seven children Seven months to Twelve-years- old. I took the job and at the Mohawk Spring gathering I found out thru my grandmothers heritage I was a member of the Little Bear Clan and appointed by the Mother of the Mohawk Nation and Mother of the Six Nations the Clan Mother of the Wolverine Clan Sub Clan of The Little Bear Clan.

I had watched the love grow between Robert and Kariwase and highly approve of their marriage and was Roberts mother in the Longhouse ceremony and had to say before all that gathered that I approved of their marriage and would stand beside both and help it grow.


A house fire killed my parents when I was Six and my brother Eight. The State Courts found the owner liable due to illegal unapproved and uninspected wiring he had done himself on the house and he had no electricians license. The courts confiscated his property and sold it, bringing in Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars. My grandfather raised us until his death when I was Fifteen.

He had wisely invested our money and my share was a Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollar Trust Fund. We found out that he was adding his One Hundred percent VA pension to our funds and half the profit from his wood carvings. that I am proud to say his work sits on permanent display in the Smithsonian, the Met, and others.

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