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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 47

Friday 10 January Kariwase

After Robert left me with Wynonna, Mrs. Ruth and Consuela joined us, and we talked. She was Wynonna Far See Cook Major USMCR, Service Widow, Husband Captain Jeffers Deerfield Cook USMC Cobra pilot took Three RPG defending an Air Force supply column, Navy Cross. She and her husband belong to the Tuscarora of the Six Nation. Four Children: Son, Eleven- Jeffers Deerfield Cook Junior-Little Jeff. Twin Daughters Nine-Lilly Moon Set Cook, Lavender Sun Rise Cook. Son, Four James Spirts Gift Cook. She found out she was pregnant the month after her husband deployed, and her son was born Five month after his father’s death.

She Taught advanced Sciences Courses at the Albany County STEM Program before getting this job to fly for Consumer Electric Corporation. She sells Ultra-Light Aircraft and gives flight lessons for them part time to earn extra money. Martinez and Rotuman assemble and service them. She knows that they told Consumer Electric Corporation she worked for them, and they sold the aircraft, and they paid the fees that keep her in business. Says they are Two of the Best Aviation Maintenance Technicians and Inspectors in the business.

Wishes to be a full-time flight instructor. PPL, IR, CPL, CMEL, CFII, Aerial Application/Fire Fighting, MCI (Military Competency Instructor” rating), certified flight instructor and Power Lift Instructor. Currently living in a good but aging neighborhood with no Nations mentors close by to help her sons grow to what they need to be. Does not want to do Aerial/Ag but does part time. Also has Rated Right and left seat time in a ERJ145XR, Pilatus PC-12/45E, AT-504, and de Havilland Canada DHC-6-400 Twin Otter.

She told Air Services LLC she would not fly for them unless she had the ability to refuse cargo or passengers if she was not satisfied with the legality of the cargo manifest or the documents that her passengers were using.

Mrs. Ruth received a call that Robert wished to see her, and she excused herself from us, but we decided to follow, and Consuela and I excused ourselves from Wynonna and followed Mrs. Ruth to the VIP lounge that Robert was using as an office.

On arriving at the Lounge we meet a Young man sent by Mr. Smyth the Estate Manager who sent a note to Robert asking his plans for Lunch, Dinner, and would he be staying at the house this evening. Robert handed Me the note and after I read it, I handed it to Mrs. Ruth who upon reading the note replied verry good and she would head right to the house. Consuela and I decided to accompany her. Before we left Robert asked me to invite Wynonna and her family to lunch at 1300.

I spoke with the Shadows, and they replied they would keep an eye on everyone. The under Seven crowd had just found a play maze and bubble pit in the other First-Class Lounge and prying the from it before they got tired was cruel and unusual punishment. The older ones are looking at one of the ultra-lights that Mr. Rotuman has brought over from the museum with Wynonna Three oldest explaining their abilities and the fun of flying with the wind in your face. Wynonna said to us I hope you know they all your children will be flying with my children soon. I thought what Robert would say to that and then remembered the girls know how to get Robert to agree on things they really want to do. And I know that if it were not safe Wynonna would not be selling the aircraft or allowing her children to fly in them, so I thought to myself how I could help our girls to really fly at their age.

So Mrs. Ruth, Consuela, and I followed the young man to “The Car.” It was a real Rolls Royce with a chauffeur who wen the young man said we were the new Mistress of the house and the Dowager he smartly opened the door and held it for us and after we entered, he closed the door and he and the young man got in the front, and we drove off.

The young man made a phone call and then after he hung up told the chauffeur about the conversation but due to sound proofing, we could not hear what he said. It was about a Twente minute drive and as we pulled up, I saw the staff standing waiting for us thankfully in winter coats that matched their uniforms.

The chauffeur opened our door. Remembering protocol from Robert, I exited first, Mrs. Ruth next and Consuela last. Mr. Smyth introduced himself, The Butler, Mr. Raleigh, and housekeeper Mrs. Killington-Gram. I introduced myself as Mrs. Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce, wife of the Principal Tribal Chief of the Wappinger Peoples Nation and Major General Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior The new Lord of the Manor. Remembering my English aristocracy introduced Mrs. Ruth as the Dowager and Consuela as by Mohawk People Nations Law and Custom the Daughter of Robert.

The butler guided us into the house and into the Formal Parlor. Mrs. Ruth handed her note to Mr. Smyth, and he was impressed by the Generals knowledge of the protocols. He opened the note and read it.

Mr. Smyth

Mrs. Pierce, you will allow the Dowager, Mr. Pierce’s mother, to run the household?


Mrs. Ruth is not my husband’s mother but fills that position for our family and we treat her as such. I have a PhD in Physics and Engineering. I am working on a government project with my husband and our young daughters, and this project takes up a great deal of my time. My husband who collaborates with me also has a PhD in Engineering and PhD in Material Management.

We do not want our children, who are my stepchildren and my husband grandchildren. Who we are raising them dew to the death of their parents. But they are our children, and we hope that they have the best normal upbring possible. Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute will award bachelor’s degrees to our Four Twelve-year-old girls and Consuela’s Two, also stepchildren, one Fourteen and the other Fifteen this June for work they have done. All Six are well above the intelligent level of children their age. But physically normal growing young girls who we wish to rase in our family are as normal as possible.

Mrs. Ruth is the Dowager of our family and will run the household in our stay. Later we will sit down with you and your Senior Staff and tell you, our history. Then with our permission you can inform the staff of the facts they need to know of that history.

As it is my husband will hold a steak lunch at 1300 for a full table. We do not know the actual number but will set a full table. Mrs. Ruth will give you our protocol for meals. I need to find mine and my husband’s room. I am pregnant and due in late August or early September. I am trying not to overextend my body now. Room please.

Mrs. Killington-Gram

Do you and your husband plan on sharing the same room during your time?


Yes, unless the Doctor advises otherwise, even then we still may share the same bed. Mrs. Killington-Gram then asked, “Do you have any luggage?” I replied by calling Mrs. Ruth and telling her she needed to contact Tim to find out where our luggage was and arrange for him to find people to deliver it to the house. Mrs. Ruth said she would call Consuela and have her find Tim to take care of it.

Mrs. Killing-Gram Led me towards an elevator and as we walked, she called out Miss Douglass follow us. At the elevator she said Mrs. Pierce, this is Miss Douglass your Ladies Maid, she will show you to the Master Bedroom and help you refresh.

Facing Miss Douglass she said “This is Mrs. Pierce the mistress of the house” you will be her Ladies Maid unless she disapproves of you. She wishes to go to the Master Bedroom to refresh herself. She is at an early stage with child so take care of her.

Knowing the proper relationship between servant and those served I said Miss Douglass lead the way and she pushed the elevator button and took me to the second floor and the far end of the hall there were Three doors along the eighty or so foot corridor. On entering the center door I entered a sitting room about Twenty feet square and that had a door to the Left, Center, and Right. She took me to the Left door and said this is the door to your bathroom. It was a Thirty by Twenty room with a door in the back that went to a walk-in closet that was Ten feet wide and Thirty feet deep. My bathtub was the size of a large hot tub and had the jets in it. My shower was a Six by twelve feet with water nozzles on the top and all four sides like a car wash. She opened a door to the left that led to a Thirty By Forty-foot Bedroom.

The was a Ten-by-Ten-foot monster Bed with Canopy. On either side of it were double French doors that led to an enclosed heated conservatory where I could see and feel the sum warming my body. Miss Douglass asked if I wished to bathe or just lay down and would I rest in the bedroom or the sitting room.

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