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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 31

0845 Wednesday 10 January Allen

Robert Consumer Electric Corporation has made their first move. I received in my inbox of a Planning department clerk receiving a verbal reprimand for starting to process our request. The video shows the Department Head pulling a file from a clerk’s desk and yelling “I have told you all that no one will start processing the Wolverine Clan Industries LLC until I authorize it, we have Ninety days to respond, and we will drag out this process to the verry last day.”

As you’re the attorney for Wolverine Clan Industries LLC I am going down there at 1:00PM today as they return from lunch and ask this specific supervisor on the record, and tell him it is on the record, if this incident happened. If he says no, I will go to the District Attorney and show him both videos and demand charges of misuse of his position/office and perjury to an officer of the court on record. If he says it did happen and it is within his position to act on applications as he sees fit and dismiss me from his office I will stay until removed by force and take it to a judge. If he refuses to see me, I will make a pain in the ass of myself telling people how to respond to verbal reprimands or verbal assaults by supervisors according to State and Federal law until I am foreseeable removed and take it to a judge. I also called channel 4 News and sent them a copy of the video and told them the time I would be at the planning department. This is what you pay me for. See you later.


I turned on the channel 4 app on my computer and let it run as a side box. At 1:12PM channel 4 news came on with a happing now news break. Building Code Enforcement Supervisor Richard Grouse had Local Attorney Allen Lighting, Channel 4 producer Wanda Jones, reporter Gale Tress, and camara man Albert Wheelwright all arrested by the County Sheriff for refusing to leave the County Office of the Building Code Enforcement after ordered to do so by him after Attorney Lighting asked questions about alleged improprieties involving building permits and the way his office showed favorability to one requester over another.

Attorney Allen Lighting had gone to the County Office of the Building Code Enforcement to ask about this video as it showed. Wolverine Clan Industries LLC applied for building permits on 2 January this year and asked why the County was holding up the processing of their permit. Richard Grouse replied he had Ninety Days to start the process by law and he was going to use every one of them. Now stop filming and leave his building or he will have them arrested. He only had to answer about the way he ran his department to the County Manager and the Board of Commissions only.

This attitude of a County Official is appalling to Channel 4 and every citizen of this County. Should be an unelected County Official stating he does not work for the voters of this County, but an unelected manager hired by an elected Board of Commissioners. By their lack of supervision of Senior County Official they have shown that they do not care for the voters of this County but their own personal agenda whatever that is.

We urge the Citizens of this County to go down to the County Managers Office and ask him what is going on and is he going to reprimand the Supervisor of the County Building Code Enforcement Office Albert Wheelwright on his serious abuse of power. And according to this video his serious verbal abuse of County Employees under his supervision.

Our gate guard called Arthur about a channel 4 news truck asking permission to enter and ask us questions. He allowed it and called me to say they were on their way to the office. I had everyone dress professionally for the day. Men Coat and Ties, Woman Dresses or Tops and Skirts. I arose and went to meet them at the curb. I was standing outside as they pulled up. A producer, Camara man, and a reporter all got of their van.

Before you ask any questions, I will give channel 4 exclusive coverage and an exclusive interview. I would also like to show you what this is really about. I walked them to the entrance of our courtyard; it was the only place we could fully set up the model and display it.

ESSAY is a code name for: The Hydrogen Plasma Creation and Control for Production of Electrical Power System. My wife Dr. Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce PhD Physics, and PhD Mechanical Engineering. It was her PhD thesis. Our company has a Memorandum of understand with the and the United States Government thru The Department of Energy that DOE and all other Government Agencies acknowledging ESSAY as the property of Wolverine Clan Industries LLC and the authorization for us to build an ESSAY power system that could provide at a maximum 25kh with private funding and on private land to study the effectiveness of a full-size system, its environmental impact, and the operational safety of the system with DOE oversight.

The Supervisor of the County Building Code Enforcement Office Albert Wheelwright on his own, or with, advice and consent of other County Employees and Elected Officials have decided to make the building of this facility as difficult and costly as possible. I have no idea if there are any other people involved or not, but we will see if the Elected and hired people in this County support Albert Wheelwright or the rights of a tax paying corporation that asks for no special favors. We ask just that Elected and hired people in this County treat us the way they treat every other Corporation that is building a power facility in this County. Let’s move to our conference room to continue this interview. After offering them a drink and pastry we were ready to continue.

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