Genins Girls of the Nations - Cover

Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 29

Friday 29 June Wolverine Clan Industries LLC Corporate Office Kariwase

We designed Our basement originally for us to make it into an office complex. We had our front entrance with an ADA grade ramp, with additional ADA ramps on the side of the building. The doors into the building except the front door all needed a code key card to use.

You entered the front entrance into a waiting area where a receptionist behind bullet resistant glass asks you about your business thru a speaker and asked if you had a wepon on you. If you are not a Law Enforcement Officer, we will ask you to place your wepon into a security locker and then you take the key. You would use the key to prove ownership of the wepon when you retrieved it on leaving the building. If allowed to enter, security would electronically open a security door for you into a short hallway that had a secured door on the other end. You could not open both doors at the same time. In the wall were sensors to detect metal and explosive micro particles. It there is indicator of an undeclared wepon security will search you. If you have an undeclared wepon on you, security will escort you from the building. You, seriously jeopardized by your dishonesty about the possession of a wepon on you or your company chance of doing business with Wolverine Clan Industries LLC and earned yourself a banned for life on Wolverine Clan Industries LLC property.

The biggest offices did not go to the CEO but to the people who need the space for their job. The Officer Manager and the Accounts and Payroll Manager. The biggest space was for the Draftsman with their large Printer Plotters. Our Machinal Drawings and Blueprints would have corrected accurate hard copy of what we actually built, not what we were supposed to be build, as well as corrected electronic ones.

Seeing our office set up made me really believe this was all real and something I created in my mind was what we were about to build.

Robert came and gave me a kiss and said we are on our way; the ESSAY system we will design right here in our office. The architectural firm we desired to hire had to close up after losing their building and home, We offered the husband-and-wife team Greggory and Oliva Kent, the last apartment and our standard finical package without the Stock options. And our space to design the ESSAY system. In place of a stock option they asked for an equivalent cash bonus to buy back the house and office they lost due to Consumer Electric Corporation blackballing them. Revenge is a good reason to do your best work. We know that there are more companies out there looking for revenge.

Serai talking with an Oceanographic student heard about a little company that had just finished a contract for making perfect spherical super deep diving bells. A Twenty-Five Cubic Meter interior located outside Buffalo, New York and were looking for a new project.

Robert decided we needed a day or two in a hotel room, so we took a road trip to Buffalo. It was a modern operation located in a historic industrial building that once produced steel for Carnegie. The CEO Jimmy Garibaldi was impressed by what we wanted but he would not do business with people associated with Consumer Electric Corporation.

On hearing this Robert laughed and said the only association we had with Consumer Electric Corporation was thru our Lawyers. He explained ESSAY and how Consumer Electric Corporation was trying to kill it and us.

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