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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 45

A young man, right out of the stage of “Downton Abby” in what the English refer to as livery entered the room and handed me an envelope with a wax seal on it. I opened it and saw that Mr. Smyth was requesting information on my intentions for my stay. Would I be eating at the house this afternoon? If so, what would the menu be, and number of people I wished him to serve. Also would I be staying at the house this evening, the number of family members and number of guests who would be residing also? As I finished reading before looking up, I asked the young man his name. He replied Danvers, Sir, Your valet.

I turned to the young man and said you will carry my reply back to Mr. Smyth. Picking up a pen and card from a table I wrote my reply.

Mr. Smyth, it is 1030 hours and I have a 1100 meeting. I am sending you Mrs. Ruth who currently runs my household. She is family and my personal representative on family care issues. I will dine at 1300 and you will set for a full table as I am not sure at this time the number of guests. We will reside at the house this evening, again prepare all rooms as I at this time not sure of the number of house guests. Mrs. Ruth will prepare the menu as she knows my likes and dislikes. She has full authority to act in my stay on any decision that needs deciding. She is the Clan Mother of our Wolverine Clan and is our Dowager.

I called Mrs. Ruth on my phone and asked if she was free to come to the lounge. She replied all the children are in the custody of others and would be right there. She entered with K and Consuela following her. I handed the note from Mr. Smyth to K and my reply. She read them and then handed them to Mrs. Ruth. She read them and said verry good she would head right to the house.

I saw there was a candle on the table. I lit it, placed my card in an envelope and using the candle I poured wax on to the seal and using my academy ring I pressed it into the soft wax and left an impression.

Handing my sealed reply to Danvers I said, Danvers you will escort Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Ruth, and Consuela, to Mr. Smyth with my reply. The staff will treat Mrs. Ruth as the Dowager of the family, as she is and runs my household, to include my family for me and my wife. Consuela By Mohawk Nation Law is my daughter and to be treated as such.

What mode of transportation did you use to get here? “The Car”, the Chauffeur is waiting for my return, Sir, he replied.

K, Mrs. Ruth, and Consuela, you will be the first in the family to ride in “The Car.” Enjoy it and if you need me, call, thou I doubt that you will have problems. A steak meal for lunch would be nice, Five courses only. Please.

I turned to one of my shadows and said can you send an Agent to find Martinez, Rotuman, and hand them this note, it was an invitation to lunch and to bring George and his daughter if she was available.

I turned to Kariwase, who had come in with Mrs. Ruth and Consuela, Kariwase, please invite Wynonna and her family to lunch also.

Continuing, I said Mrs. Ruth, Kariwase, and Consuela, you can get together after lunch to sort out bedrooms, the menu and our family method of operating for the next week. Wishing them Good luck and with a hug for K and Mrs. Ruth I sent them on their way.

My phone started to ring, and I saw it was Michael. I answered Major General Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, this is an unsecured line how may I help you?


All right now that you have given me the “Three bags full” What is going on and why did you not have Colonel Timothy Silver Fox, your aide- de-camp, answer your phone like a real general?


My aide-de-camp Colonel Timothy Silver Fox with CSM Arthur William Smith is trying to get a handle on the security which was all arrested on Federal Wepon And Narcotics charges this morning. We are in possession of Fifteen Square miles of land with no perimeter barrier nor the people to patrol it. I have around Thirty Federal Agents and about Twenty-Four L.L.E.O.’s but expect to have then withdrawn after what I said during my news conference.

Michael asked what the operating condition of the airfield is, the Facilities, and support equipment?

I replied complete ready for full operations to include Air Traffic Control, Aircraft loading and unloading, Crash, Fire, and rescue all equipment ready. This is like a Prepositioned facility; we have everything needed to run a full operation but no assigned personnel.


The Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) is now with me, and he is listening on speaker phone.

General Carrington

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