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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 34

The U S Attorney for the Northern District of New York

After seeing a small portion of the video I just looked at my Marshals and shook my head. One of them handed me a phone and I called my boss, the U S attorney General. Sir, I have Dr. Robert Pierce in custody, but I just saw a video of a serious crime. A secured high-definition security system recorded The Sheriff and Deputies under the Sheriffs guidance plant evidence in the home of Dr, Robert Pierce and family. Dr. Pierce has informed me that Three reporters are at this time watched the video live and recording it but have not yet broadcast it. I would like additional Federal Law enforcement here as soon as possible. We may just find a person to give us the smoking gun on the Senator.

Yes, Sir, I will have to take Dr. Pierce with me to secure the scene as fast as possible. Yes, Sir, I will ask him. Dr. Pierce, will you attempt to escape, destroy evidence, or impede a Federal Investigation if you accompany us to your home, which has become a major crime scene?


Sir, I will remain in your vehicle unless a call of nature occurs at which I would step out and a discreetly as possible do my business and then get back in the vehicle.

The U S Attorney for the Northern District of New York

Dr. Pierce, I will except your word. Buck uncuff him, he will not run. Dr. Pierce replied Thank- You Sir, may I use the facilities here before we leave? Take him Buck the join us in the car. Mr. Allen, you are Dr. Pierces Attorney am I right? He replied to me Allen Pierre Lighting PA and handed me his card. I was to take Dr. Pierce to Federal Lockup, but the possibility of evidence tampering by L.L.E.O. has delayed the fact. That I will turn him over to your custody as an Officer of the Court. You will ensure that he remains within my reach until I can bring him before a Federal Judge. Agreed?


Sir, I will take custody of Dr. Pierce and we will remain within your reach until a Federal Judge is available that he can appear before. Sir, it is in his and his families best interest that you recover the evidence to show L.L.E.O. conceived these charges and were willing to fake evidence to get a conviction. He, I, and any of his staff still in or around the property will give you whatever you ask of us.

The Federal Attorney said I will ask this question but not under oath, do you know where the missing children in question are?

I replied that I do not know but I could give their most likely location. A place where State authorities and even Federal authorities could not easily get them without a major international incident. The Canadian side of the Ahkwes hsne (St. Lawrence River Valley-US /Canada) Mohawk Nations Reservation as they are all recognized by being registered on the role of the Ahkwes hsne Mohawk Nation.

He replied I will let my Boss know so we can at least have the Canadians check on them. Will Dr. Pierce consent to a search of his residence by Federal Law Enforcement? Yes, was his reply, we will consent to a Federal Law Enforcement of the entire property owned by Dr. and Dr. Pierce. As his Attorney on record I will provide written permission. Now please let us get to the residence in question.

We tried to walk out of the building, but the deputies had locked the doors to keep a mass of people from entering. I saw from the window that the majority of the over Five Hundred people carried things or dresses in clothing, and I identified them as the People Nations people. The Local Police and Sheriff’s deputies had lost control of the crowd and barricaded themselves in the building and were calling for help from anyone they could get a hold of on their cell phones.

The power and land lines went out. Soon all hell would break loose as the people would find a breach in the buildings security. With breaking glass windows starting the L.L.E.O forces withdrew to the second floor.


As the Sheriff arrested me this morning, I left the bullhorn by the door, I grabbed it as I walked to the to the doors and yelled on the horn. Stop! Back Up! I opened the door. On the steps I yelled I am Colonel Dr Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior USA (ret) a Full Member of the Mohawk Nation of New York Little Bear Clan by marriage to Martha Morning Bird Song Pierce. I am the Clan Leader of the Little Bear Clan and Clan Chief of the Wolverine Sub-Clan. One of the Mohawk Nations Nine Confederate Lords of the Fifty Sachems of the Six Iroquois Nations and I will speak.

There was silence. I Thank-You For coming to my rescue as I was about to face the White Man’s justice that they apply to the Nations People. I am Free. Those that would punish me are hiding or running. You need to stand vigilant the next Five days to insure we find those people who would use the courts to further their gain, not justice, and hold them accountable. Do no more damage to the private property of others. Show them you act with honor not with revenge! My home is not useable right now so I will invite you to the campus of RPI in Two hours to share Salt and Tobacco then we eat and dance. Let us depart but first I must find my wife.

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