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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 40


We retrieved it from the pool yesterday and set it back up. It was April Joy’s idea to drop it into the pool then cover the pool. No one looked and if they did, we would tell them it was a Scuba Diving training aid.

It is ready for viewing; we even have the simulation lights working. Do you want it warmed up for a presentation? The Colonel, he will always be the Colonel to me, replied yes full mode ready in Twenty Minutes. “Yes, Sir, Twenty minutes full mode,” I replied, “we will be ready for a full presentation, great,” he replied and hung up.

I yelled over our PA System, ESSAY full mode model demonstration in Twenty minutes. Colonel and guests so let’s get to it. I got questions of who were the people who were coming for the demonstration, from several of the girls, uniform from the shadows, and who is doing the presentation? My reply was, I do not know for whom the demonstration is for, Mrs. Kariwase I presume but you girls all be ready with your parts, and dress civilian professionally, and yes, the Colonel said Twenty Minutes so get moving.

We ran to change clothes, we never dressed as bums, in our business you never know who would quickly visit and ask to see a demonstration of ESSAY. We were all expected to know the system and how ESSAY worked. Tops and skirts for everyone except Elizabeth Anne and I, we liked our dresses and had half-a-dozens of matching ones.

In fifteen minutes we heard the scream of sirens and helicopters overhead. To all our surprise the Presidential limousine parked, and then the President stepped out followed by the Colonel and Kariwase. We all went to the position of attention. The President said at ease. He looked at Robert and said your staff impresses me any time I meet one they are at attention.

Gentlemen of the Secret Service I called out, I and my “Sisters” are armed security. We will make no sudden move as we remove our weapons. All Six of us shadows carefully removed service weapons and facing away from The President, each cleared our weapons and after removing the magazine stepped back from whatever we had placed the weapons on.

The Senior Secret Service Agent asked only half kidding if anyone of us were looking for a job. The President looked at him and said Jimmy no poaching in these waters, I cannot afford another uprising. Yes, Sir, Mr. President he replied. He then told us to retrieve our weapons and place them in the ready rack. I know you will have it inside right beside the door, and we did, and he then put an agent in front of it.


Mr. President this is what the first-generation ESSAY will look like. And I went through my presentation, and all were attentive. As I finished the President asked for his stationary and seal.

President Alfred E Newman

Dr. Pierce and Dr Pierce, I am going to change our agreement. I am taking this property under the power of eminent domain. It is now part of the Watervliet Arsenal. Your compensation will be Two Hundred Million. You may continue to reside at this address for no more than Four years after the ESSAY System starts operating at full power.

You will start construction tomorrow with Federal Inspectors in charge of the sight, not State or Local. LTG Pierce at 0000 you will not return to retired status, but I now activated you to Full Duty Status with the permanent rank of MGen U S Army and assume command of the U S Army Engineer DARPA unit building the ESSAY Power System for Testing and Evaluation of the System under DARPA and RPI.

You will be the clearance authority for access to the ESSAY RPI Work Group. All persons you decide to be participants in all phases of the Construction, Evaluation and Operation regardless of any other factor, law, or regulation as long as you follow all safety protocols and use all available personal safety equipment.

To settle all claims that Wolverine Clan Industries LLC has against The United States Federal Government or any entity of that Government. Including all claims against any State in the Union of the United States or any entity of those States there in. Also including all claims against any Local Authority in any of The States in the United States Of America. I will authorize the immediate transfer of title of the confiscated 1.2 Billion acres seized from the defunct Consumer Electric Corporation. All lands, infrastructure, Runways and associated infrastructure, House Subdivision, Hotel Convention Center, Apartment/Condo Buildings, sub surface rights and intellectual properties of the confiscated Consumer Electric Corporation Research an Innovation Center of the now defunct Consumer Electric Corporation to Wolverine Clan Industries LLC as compensation for the damage Consumer Electric Corporation caused to any persons or entity for any and all damages to include Physical, Emotional, and Reputation. This will include the Voiding of all Leases and Pending sales of any and all real property to include Vehicles, Aircraft, Building materials, and all Stores and supplies currently placed, setting or stored on Forementioned property.

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