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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 39

1030 Tuesday 8 January Kariwase

Standing beside LTG Robert Pierce as we waited for President Alfred E Newman to step off Marine Corps One. We stood in good company BGen Michael Long Walk, Peoples Nation War Chief Byron Red Sky Nelson, Trooper Colonel Samuel William Davis, “She who made tears,” Mother of the Mohawk Nation, and Mother of Six Nations. The men all saluted as the President and the President returned it Then he approached a podium sent up for him.

President Alfred E Newman

We come here to commemorate lives lost in a tragedy that happened because people who were in power thought about what was good for them, their friends, and people in their circle. Not of the Constitution of the United States, Federal Laws, Or the Rights of all people to protest against their government in a peaceful way. These Peoples of the Nations were not carrying anything but their instruments of protest: The Banner stating their grievances, The Drum the traditional instruments of all people, and their Voice further expressing their grievances. People in power decided they had no rights because of hateful racism, people in power feared of losing their power, and ignorant people following illegal orders and refusing to say no I will not.

We had other people who said this is wrong and did step out in front of those in power and say what you are doing is wrong. The reason is right but the methods you are using are wrong. Follow me to the right method and the right path and they then step out not looking if others were following but lead on regardless of if no one followed, or millions followed. They knew the paths of law and righteousness.

I wish to honor Four individuals today with the President medal of Freedom: LTG and Chief of the People Nations Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, Canadian CSM and War Chief of the Peoples Nations Byron Red Sky Nelson, Pennsylvania State Trooper Colonel Samuel William Davis and People of the Nations Medicine Woman “She who made tears”.

LTG Pierce stepped out to control a vengeful crowd with nothing but a bull horn and the knowledge that stepping out was better for all than just protecting his own.

LTG Pierce asked CSM Nelson to keep control of a crowd that had heard of the Murder of Peoples of the Nations and act with strength to trust that others would do justice and punish the guilty as they promised. Even, thou the American Government’s had given The People Nations the promise of justice to events occurring in the past and never have given it. He led the assembled People Nations to trust him that they of the People Nations would get justice for this attack now, and not later or just a weak it was wrong without punishment of these who committed the injustices.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Colonel Samuel Davis stayed at his post to ensure that he could record the unlawful action of others. He and his people would not take part in any unlawful actions that would bring dishonor to themselves or the Organization of the Pennsylvania State Troopers.

“She who made tears” when she found herself in a leadership position of a group of People Nations to charge and acted in the best interest of all the People Nations and surrendered her people even though Ten minutes earlier, she and the people could see those in authority killing their wounded. These Four individuals all trusted in a God above and believe that what they did was his will for them to do for others as they wished was done to them.

LTG Pierce, who “She who made tears” appropriately calls him Currahee Nations “He who stands alone for the Nations.” Congratulations.

CSM Nelson, I have talked with your Prime Minister, and he approves. Congratulations.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Colonel Davis, Your new Governor says thank-you. Congratulations.

People Nations Medicine Woman “She who made tears” I am personally sorry I couldn’t prevent it from happening. And I personally Thank you for not prolonging the bloodshed.

LTG Pierce, I present you under my authority as the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States The Chief Commander Degree of the Legion of Merit Medal for service to wit:

On 2 January at approximately 2230 hours when the President United States Alfred E Newman informed LTG Pierce of the shooting and murdering of Peoples of the Nations, also referred to as Native Americans, by Pennsylvania National Guard Personal and Police as the Peoples of the Nations on Federally funded land was traveling, as their right to interstate travel under the United States Constitution.

This protest march was in support other Peoples of the Nations in protest of the State Government of New York overstepping their bounds in finding that Treaty Rights approved by the United States Senate were invalid. The State Government of New York decided he would prosecute people protected by those treaty rights regardless of Federal Law.

LTG Pierce did without hesitation except the orders to proceed to the sight of the shooting incident and end the bloodshed and assist in the prosecution of those who had committed Federal Crimes under the Federal Civil Rights Act. Arriving at the scene in time to prevent the use aircraft armed weapons on the protesters that had taken up protection at a state Welcome Center. LTG Pierce then pulled all Federalized Troops, Police and Volunteer Militia members back from assault positions that stopped the firing on the protesters position.

As dawn came LTG Pierce approached the protesters position unarmed and asked for their surrender. Witch the did ending all armed actions.

It is for these actions that I the President of the United States Alfred E Newman under the authority as the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States do present you with this award. Given under my hand this 8 January Alfred E Newman President of the United States. Congratulations.

As of 2359 hours 8 January the DOD will dissolve this task force and all personal will returned to the unit or status prior to assignment to this unit with the exception of BGen Michael Long Walk who has by an act of congress been permanently promoted to his current rank dated to 1 January this year with a precedent number of 1. Thank-You all.

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