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Genins Girls of the Nations

Copyright© 2023 by Broken Gunny

Chapter 32


Everyone, turn on channel 4. We hit the air in about Three minutes. Channel 4 aired it uncut, and nothing spared. Even before it finished the phones started to ring with a request for interviews from other news agencies. We turned them all down until County Officials released our Attorney Allen Lighting from jail. At that time Wolverine Clan Industries LLC will hold a news conference in front of the County Office building to further address our grievances with Count Officials.

About Twenty minutes later Allen called and said he and said a Local Judge was releasing him and the news crew on a promise to appear. The County should be releasing all of them in thirty minutes.

I told Allen to view the interview I just gave, and I was on my way to the County Office building but would leave my wepon here and everyone with me would leave there wepon home also.

Kariwase who had come into my office to view my interview said she would go with me. I agreed but said I need everyone else to remain hear in our compound. Art came in and said he had recalled all our security people and told them to bring their families.

I decided to take my little work pick-up truck with our Wolverine Clan Industries LLC logo on the sides and yellow warning lights and flashers.

I changed to work Dickies and work boots as did Kariwase. I kissed each of my grandchildren and went out the door. At the gate Art and Tim had our guards clear the road. When people heard, I was going to the County Office building, a convoy built behind us with a couple of news trucks leading, filming all the way, I learned later. As we got close, we could see the crowd forming when they saw the flashing truck lights and when they saw the news vans in front and the Wolverine Clan Industries LLC logo on the sides, they parted a path for us. I pulled up to a metered parking space, got out and paid for Two hours the max available. I went to Kariwase door and opened it and gave her a kiss as I helped her out. We walked up the steps as Allen and the news crew walked out.


You did not hold back with that much did you. I have heard things in there. There are people who work in the County Offices who are trying to find a hole to crawl into. There are Three or Four following orders to hit you back. Fortunately for us they will make a hasty decision without a though of the reproductions, just to get you off the street. How bad it will be I do not know but be ready for anything. Now you must speak to the crowd. Do not accuse anyone at this time, just ask for fair treatment and thank people for coming out to see you.

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