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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 4


Lawyers and Accountants, the spawn of Satan. If we did not have a use for them, we would put a bounty on them.

Kariwase, Consuela, and I arrive 1445 22 February for out 1500 appointment, if you are not Fifteen minutes early you are late. Allen Pierre Lighting PA is a vicious attack dog when it comes to the law and right from wrong. His wife Cindy is the sweetest person you could meet unless you break the law. As is their duty they will defend the guilty to the best of their abilities, but cash up front and your relationship would end after the trial regardless of the outcome if you did the crime.

All the personnel of their firm are members of one Tribal Nation or married to a member of a Tribal Nation. A Judge once told him to leave his scalping knife at the office, he could not allow the taking of scalps after a victory, which the vast majority of Firms cases were.

Allen introduced Kariwase to Mary Rose Parker Carbine PA an Algonquin born in Canada and is a naturalized American citizen, married to Delaware Terrace Carbine PA. Allen said Kariwase give Mary a dollar please, Good, Mary is your attorney, not Robert’s or anyone else in his so-called Wolverine sup- Clan. He will still get the bill though Cindy added.


Let me see this paperwork. After studying it with Cindy and Mary for Twenty minutes I asked Robert what he thought he signed. He replied to me a guardianship and control of a trust. I had to laugh, No you married Kariwase and received her trust as a dowery. You also married Consuela and received her and her late husband’s 160-acre farm grant just of the reservation as her dowery.

Regardless of the age of consent in New York being Eighteen, this marriage was on the land of Mohawk Akwesasne Reservation, an Independent Nation with its own laws. The Laws are treaty and binding anywhere in the United States and Canada. Mohawk Akwesasne Reservation age of consent with the support of a Tribal Judge can be Fourteen. You are married to two women and responsible to keep them under control and stop them from creating problems on the Mohawk Akwesasne Reservation.

Did I not tell you to read anything you needed to sign completely and let me read it before you sign it. You have three basic choices. Seek a tribal divorce that will leave Kariwase in a worse situation than you found her. You can ignore the physical relationship and follow the law as to legal requirements, Taxes and the like. Three you can be a family and live a healthy life and have both of them bear your children.


Your telling me that the State of New York has to recognize my tax return with Two spouses, and I must by law to file as such. Are both ladies required to use my name on all legal documents? Dose this emancipate Kariwase from other age-related laws?

Allen replied yes to the First, Yes to the Second, and it depends on the third.

Consuela, I will see that James and Isabella inherit the farm in equal shares. I see you are a lovely woman, but I have no desire to sleep with you. If you find a man who you love and he in return loves you, I will sell it all to him for a dollar, you, the children, and the property, and wish you all a long and fruitful life with many more children.

Kariwase you are a lovely young woman and if I were your age I would take you as my wife, but my upbringing will not allow me to let that happen. If you find a man who you love, and he loves you in return I will sell you and all the assets of your trust to him for a dollar and wish you a long and happy fruit filled life together with many children.


Robert, I am not ready for another husband. You are what any sane woman would want in a mate. But I will let you pass. If I do find another soulmate, we will take you up on your offer. Until then I will keep your house, help raise the children, and defend your decision to others, regardless of what wagging Bissey body tongs may say.


What about me? I will be Sixteen in Seven days. I do not know what I want but I want to keep an option open on Robert. I have my B.S. in Technological Communications and wish to further my education. I am willing to live with Robert as my guardian, not husband, and be a member of the Wolverine sub-Clan until we as a group can figure things out.


Cindy will find a CPA/Investment Manager who can figure out the financial concerns of this mess. Mary will be a confidant to Kariwase and try to help her figure things out for her future. I will keep track of what the community dose when this becomes common knowledge. If RPI or any government agency or unit try to retaliate against the Wolverine sub-Clan legal action will come from the Federal Courts based on treaties and Tribal Sovereignty of Lands, People, and Laws. This will be fun and profitable. Cindy, we will be able to afford our trip next winter.

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