Genins Girls of the Nations - Cover

Genins Girls of the Nations

Copyright© 2023 by Broken Gunny

Chapter 46

I called Mohawk Nation Vice-Tribal Chief Herald Bryant. He answered and said what can I do for the Chief of the Wappinger Nation that has just declared war on the Governors and States of New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

I replied if I sent Two regional air liners that landed on that runway near your casinos that you have disguised as an empty road, could they then pick up Forty of the hotels room cleaning staff, Twenty of the front of the house staff, Twenty of the back of the house staff, Fifteen of the maintenance Staff, a senior supervisor of each group and CSM Byron Red Sky Nelson in command.

I would need them for Ninety days of operation. They will need to train their replacements that I have yet to hire. I know you have said the hotel is only a third full this time of year, but you do not lay off people of the Nation but eat their cost and try to find tasks for them to accomplish. I will pay your rate plus Ten percent to them and Ten percent to you. All housing, in a college dorm room efficiency apartment double occupancy, food and health care included.

Vice-Tribe Chief Herald Bryant asked when do you need them?

I replied yesterday, starting tonight at 1800 I have military people arriving and the military requires that I house and feed them. I will have the aircraft there just after sunrise and take what I can get from you.

He replied, you need to call CSM Nelson and ask him yourself. The others I will provide. Who will be in charge of the movement?

I replied a white man, Ryan North but he is a member of my lodge, be a little easy on him, I have him house broke to the needs of People Nations. He replied yes, War Chief, and hung up. My shadow just smiled.

I called CSM Nelson he answered, “I am too old for a war party,” but I can encourage young braves with my tails of glorious past. I replied CSM Nelson I have hired One Hundred service people from the Mohawk Hotel for ninety days I need a ram rod to keep them focused and working. I have around Five Thousand service men and woman arriving in the next One to Four days I need to house and feed them. They will have service troops, but you and I know that the military will only send about half of what we need for the mission. I will provide those missing numbers from the People Nations. I need you and bring Victoria with you I will need her you under control. The aircraft will arrive on the runway/road of your reservation at sunrise tomorrow. Will you come? Yes, was his reply.

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