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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 41

1000 Wednesday 8 January Allen

Robert, as we were looking over what we received using the Federal Court seizure inventory, with Naomie Tallman, Lesia Richter, William Smith, Jaa Zhan, our new Supply and Logistics head, Ryan North, and new Property Manager Head Matthew Jenkins I see interesting possibilities:

Hidden in Senator Jackson sponsored bill was a provision to declare this as a Wappinger Peoples Nation. Who is an extinct Algonquian-speaking Nation really from the east side of the Hudson River between the Bronx and Rhinebeck extending east to the crest of the Taconic Mountains on the border between New York and Connecticut. A group of Wappinger People Nation remains in northern New Jersey today, Ramapo Mountain People. With 2,500 members, they have state recognition, but BIA denied them Federal Status in 1993, According to Wikipedia. So they have no standing Federal claim in the property or settlement. Senator Jackson had the Chairman of Consumer Electric Corporation declared The Principle Chief of the Wappinger Nation, thou lacking any People Nations Heritage, by the Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. You Sir, as the holder of all the assets of the Chairman of Consumer Electric Corporation are The Chief of the newest Indian Reservation recognized by the United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Wappinger Nation. You now have control of:

A trust paying a minimal staff thru the end of next year with a Four-person command staff based out of the mansion built on sight, listed as the Estate Agent and head of the operations is Herald Cornwall Smyth, Accountant Josephine Abigail Harrison, Receptionist Cynthia Anne Gray, and Human Resources William Alexander Roshan-Parks.

Two Ninety Degree runways at 12,000-Feet and 9,000-Feet and a Crosswind runway at 11,000-feet. A control tower and necessary radars installed by the construction company, but the trust is not funding staff to operate it.

Four Fire/Rescue Stations with sleeping and food service accommodations: Station #1, The Corporate Center has an Engine, a Heavy Rescue, a 105 Foot Arial Ladder, and a Command Center. Station #2, The Innovative Center has an Engine, a Heavy Rescue, a HazMat Response, and an Arial Platform. Station #3, Residential Housing has an Engine, a Heavy Rescue, an Engine with a telescopic water cannon, a Four-by-Four Brush truck and a Tanker Truck. Station #4, The Airfield has an Engine, a Heavy Rescue, Airport Crash Response Truck, fast intervention with telescopic water cannon, and an off-road Airport Crash Response Truck. Our medical Center has Six first responder Ambulances and Two Advanced Life Support Ambulances.

There are Twenty Aircraft Hangars Completed: Four to service 747 and jumbo aircraft, Four to service787 and Airbus A350 Aircraft, Four to service Embraer, A220, and ATR 72 Aircraft. Four for the Historic Aircraft. Four for overhaul and maintenance of Military Combat Aircraft. Four started, but not yet complete hangars for general aviation. All Eighty Percent Complete. Not fully sealed from the environment with hangar doors missing.

A complete Eight Concourse Air Transportation Hub with Baggage Handling, Security Services, and Passenger services to include Ticket Counters/Check in, Two Reserved Lounges with food services, Concourse food service, and amenities kiosks and All necessary Aircraft Loading, Unloading, and Servicing facilities. Completed, not staffed.

Airfield Employee Housing: Twelve, Eight Story Twenty-Four Double occupancy Dorm Room/Efficiency apartments per a floor: Two bedrooms, single bath-sink-shower-commode, Four burner stove with oven, refrigerator, Kitchen sink, microwave, seating area/front common room. Two Thousand-Three-Hundred-Four Apartments, Four-Thousand-Six-Hundred- Eight beds with the basic furnishings and linins.

Senior Airfield Employee Housing: Twelve Eight Story Apartment/Condo Buildings with each having: Forty-Eight Two Bedroom, Forty-Eight Three Bedroom, and Twenty-Four, Four Bedroom units. Leaving us with Five-Hundred-Seventy-Six, Two Bedroom units, Five-Hundred- Seventy-Six, Three Bedroom units, and Two-Hundred-Ninety-Six, Four Bedroom units. Completed with the basic furnishings and linins. Unoccupied.

This gives us Three-Thousand-Seven-Hundred-Eighty housing units at the Airfield, all with the basic furnishings and linins. all unoccupied.

Supporting Dining Facility, Administration Center, Urgent Care Center, Recreation Center with indoor Olympic Swimming and Diving Pool, Sauna, Weight Room, Exercise Track, 1000 seat Eight Screen Multi-plex Theater, Sixteen lane Bowling Center with Food and beverage area to house airport employees and families. Complete, Unoccupied.

A Museum of Flight in Four Hangars that all but Two or Three Museum in the world would envy the collection. If this inventory is right, there are aircraft that no examples exist of today anywhere. An AS .51 Horsa I glider, AS .58 Horsa II- One known Copy. Wright Model A #3, Curtis airplane Model F trainer flying boat. Curtiss, JN-4 “Jenny” two-seat trainer, Sopwith Camels F .1 N7792 flown by the 9th Aero Squadron, Night Observation, a Sikorsky Helicopter S-47/R4. Four Stearman, One A 75/Kaydet PT-13 Initial production version with Lycoming R-680-B4B engine built in 1936 in original restored condition, one as an Agricultural Aircraft with the Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior engine and a constant-speed propeller, One Navy N2S-3 Model B75N1 with Continental R- 670-4 engine, and One with a Jacobs R-915/L-6 engine with modern navigational aids, radios, and aircraft intercom. A DC-3 Allegany Airlines, One C-47 Skytrain from: Operations Husky and Avalanche in Italy, Operation Overlord in France, and Operation Market Garden in The Netherlands. One C-47 Dakota: Operation Overlord in France, Operation Market Garden in The Netherlands and Israel Air Force 1956 Suez Crisis. These are just the highlights. There are One Hundred Forty-Seven Aircraft, most restored to flying condition with FAA Certifications.

There is a staff of Twelve with Two Pilots: Elon Jefferson Welch and Wynonna Far See Cook Major USMCR, Two Aviation Maintenance Technicians and Inspectors Hernandez Martinez and Wilber Rotuman, Four A & P Aviation Maintenance Technicians not named, Two Aviation Maintenance Avionics Technicians, One Publications and Records clerk and One historian make up the rest of the staff, but the documents do not have all their names listed.

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