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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 42

He replied, a Gulfstream G500 will join you at Albany International Airport With FBI, DEA, ICE, Secret Service, U S Marshals, and a Federal Judge. These Government agencies have had their attention on Air Services LLC for quite a while, but Air Services LLC have used lawyers almost as good as yours. You will be there ticket into their offices and hangars. This opportunity has made all these agencies and others incredibly happy today.

The agent in charge, Secret Service Agent Lawrence Clark will visit you Tomorrow at 1300 to cover what they wish to accomplish. Enjoy your Saturday.

1245 Thursday 9 January Robert

I was in our conference room with Art, Tim, Allen, and Kariwase when Serai, who was our receptionist today called and said a Secret Service Agent Lawrence Clark and company was here to see us. I replied send them back.

Serai opened our door and let them in, we had an arial view of the now Wolverine Clan Industries LLC Research and Innovation Center at Wolverine Field projected on our wall. Clark on seeing it smiled and said planning ahead I see. Art replied I will have a dozen armed people with our group. When Robert goes to enter the hangar Tim and I will be with him, Kariwase spoke up and said this is nonnegotiable!


First let me introduce Federal Appeals Court Judge Quentin Olson who will write Warrants as needed, FBI Agent Brian Carell, FBI- Hostage Rescue Team just in case, DEA Agent Samuel Dover and ICE agent Darlene Markers. We know that Air Services LLC is involved with the import of cargo from South America groups that produce illegal narcotics and the importation of minors for sale to the highest bidders.

Federal Marshall Byron Jones is in charge of security for the Judge and handling of all persons we wish to talk with further about their activities in our country.

Air Services LLC hires security personnel from the Medina Cartel and brings them and their families here. The families, not to be benevolent but to have a handle to control them by, step out of line and we take it out on your wife or better yet, your kids. They have a legitimate Air Freight and Air Charter operation but also haul unregistered cargos and people.


The man on my Left is Arthur William Smith The Security Chief Wolverine Clan Industries LLC, Timothy Silver Fox Assistant Security Chief Wolverine Clan Industries LLC, Allen Lighting our Attorney, Kariwase my wife and Vice Chairwomen Wolverine Clan Industries LLC.

You called this meeting; what do you want from Wolverine Clan Industries LLC?


We have never caught them in anything we could get a quick warrant for. In the past when we got warrants it took Sixty to Ninety minutes and all the evidence was gone.

Our hope being that when you try to enter the hangar the occupants will threaten you or will fire upon you with an automatic weapon or force you away at gun point.

Judge Olson will issue us a warrant for them, and we will take them down with it. The Presidents Chief of Staff told me to tell you. The President did not know of this occupation when he gave you the property, and still does not, and will not until it is over, we will keep this worry from him.


Were Live Bait! Right!


Yes. All other methods we thought of have tried have failed or we could not legally use them.


Robert, can I speak alone with you, right now, please? Robert agreed and we walked to his office holding hands. We entered and he closed the door. I started with a big I love you kiss which he enthusiastically returned to me.

Robert, I will not try to tell you if you should do this or not. I do want to tell you The Mother of Six Nations told me I was pregnant with children. The Mother of the Six Nations has also selected me to be the replacement for The Mother of the Mohawk Nation, but I would enjoy years of Moons with you first. So do as your Duty Calls. We will be with you.


After Kariwase Hit me with her being pregnant with children I wanted to say no but she said I had to do my duty. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke may not have said it, but it is still a truth we all should learn and follow.

We returned to the conference room smiling, holding hands, and all but skipping. As we passed Naomie Tallman’s office, she said, if I did not know of your decision to wait until Twenty-One too be pregnant, I would say you were. And Kariwase blushed. When will you make the announcement Naomie asked me? I replied to her send it out well we finish this meeting. She did as we could hear comments as we returned to our conference room.

We will change the schedule. My crew of Art, Tim, Allen, and Me will land at 0530 with our 172S Skyhawk. You need to be on the ground and deployed all ready. If a shootout happens, we will do our leases and family visit another day.

Kariwase got up and said Ladies and Gentlemen I have a list of tasks to complete, I will get at them. I know Robert, my husband, will do his duty and beyond Because, Currahee Nations “He who stands alone for the Nations,” will not allow those who will do evil to others to be unopposed. He will then come back to me until others need him again. She gave me a long kiss and left the room.


My speech of Roberts having no choice but to take down Air Services LLC ending with a long kiss. I left the conference room.

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