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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 37

We arrived at the sight of the massacre at +2:49 Hours. At the scene there was scattered shooting by police, State Militia, and ANG that were trying to dislodge protesters from the I-81 welcome center they had taken over. Just as we reached the command post I heard the Brigadier in charge clear Apache’s to start a gun pass.

You will belay those orders I yelled as Art called attention Flag Officer on deck. At ease I called and if those clear to fire orders happen, I will send people to jail for a long time. I heard the fire control officer call check fire, check fire, check fire. All units acknowledged the check fire order.

I am LTG Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior USA Commander of all National Guard and Reserve USA personnel. All offensives movements will cease at this moment and all units withdraw One Thousand Meters is that order clear. The Brigadier started to tell a Captain to get the Governor on the phone. Tim grabbed the phone and thru it against the wall. Looking at the man I said when I give an order, you will obey it, is that clear.

The President of the United States has Federalized all the Pennsylvania National Guard and Reserves and you work for me not the Governor. Do I make myself clear, Brigadier. “Yes, Sir” he snidely replied. Tim, you will place him under close guard now and Two of my officers dragged him from the building.

Who is the Senior State/Local Law Enforcement Officer? A State Trooper Colonel stepped forward Trooper Colonel Samuel William Davis Sir. I continued anywhere within Twenty Thousand Meters from this spot is a Federal Government designated Marshal Law area and mine to play with as I wish. Here are my orders from President Alfred E Newman, and I handed them to him. All of whom here right now who will refuse to obey these orders, step back now and sit down and nothing will happen to you pertaining to the following of my orders. In one minute refusal will result in a General Court Martial for disobeying a lawful order in combat. I repeat, those not willing to obey these orders sit down. Seven officers and Five enlisted personnel sat down including the Colonel XO and the Fire coordination Officer.

The State Police Colonel was not One of them. Tim, you will escort the Officers out under arrest for investigation into the issuing and obeying of Unlawful Orders. CSM, you will escort the enlisted people out under arrest for the investigation into the obeying of Unlawful Orders.

A Colonel came rushing in yelling where is our air cover Bill? You know we need to clean them all out before the Feds arrive. I looked at him and said the Feds are here. Mike, will you take the good Colonel out in hand cuffs and cuff him to a tree until I can deal with him later. Three more officers and Six enlisted sat down. That is the last call gentleman and lady, you now belong to me. I will not tolerate a failure to obey a Lawful Order. An order to fire on a group of marching protesters is Not a Lawful Order and those who gave it, those complicit with the order and those who followed it, I will turn them over to Federal Authorities. The President of the United States assured me the Federal Court System will prosecute all involved in today’s illegal use of force.

There was a call over the radio Robert this is Jethro I have Two companies of air assault where do you want us? BGen William “We Willy” Jethro I replied, you will take both of your companies to the town Four clicks south, take control of the town and prepare the hospital to receive mass casualties. Jethro replied Ten minutes behind us are Six surgical teams and a medical evacuation company with supplies. Also as we crossed the border the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and his whole cabinet resigned from office. The whole State is now under Marshal Law, and you are the Governor. I always told you if you just stuck with the Army, you would go places. Town and Hospital it is.

Looking to One of my people who was geek to the extreme, Marjory I ordered, take over the net and get us tapped in with everyone. Bring the Medical Evacuation Hospital Here.

Mike, get all combat units back Two clicks now. Any unit or Individuals attempting to leave the positions I assigned them you will shoot them as Felons attempting an escape regardless of rank, position, or job. The order is for my people to shoot to kill. Make that order clear and you will ensure all under my authority conducted it to both the letter and spirit of the Order. I will allow No One to leave the area until we sort out the guilty ones and ensure that I turn over all the guilty to Federal Authorities for their prosecution.

Looking at the Colonel, I asked, will your people obey? He replied if my State Troopers do not, I will shoot them myself. The L.L.E.O. and the State Militia in particular, I do not know about, they were a little to gung-ho at the start.

0630 Thursday 3 January Robert Continues

Mike, I will leave you in charge here, I must take a walk. Tim lets go I took off my battle dress and put on my wedding outfit that K had retrieved for me prior to our interview, to include my beaded Moccasins and Gahsdo:wa. Taking my Coup Stick from Tim I started for the welcome center. Despite my orders a similarly attired Tim carrying leaves of tobacco and Art carrying a block of salt walked to my left and right, Two steps back.

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