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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 30

Sunday 2345 hours 31 December Wolverine Clan Compound Watervliet, New York Robert

It has been a whirlwind year, At this time last year I was a Widower bird Colonel fast tracked for Brigadier General, Three son and their Three wives, Five grandchildren that visited twice a year. I was content. A needless act changed it all. Two less than intelligent, intoxicated, delivery truck drivers racing each other to show who could deliver boxes the fastest. Their stunt killed my Three sons and their wives leaving me to raise my Four, Eleven-Year-Old granddaughters and Five-Year-Old grandson. Thru the widowed housekeeper I hired I acquired a Sixteen-Year-Old super intelligent Ward who became my Sixteen-Year-Old wife.

We were married in a longhouse ceremony according to the customs and laws of the Mohawk Nation and the United States Government Ratified Treaties.

My housekeeper was married in a Longhouse ceremony according to the customs and laws of the Mohawk Nation and the United States Government Ratified Treaties during the Autumn Festival Gathering of the Six Nations of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederation to Wolverine Clan Industries LLC Vice Security Steering Committee Chief Timothy Silver Fox and now they just found out yesterday that she is expecting twins in June.

Timothy’s Two younger sisters fought it, but they have personal shadows Sixteen-year-old Jennifer May Silver Fox, Christine Shepard and Fifteen-year-old Wynette Lee Silver Cassidy Sherman Arthur found them as students already registered at RPI in the girls field of choice. When Consuela and Janice approached them with the job offer that included Tuition, room, and board they were ecstatic as they had both used up the majority of their G I Bill getting there BS and did not want to take out loans before they started there MS and PhDs and would avoid loans then if they could. Both Silver Fox girls have grown accustomed to their shadows and love their study partners. Two seem to make the class work easier than One. Tim and I are happy it is working out also.

Campus Security and all most all the facilities have come to except the knowledge of Six young ladies licensed to carry concealed firearms on campus and do so. There has been only One incident where a male student did not take a shadows advise to move on to someone else. He grabbed Jennifer May and received a broken arm from Chris, A warrant for assault, and expulsion from school. Leve those Six alone spread quickly.

After a large fire driven by hurricane winds destroyed Eight block of the city across the street from us, we bought it and fenced it in. Having half zoned heavy industry and the other half residential.

My Wife Kariwase created a revolutionary Electrical Plant that created clean, safe, and affordable electricity that upset people who acquired power and money thru controlling Solar and Wind energy production. When we refused to allow them to control this system as well, they used all the gained power to keep the world from benefiting from our system by stopping the manufacturing of a plant, and they believe they have succeeded.

For the last Six months Wolverine Clan Industries LLC has in secret been preparing to build a 25Kh ESSAY power plant that will use Hydrogen Plasma as a power source. We have a Two-Hundred- foot by One-Hundred-foot steel building on our property that has hidden our preliminary work on the sight. We have finished our environmental impact report. Our architectural firm has finished our complete set of drawings from breaking ground to putting the mulch around the bushes. Contractors have done the sight survey and ground testing. On Tuesday morning at 0800 hours we will take all our paperwork to the City and County planning committee and apply for our building permits. If the local officials balk at our request our ace in the hole is an agreement with DOE to build the plant and the right to sue for massive damages if denied the permits. DOE does no know they have already given us permission, we have hidden in the Memorandum of Understanding between DOE, The United States Government and Wolverine Clan Industries LLC.

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