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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 44

Erick Estevan

Erick turned to my shadow and said Terence, “how would you like me to assign you here,” if we can work this out, would you like that? Terence replied. Yes, Sir. Erick replied to him, “You” will stay with the MGen Pierce until relieved by another agent this evening.

MGen Pierce is there somewhere we can talk?


It is 0920 I need to be at the 0930 meeting with our lease holders and local officials about the future of this facility and the entire area of the newest Indian Reservation recognized by the United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, The Wappinger Nation. Our attorneys are in consultation with the Department of Interior, The Attorney General and Federal Courts about its future. Explore the facility and see what you think about the possibilities. If Wolverine Clan Industries LLC retains the facility it will not become a full-time commercial airport. We have no need of it. An occasional charter may use the facility, but no full-time use. I bid him fare well until later.

Only Three of the local leaders and no States sent leaders who we had sent letters to have decided to show up on concourse A/B for our meeting I saw as I arrived. Also Two of our tenants have not shown. I learned that TSA had sent a team to patrol the perimeter, on reaching the sight of a gate we had yet to build they saw Five trucks overloaded and not well secured stuck in the mud. The people with the trucks tried a bad idea, to tell TSA to mind their own business.

Within Three minutes there were a dozen Federal Agents asking questions, detaining people, and taking them all before Federal Judge Olson for arraignment on weapons, possession with intent to distribute, and Interstate transportation of stolen property. Two problems gone.

The last of our less than desirable tenants were here but verry nervous. I went to them and said if you leave here today but leave everything and I mean leave this building and drive directly off my property. I will consider everything in the building you occupy an amnesty box unless it leads to Human Trafficking or Murder. You have One Minute to decide. The Feds followed them as they headed for the door and out the gate and off our property. Their property contained small quantities of weapons, drugs, and stolen goods. It had become the home of an affiliated biker gang, but they wisely decided to move on.

I had my shadow use his radio to inform the growing press pool about my press conference and to went to the podium that had affixed our modified Wolverine Clan Logo with a fire at the bottom and a silhouette in smoke of disappearing Wappinger Peoples Nation. Two I saw were national news channels.

I got up and said The United States Senate has recognized by law, this land as the new Wappinger Peoples Nation. What was an extinct Algonquian-speaking Nation really from the east side of the Hudson River between the Bronx and Rhinebeck extending east to the crest of the Taconic Mountains on the border between New York and Connecticut. Your former Senator Jackson had the Chairman of Consumer Electric Corporation declared the Principle Chief of The Wappinger Nation by the Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. The United States Bureau of Indian Affairs thru The Department of Interior have recognized Me as the Second Principle Chief, replacing the deceased Chairman of Consumer Electric Corporation, of the newest Indian Reservation recognized by The United States Government. The Wappinger Nation.

An almost One Point Two Billion acres or about Seven-Hundred-Fifty Square Miles. This is a tract of land that has a northern border of Arlington Vermont, Eastern border of Reedsport Vermont, Southern border of Pittsfield Massachusetts, and the Western border that is on or within Three miles of the Hudson River.

The Wappinger Nation owns according to Federal, State, and Property Laws all but Sixty Million acres that are mostly Roads, States, or Local Government property. I as the recognized Chief of the Wappinger Nation by the United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs am the legal owner of these lands.

Wappinger Nation had requested that State officials from New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and local leaders attend this meeting, but most have not taken us, our land claims, or the Federal laws and treaties they are based on seriously.

Until we settled all our legal claims, all tenants of this airfield or other property we own currently We have the land records for all properties purchased from occupants in our claim area for the last Ten Years. If you signed a land agreement in the lands we now own, check with a property attorney to see if you have sold or donated your property. We have had nothing to do with any of the real estate deals but are now in possession of the deeds for the property in question.

To the State officials from New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and local leaders, we have legal claims. We do intend to recover them or be financially compensated for them. We remember the forced eviction from our treaty lands, The Trail of Tears, Starvation and Biological warfare by giving blankets infested with fleas with Smallpox, and the Indian “Schools” motto kill the Indian to save the man.

Look at the Federal Laws and Statues. Talk to us and settle, battle us in the Courts and settle, but do not ignore us or our claims. I will take no questions. I left the podium and hurried away with my shadow and the Alphabet Agents preventing the press from following me.

My phone rang, I saw it was the President’s Chief of Staff. Answering, I said I will talk to you in Three minutes, I am moving to a secure space now. My shadow followed me, as I entered the First-Class Passenger Lounge, I asked him to wait outside. I did not want to put him into a position; the court could compel him to testify about what he heard or saw.

Yes, Sir, I answered the President’s Chief of Staff. I am declaring war. We sent letters out asking to talk to everyone involved. We received no response, letters sent back to us with we will send the rest of you to hell and cleanse this white man’s land once and for all, was one of the responses that came from a governor’s office. Others said try and claim the land and go to jail for fraud and theft or die trying. We asked for honest dialog and got threats. Bring them to the table with apologies and punish those who violated Federal Laws by sending threats thru the U.S. Postal Service.

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