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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 33


After the crowd had dwindled to around Three Hundred a Lieutenant Deputy Sheriff and Six other Deputies came out the door and told Robert to put his hands behind his back.

He was under for Statutory Rape of a Sixteen-year-old, Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Harboring a Minor for Sexual Purposes, Inciting a Riot, and Felony Desecration of a corps for display.

And took him back thru the door before the crowd could react dragging Kariwase from him and thru the door also. The deputy said the County Child Services were placing her under protective custody.

The channel 4 news crew recorded it all. We saw a large convoy of sheriffs vehicles leaving the area and I said they are going to the compound to do a raid and present warrants I guarantee you. I need to call my people and tell them how to manage it.

If you give me a ride, I will tell you the story. And we loaded up. We saw a roadblock up ahead to slow down followers, but our driver said I have been a street racer and know more cross streets and short cuts than you would believe. He took off in as different direction and people followed us.

Roll tape please, Kariwase (Mohawk-”a new way of doing things”) Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce is a Mohawk Nation Black Bear Clan member. Just before her sixteenth birthday the leader of her sub clan tried to force her to marry his son to get control of her Multi Million Trust fund. She fought them and even wounded four of them in a gun fight. When Tribal Chief Ira Smith heard of the incident, he and Native American Tribal Chief Judge, Chief Judge Fair Wind placed her under their custody. Before they found out Kariwase called her Sister-in-Law Consuela Leandra Tall Elk who was Dr. Pierces housekeeper. Dr. Pierce is a Full Member of the Mohawk Nation of New York Little Bear Clan by marriage to Martha Morning Bird Song Pierce as family lines are matriarchal. The Kwahadi Comanche Nation has also recognized him as a War Chief of The Kwahadi Comanche Nation.

He gave Kariwase the protection of his lodge. In that he adopted her into his clan to protect her. The next day he and his family flew North to the Ahkwes hsne (St. Lawrence River Valley-US /Canada) reservations to bring her home to his family as a daughter. She lived in his house as a daughter for six months. On a trip to the Mohawk June gathering The Mohawk Principle Chief and The Mother of the Mohawk Nation made Dr. Pierce the head of the Little Bear Clan and one of the Mohawk Nations Nine Confederate Lords of the Fifty Sachems of the Six Iroquois Nations all according to the Treaties the Nation has made with the United States and ratified by the United States Senate and are thus Federal Laws.

Tribal Chief Ira Smith told Robert he needed a wife. They both looked at Kariwase and she said yes. According to Senate ratified treaties the United States Government guarantees the traditional family structure of the Mohawk as the Mohawk Nation defines it. The Tribal declared Kariwase without family and official married her to Robert with around Two Thousand guests. The U S Attorney for the Northern District of New York has ruled the marriage legal by Senate Ratified Treaties and refused to prosecute anyone involved in it. They have been Happily married for Six months. That is the reason for the sexual charges.

The Felony Desecration of a corps for display is about Colonel Roberts is about a coup stick and a human scalp hanging from it.

He has said on the record he does not have a human scalp hanging from his coup stick! The scalp was a fake, but, in an attack, he used an e-tool as a self-defense wepon. He swung it at an attacker who ducked, and it scraped off the scalp from the top of his head before he hit him a second time with the e- tool and killed him. he really does not know what happened to the alleged scalp. A SSGT Terrell Two Bears a member of the Nimiipuu people of the Nez Perce Nation told the story of the scalping and others repeated the story until the intentional scalping and trophy are fact.

The coup stick, a gift from my Officers and Men of the 1st Combat Engineer Battalions. A Kwahadi Comanche Medicine Man crafted and blessed the Coup Stick. It has the simulated scalp of an enemy on it taken in battle. It has Twelve eagle feathers representing the Twelve men he has faced in personal combat and defeated. It has the braid of Twenty tails of the horses that he has taken from enemies. It has Eighteen rings of Turquoise showing the number of my battles in which he has fought. The Mohawk Nation has determined that the coup stick is now a sacred item to the Mohawk People. It was a gift to him from the Officers and Men of his command, and he had possession of it, but gave it to the Mohawk Nation Mother who then carried to the Mother of the Six Nations for placement with the antlers of the Fifty Confederate Lords of The Six Nations and the and the Wampum of the Fifty Sachems in council until an official function requires its presents. We of the Wolverine Clan have never violated recognized treaties that are Federal law.

When The Native People hear how this County District Attorney and County Officials who are both elected and appointed have just torn up a treaty provision, they will be up to their scalps in protesters. The County Officials will have to call the Governor to call out the New York National Guard to relieve the over stretched and exhausted local law enforcement. It will get ugly, before it gets better, depending on how the County leadership reacts.

We are here ahead of the Police the driver told us buy you got five minutes at most. I had called Tim, Mrs. Ruth and Consuela before we left the County Office Building to take all the children and get to the airport and fly to the reservation as the County was going to take all the children into protective custody. Take nothing, run now.

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