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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 3

0630 21 February Watervliet, NY

I was out the door with all the luggage and heading to Albany to load and preflight our de Havilland Canada DHC-6-400 Twin Otter This is our first real flight; the family have flown around the city in a check flight, but this is our first family flight and mission.

We will fly into Massena International Airport and pick up a 15-passenger van for ground travel. We have Four rooms reserved at the casinos hotel for the night if needed, I hope not.

Remove aircraft from hangar with tow tractor, preflight done, flight plan filed, weather VFR, luggage stowed and balanced. Here comes my passengers, get everyone loaded. All take cabin seats to sleep a little more, I am alone up front. It is less than an hour’s flight time. 0730 Time to go.

0822 21 February Massena International Airport

As we came to a stop, I saw we had people waiting to meet us. I told Consuela to let the children off but keep them close and leave the luggage alone. Have everyone use the bathroom, then load everyone and their luggage into the van.

After they exited the aircraft the FBO ground guy came abord and said that the Vice-Tribal Chief Herald Bryant and the Chief of the American Tribal Police George lone Stag, wish to talk to me.

I replied that after I properly shut and tied down my aircraft, I would speak to them, I added we need no fuel.

Twenty minutes later after securing my plane and paying all fees for the day with option for up to Three, I went to meet my reception committee.

Chief of the American Tribal Police George lone Stag

Dr. Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, Vice-Tribe Chief Herald Bryant and I wish to welcome you to the Akwesasne Reservation even under these unfortunate circumstances.

There was an incident last night involving Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk, Officer Timmothy Silver Fox, and members of the Mohawk Nation Black Bear Clan. We wish you to accompany us to the American Tribal Police Station to explain what happened, the Tribal Police response, and the repulsions to the individuals involved and the changes to tribal policy to prevent future incidents.

Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk is uninjured and is currently at the home of Tribe Judge Moses Fair Wind.


I will also speak with Officer Timmothy Silver Fox before I am satisfied that the reservation did all they possibly could do to protect Kariwase and not the reservation or reputations of the people in charge.

Vice-Tribe Chief Herald Bryant

His doctor will be the one who will have to approve a meeting. We need to go to a place private to discuss the incident please.


Consuela, go check everyone into the hotel and sorted into their rooms. I will join you for lunch. You may take the group on a tour or find something to do. George lone Stag interrupted me and said that his wife would meet the group at the hotel and show them around. Consuela thanked him and returned to the van to supervise the luggage transfer then left for the hotel.

Gentleman lead on. We loaded into Vice-Tribe Chief Bryant’s SUV for the ride to the American Police Station. We arrived and went into the conference room where Tribal Chief Ira Smith and Tribal Judge Moses Fair Wind greeted us.

Judge Moses Fair Wind

Dr. Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, Chief Ira Smith and I wish to welcome you to the Akwesasne Reservation. We wish it were under friendlier circumstances. We will get right to the events. After your phone call and your offer of the protection of your lodge to Miss Tall Elk, The head of the Bear Clan, James Running Fox gathered Fourteen members of the clan and gathered in front of the American Tribal Police Office. He and his two sons entered the building and demanded that Officer Timmothy Silver Fox release her to them as he was the clan leader and would decide what was best for her and the Clan. As Officer Timmothy Silver Fox was also a member of the clan, he would obey him or pay for his disobedience to the Clans (his) wishes.

Officer Silver Fox ordered them to leave the building. Stating that Miss Tall Elk was now under the protection of Colonel Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior USA, A Full Member of the Mohawk Nation of New York, A member of the Mohawk Nation Little Bear Clan due to his marriage to Mary Bird Song Pierce, and A War Chief of the Kwahadi Comanche Nation. Miss Tall Elk, having accepted the protection of his Wolverine Sup-Clan Longhouse, is no longer a member of your clan.

One of the sons, we are trying to determine which one, drew a pistol and said we will just take her. A person, as yet unknown fired a shot at the building and officer Silver Fox drew his wepon, and fired it, wounded the three of them. In the exchange of gun fire during last night’s incident Officer Timmothy Silver Fox a bullet caused injury to his torso. His vest stopped penetration, but the bullet broke Two ribs and caused severe bruising to one of his lungs in the exchange of gunfire. He was able to lock the building and call for help before passing out. Our Canadian brothers arrived in Fifteen minutes and stopped an attempt of the clan members from forcing their way into the building. Tribal Police have arrested All of the clan members that participated in any of the incidents involving Miss Tall Elk or the attack on the American Tribal Police Station and have been turned over to US Federal Law Enforcement who will see to charges and prosecution.

All four gunshot casualties will survive.

Our investigation has uncovered Four other forced marriages of girls under Eighteen in the clan who the Clan Chief sold to older men to his own personal enrichment. They and the Two children that Two girls conceived, other Clans have adopted, and their new Clans will protect and nurture them. American Tribal Officer Timmothy Silver Fox has custody of his Fourteen-and-Fifteen-year-old sisters, Jennifer May Silver Fox and Wynette Lee Silver Fox. The investigation has uncovered evidence that the girls were to be married to two older men who would pay Ten Thousand each for the girls.

As of today, any attack on a female will immediately be a sexual assault investigated until the facts prove otherwise. No longer will a Clan Chief have the power to arrange a marriage of a girl under Eighteen years old. A Tribal Judge, a Tribal Chief, and the Tribal Mother must all agree to authorize these underage marriages. These marriages must benefit the Bride as well as the Clan and Tribe.

We will need Consuela Leandra Tall Elk, Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk, and you to sign papers to settle the custody issues involved to end these unfortunate event. I have the papers here now and ready for signatures. Would you like to proceed?


Yes, and I would like to offer the protection of my long house to Officer Silver Fox and his sisters. I will call and ask Consuela if she can leave the children in a safe place and get a ride to us.

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