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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 35

Wednesday 2 January 2200 hours Channel 4 News Station Manager. Danial Larson

I am Danial Larson the manager of channel 4 News here with an interview with Colonel Dr Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior USA (ret) and his Wife Dr. Kariwase (Mohawk-”a new way of doing things”) Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce to ask about the gathering of now over Two thousand Native Americans who I have learned prefer to be called the People of the Nations. My apologies to them.

Dr. Robert Pierce, the Military awarded you the Congressional Medal of Honor, You have been Made a War Chief of the of the Kwahadi Comanche Nation by the Kwahadi Comanche Nation. The Senior Chief of the Mohawk Nation appointed you the head of the Little Bear Clan of the Mohawk Nation. Clan Chief of the Wolverine Sub-Clan. One of the Mohawk Nations Nine Confederate Lords of the Fifty Sachems of the Six Iroquois Nations a Judicial Assembly for People of the Nation to bring problems to and get them resolved. You are Chairman of the Board and CEO Wolverine Clan Industries LLC. Retired as a Colonel from the U S Army to raise your Four granddaughters and One grandson on the death of their Three separate set of parents due to a tragic alcohol triggered street race between delivery company trucks that has left them orphaned. You also brought into your home Consuela Leandra Tall Elk the widow of another MOH winner SSGT James Tall Elk and their two children. On hearing that SSGT James Tall Elk sister needed rescue you brough her into your home. Why do you choose to rescue so many and do so much?


If not I who? We are our brothers keepers. When a man or woman goes off to combat to be willing to give their all if needed, they need to know that those they will leave behind will be able to go on. Not in poverty or on a permanent hand out from a non-caring government but others like them that will kneel down and lift those left behind until they can make it on their own. And if they fall lift them up again, and again. Always out of passion not duty or self-promotion. Even doing it without leaving your name. At night I can look into a mirror and say I helped one another more that I helped myself today. Can you?

Danial Larson

Dr. Kariwase Pierce are you an abused teen sex object of an unstable Forty-Five-year-old man?


No, the only abuse I get is when he stops at Two, as our girls would say TMI. No, I lived in his house for Six months and there was not a hint of sexual desire not to me nor to Consuela Leandra Tall Elk my sister-in-law who also lived with us and her Two young children. After Four months I confessed to Mrs. Ruth, the Sixty-year-old forcible retired teacher Robert hired to add balance and structure to the young children and all our educations, that I loved Robert and wished to marry him. She advised me not to do anything foolish like climb in his bed. But dress and act like the lady of his house and family he needed. Mabey by the time I turned Twenty-One he would see me as the soul mate and partner he needed.

This changed at the Mohawk Nation Gathering after The Senior Chief of the Mohawk Nation made Robert the head of the Little Bear Clan of the Mohawk Nation. Clan Chief of the Wolverine Subclan. And appointed One of the Mohawk Nations Nine Confederate Lords of the Fifty Sachems of the Six Iroquois Nations, the Mohawk Senior Chief looked at us and said Robert you need a wife did it hit him that here am I, I love You, Marry Me. Did he ask me to marry him? We complete each other. He told me months ago at least he did not have to face Four girls in puberty alone, that scared him. And I do not think anything else does. I know he loves me and would do anything I ask. But if he ever does another stunt as he did this afternoon by facing a crowed of Six hundred people getting ready to take out their frustrations out on any authoritative figure, they could corner, with just a bull horn, I will kill him.

Danial Larson

Dr. Robert Pierce, why did you face the crowd this afternoon?


It was me the People of the Nations came for to rescue and protect me and our culture as a People that is dying for lack of concern of non-nations people, People Nations, and a direct assault on it when non-native people see our traditions as inferior to theirs, so ours must change.

I just let the People Nations know who I was, the position of Honor the Mohawk Nation asked me to hold until The Mohawk Nation Principle Chief and The Mohawk Mother find a more worthy one. And added that our traditions on this day were save but it would be Five day before we could say just for today or lasting for generations. We will see by Monday what the answer will be, and what we need to do about that answer.

Danial Larson

Follow up. Would you advocate violence if Local, State, or Federal authorities arrested you and charged you for causing or inflaming any of the events leading up to and counting today.


I would call a consul of the Fifty Sachems of the Six Iroquois Nations to discuss the issues. We of the Fifty Sachems believe that consensus and non-violence is the path for the future on the Peoples of the Nations, But there are times when violence is the only answer, the use of violence will the Fifty Sachems decide, not decided by One, Two, Five, or Even Ten, but by the entire Fifty Sachems of the Six Nation Iroquois Federation.

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